Episode 285.
WA:       Since Allison Mackenzie has disappeared, there has been no 
          clue.  The police investigation has been reduced to routine.  
          But in the mind of Allison's father, Elliot Carson, every day 
          that passes without a trace of her builds a private agony. 
Intro:    Two policemen come out of the side door of the Town hall, get 
          in a black and white patrol car, and drive off. 
Scene 1:  Inside the courthouse, Elliot is talking to Steven.  Elliot 
          wants Steven to pump Lee webber for information on Allison.  
          Lee had talked to Allison while out on bail.  This caused Lee 
          to have his bail revoked.  Steven says that Elliot is asking 
          him to handle his own client.  [Handle is legal argot or 
          jargon for manipulate.]  Steven insists that he will not 
          compromise his client. 
Scene 2:  Norman and Rodney drive up to the square in Rodney's light blue 
          convertible, and talk briefly before going into the General 
          Store.  Norman uses the word pop, referring to an orange soda 
          drink.  [Some areas of the country use the expression soda, or  
          soda pop.  They decide to go into Eli's General Store.] 
Scene 3:  Norman and Rodney go into the General Store where Rachel is 
          hiding in the back room.  Norman opens two bottles of orange 
          soda which he has gotten out of the refrigerator.  Norman 
          mentions Mr. Jefferson who occasionally works for Chandler 
          as a handyman.  Rodney calls Jefferson, Chandler's handyman / foreman.  
          Rachel tries to hide but accidentally knocks a pan off the wall.  
          Norman sees her.  Rachel tries to run.  Rodney restrains and 
          manhandles her.  Rodney wants to know about Allison.  Rachel 
          breaks free and runs out of the store with Rodney in hot pursuit.  
          Rodney escorts Rachel into the Police Station. 
Scene 4:  Inside the Police Station, Sgt. Edward Goddard talks on the 
          phone to a Mr. Jefferson, Chandler's erstwhile handyman.  
          Goddard tells Rachel there is no problem because Chandler will 
          be there in a couple of days.  Rachel breaks loose briefly and 
          runs into Lee Webber who grabs her.  Lee is being escorted back 
          to his cell by a policeman.  Rachel is now in the custody of 
          the police. 
Scene 5:  In Eli Carson's General Store, Norman is on the phone with the 
          hospital.  Leslie rudely interrupts to try to talk to Norman 
          about his returning to college.  They talk briefly and Leslie 
          leaves.  The hospital nurse finally tells Norman she can't find 
          Rossi.  Norman tells her to let Rossi know that Rachel is in 
          the police station.  Leslie says he's wasting his time and 

          Rita shows up, and Norman tells her about Rachel.  Norman tells 
          Rita that he had been to Hastings Valley to find out about 
          Rachel.  Rita has food for Rachel. 
Scene 6:  On the wharf, Sandy meets up with Betty.  She compliments Betty 
          on her dress.  She asks if Betty is slumming.  Betty says that 
          she is admiring the quaint atmosphere, and that she is giving a 
          dinner party.  Betty asks her about her involvement with Rodney.  
          Betty asks Tommy Magnuson about keeping the lobsters over night.  
          He says it would be better to cook them right away and then warm 
          them up the next day.  Sandy says, "Bon appetite," and then leaves. 
Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi bursts into Peyton's library upstairs, at the behest of 
          Hannah, and attempts to examine the old man.  Rossi tells Peyton 
          that he may check out.  Peyton asks what the doctor means.  Die.  
          Peyton refuses to be examined.  Rossi goes downstairs and talks 
          with Hannah.  He refers to her as his prospective mother-in-law.  
          He asks why she never spoke to him about Ann.  Martin comes down 
          the stairs as Rossi is leaving.  The workmen are hanging the 
          replacement portrait of Catherine Peyton Harrington.  Peyton asks 
          Hannah her opinion of the portrait.  The original portrait had 
          been done by Brian (Cord) Colby. You can slash this painting just 
          as you did the original.  I'll simply have another made.  And 
          another and another.  Martin says, "My daughter is back.  Nothing 
          has changed." 
Scene 8:  Elliot is working in the Clarion as Eli comes in to talk about 
          Rachel.  He says that the town has been treating her as a witch.  
          Eli tells Elliot that he had provided her sanctuary at the General 
          Store.  [Eli was never charged with harboring a fugitive].  Elliot 
          says, "That's a terrible choice to have to make.  But we have to make it." 
Scene 9:  In the Carson house, the phone rings as Constance is coming 
          down the stairs.  It is a harassment phone call.  A girl talks 
          with Constance pretending to be Allison.  There is a boy sitting 
          by the girl.  The girl asks if that is her baby brother crying.  
          The girl hangs up.  Constance drops the phone.  Elliot comes in 
          the front door. 

          Constance is disturbed and Elliot tries to comfort her.  Matthew 
          is heard crying.  Then Constance goes upstairs.  Elliot hangs up 
          the phone.  [There was never a follow up on this phone cameo.]  
Preview:  Steven has a bottle and is drinking and talking with Ada at the 
          Tavern.  Leslie talks with Elliot.  Rossi calls for Sgt. Goddard.  
          Rachel has just stabbed herself in the hand.  A police officer 
          rushes in, followed by Rita and Eli.  [Not in the preview, Sgt. 
          Edward Goddard]. 
          SC:  I won't care what I have to do to drag it out of him,  what 
               rules I have to break.  I'll make him tell me everything. 
          LH:  Our lives run a parallel course, Elliot.  Whatever affects me, 
               affects you. 
          EC:  I don't need your regrets to survive.  And I'm not one of your 
          MR:  Goddard, Goddard. 
          SG:  What's happened? 

Mr. Jefferson, handyman to Chandler.
Tommy Magnuson, lobsterologist-explains to Betty how to prepare lobsters. 
  "Cook them right away and then reheat them tomorrow."
The Peyton County Town Hall contains the Courthouse, the Library, the 
  District Attorney's office, and the Police Station.