Episode 286.

          Rachel stabs her own left hand and wrist. 
WA:       Rachel Welles is now in the custody of the police.  All those 
          who have sought so desperately to discover how much she knows 
          about the missing Allison Mackenzie, have been frustrated.  
          Despite the fact that Rachel was found clutching Allison's 
          bracelet, the girl insists she never met Allison, knows nothing 
          about her.  But the feeling is growing in Peyton Place, that to 
          know Rachel is to learn more about Allison. 
Intro:    The Peyton Place Pharmacy.  Panning down, the reflection of the 
          bandstand and to the left, in the reflection, the courthouse. 
          Sgt. William Wilson Walker walking up to the Pharmacy. 
Scene 1:  Inside the Pharmacy, Rita is cleaning the counter as Norman 
          interrupts.  A little kid asks for "A chocolate soda with plum 
          nut ice cream."  Rita wants to have Rachel stay with them while 
          the police are searching for her parents.  Rita's replacement, 
          Ellen, has arrived, so she can leave.  Rita and Norman rush 
          out.  The kid still wants his soda. 

Scene 2:  Outside the Pharmacy, Rita and Norman almost get hit by two 
          cars on the way to the courthouse.  Inside the courthouse Rita 
          and Norman run into Rodney and start giving him their idea.  
          Rossi comes in and Rita and Norman start talking to him about 
          Rachel.  Sgt. Edward Goddard join them.  Norman talks to 

Scene 3:  Leslie rings the Carsons' door chime.  He has a small wrapped 
          gift with a blue bow, a baby spoon, for Matthew.  Constance 
          offers him coffee.  He declines.  She says it is fresh.  He 
          declines.  But he does give his congratulations, and his 
          sincere regrets about Allison.  Leslie says that after the trial
          Rodney wanted to marry Allison.
Scene 4:  In the police station, Rachel is waiting.  Rossi tries to open 
          the door which is blocked by a chair and a police officer (but 
          not Sgt. Goddard).  Rossi talks with Rachel.  He tells her, 
          gently, that the District Attorney wants to talk to her about 
          Allison's bracelet.  They talk a while.  Rachel stabs herself 
          in the left hand.  Rossi calls for Sgt. Goddard.  The police 
          officer and Sgt. Goddard come in as Rossi examines Rachel's 
          wrist.  Rossi says that she may have punctured one of the 
          radial arteries.  Rodney apologizes to Rachel.  He said he 
          wouldn't have brought her there.  Eli and Norman talk. 
Scene 5:  At Ada Jacks' Tavern, Steven Cord is drinking.  Steven talks 
          with Ada at great length.
Scene 6:  Rodney goes outside the courthouse and sees Betty on the square.  
          He goes over near the two cannons and talks to to her.  They 
          speak and then begin to talk.  Rodney asks how Steven is.  She 
          asks how Sandy is.  Betty tells Rodney that Sandy told her that 
          she had been to the Peyton house to see Rodney.  It is seen that 
          the Peyton Professional building is at least three stories. 
Scene 7:  Rachel, with a bandaged hand and wrist, is led out of the 
          courthouse by Eli and Dr. Rossi.  Rachel starts to collapse 
          allowing Rodney to pick her up and carry her to Rossi's gold 
          car which has just pulled up.  Eli opens the door and Rodney 
          places her gently inside.  Rossi drives away with Rachel.  The 
          hospital is a block and a half away. 
Preview:  None.

This is one of the few episodes without a preview.