Episode 284.
WA:       Rachel Welles has walked out of Doctors Hospital, leaving the 
          protection of Dr. Michael Rossi, fearful she is about to be 
          returned to the custody of her guardian.  To Rachel any sight 
          of a policeman could mean the flight from her guardian is over. 
Intro:    Late that night, Rachel sneaks over to the center of the square 
          and hides under the bandstand. 
Scene 1:  Two police officers meet up in the square and talk briefly.  
          They are looking for Rachel.  But Rachel is hiding under the 
          bandstand.  When the police leave she comes back out. 

Scene 2:  Next morning, from his General Store, next door to the Clarion, 
          Eli walks to the curb and waits for a Clover dairy truck to 
          pass. [good camera shot of the fire station].  He then goes on 
          over to the bandstand to feed the pigeons and finds Rachel 
          hiding.  Eli wishes Rachel "good morning" and asked how she 
          slept.  He speaks of old people feeding pigeons.  When the 
          police are gone, he tells her when it is all clear.  Eli pets a 
          large scraggy dog called Girl.  The owners left town 
          abandoning the dog.  People take turns feeding her.  Rachel 
          mentions Al Shafer and a dog named Rusty.  Eli and Rachel 
          head over to the General Store.  [If you ever need to hide from 
          the police, the writers would probably recommend a town square 
          just a few steps from the police station.] 
Scene 3:  Steven has been putting in the living room and puts his putter 
          in the golf bag as the scene opens.  They talk further.  He is 
          scheduled to play golf with Charlie Tomlinson, the bank 
          president, that day.  Betty says she hopes Steven doesn't get a 
          client who likes to go sky diving.  Steven says he must leave 
          the house his mother paid for.  He can afford a house now.  He 
          doesn't want to owe his mother anything.  The chimes ring.  

          Rossi is admitted and says he understands that Steven is about 
          to leave to play golf.  Betty serves the doctor a cup of 
          coffee.  Rossi tells them that both of Rachel's parents are 
          dead.  Rossi tells Steven about the warning he got from Mrs. 
          Burrough's that Chandler will come to claim her.  

          Steven leaves with his golf bag and Rossi stays.  The two 
          chimes are seen on the wall by the front door as Dr. Rossi 
          leaves and the scene ends.
Scene 4:  Walking with two canes, Martin comes in the livingroom and 
          warns Hannah about testifying.  She must stand strong, not 
          crumble, and not mention Catherine.  Peyton says that Hannah 
          may have driven Ann to her death.
Scene 5:  Eli and Rita go into the Eli's General Store.  Rachel has 
          cleaned up the store room in the back of the General Store.  
          Eli thanks her effusively.  Rita has fixed some bacon and fried 
          egg sandwiches and coffee for Rachel.  Rachel asks how Norman 
          is.  Rachel is worried about what Mrs. Burrows had told Dr. 
          Rossi.  Eli gives Rachel his handkerchief. 
Preview:  Elliot talks to Eli about a terrible choice.  Peyton talks to 
          Hannah about the portrait of Catherine, about how she slashed 
          the previous one.  Rodney manhandles Rachel.  He wants her to 
          tell him what she knows about Allison. 
          EC:  That's a terrible choice to have to make.  But we have to 
               make it.
          MP:  You can slash this painting just as you did the origional.  
               I'll simply have another made.  And another and another. 

          RH:  Hold it.  
          RW:  Let Me go.  
          RH:  Tell me what you know about Allison.  And you're going to 
               do it right now. 
          RW:  Let go.

Clover dairy truck.  See also episode 161.    
Two policemen looking for Rachel. 
Girl, a dog. 
Rachel says that Al Schafer was accused of poisoning a dog named Rusty.