Episode 283.
WA:       There are moments in the life of Elliot Carson when he's able 
          to put aside his dispair at the loss of his daughter, Allison, 
          and pick up the joy and love he feels for his new son, Matthew.  
          To Elliot, the birth of this healthy baby can be the beginning 
          of the full, rich life he has wanted for so many years.

          [Door Chimes ring.] 

          A few moments alone with Matthew, have allowed Elliot to put 
          his life in perspective and to survive. 
Intro:    Outside the Mackenzie-Carson house.  Inside, Matthew is crying.
Scene 1:  Elliot is holding Matthew as the door chimes ring and Dr. Rossi 
          comes in for a house call.  The phone rings and John Fowler 
          says he wants Constance to testify the next day in the Lee 
          Webber hearing.  Elliot is somewhat reluctant, but Constance 
          wants to get it over with.  Elliot tells John she will be 
          there.  Betty says that she will be there early in the morning.  
          Rossi takes Elliot into the other room.  Betty offers to hold 
          the baby. 
Scene 2:  Norman returns the boat to the boat rental in front of Ada 
          Jacks' Tavern after an aborted fishing trip with Rita.  They 
          continue to talk on the wharf. 
Scene 3:  A nurse is typing on a Royal® typewriter.  Nurse Choate 
          tells Dr. Rossi that a woman, Mrs. Burrows, has been waiting to 
          see him.  Mrs. Burrows says that she is there about Rachel.  

          Mrs. Burrows says that she and her husband have the farm next 
          to the Chandlers.  Rachel has been living with her aunt Lucy.  
          Rachel's parents were Mr. and Mrs. Welles.  Lucy was the sister 
          of Rachel's deceased mother, Georgina.  Rachel's parents died 
          in a fire.  Lucy died a week ago.  She says that a Jack 
          Chandler will come for Rachel and that Rachel should not be 
          allowed go with him, because he is god-less.  She says that 
          her husband, Mr. Burrows does not hold with her being there.  
          They are not meddlers.  It was Lucy's farm in the first place.  
          That Lucy could teach her all she needed to know.  Sometimes 
          they noticed bruises.  Rachel peeks and hears them talking.  
          Mrs. Burrows leaves some things for Rachel.  After Mrs. Burrows 
          leaves, Rachel runs out and asks a nurse where she can find 
          Rita.  The nurse suggests the wharf.  In episode 321, Mr. 
          Burrows gives Rachel a ride in his old truck, back to Peyton 

MEL:      In episode 321, Mr. Burrows, the husband of Mrs. Burrows, 
          drives Rachel into Peyton Place after she escapes from Jack 
          Chandler at his farmhouse.  Much later in the series a Larry 
          Burrows, in New York City, is mentioned in connection with 
          Lew Miles, most likely no kin. 

Scene 4:  Constance is being sworn in.  John Fowler is examining her 
          about Chris Webber.  Constance has never spoken to Lee Webber.  
          Steven cross-examines Constance.  Court is adjourned until 
          10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning.  Ralph, the Bailiff, is about 
          to take Lee Webber back to his jail cell when Constance 
          interrupts to speak with him. Constance says, "I want to know 
          if you had anything to do with Allison's disappearance.  Don't 
          play games with me.  I want to know the truth about my 
Scene 5:  Rachel goes in the Cider Barrel to talk with Sandy Webber.  
          Rachel sees Norman and Rita driving off and calls to Rita.  
          They don't hear her.  Rodney accidentally hoses water on Rachel 
          in front of his Shoreline Garage.  Rodney mentions Rachel's 
          perfume.  Rodney asks about the bracelet.  Rachel runs off down 
          the road.  Rodney picks up the phone and dials police Sgt. 
          Edward Goddard as the episode ends.  
Preview:  Betty talks with Steven.  Rachel talks with Eli Carson.  Hannah 
          talks with Martin. 
          BA:  Give it up?
          SC:  We have to, Betty.
          BA:  Once the hearing's over, you might feel differently.  
               Don't do anything you'll regret later. 
          RW:  He was married to my aunt.  She died last week.  That's 
               when I ran away. 

          HC:  Convince Dr. Rossi that you're not able to go into that 
          MP:  If either one of us falters, you'll say goodbye to Steven 

Mrs. Burrows-Katherine Squire.
Mr. Burrows-Guy Raymond.
Larry Burrows-only mentioned.

The reference book, Prime Time Network Series lists Mrs. Burroughs 
  and Mr. Burrows.  Larry Burrows is not listed.  One would wonder 
  if the author ever watched the series.