Episode 282.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has been profoundly hurt by the death of his 
          finacée, Ann Howard.  The subsequent investigation into her 
          death has only compounded his dispair.  But now he has a new 
          patient at Doctors Hospital, a girl he knows only as Rachel.  
          A girl he is trying to help and who is thereby, helping him. 
Intro:    A couple is walking down the steps at Doctors Hospital as Dr. 
          Rossi goes into his office.  He is trying to hang a picture.  
Scene 1:  Rachel knocks and comes in Dr. Rossi's office wearing a nurse's 
          aide uniform.  Rachel says her ankle hurts.  Rossi tells her 
          that nothing is wrong with her.  Rossi enlists her help in 
          hanging a rural picture of trees.   Rachel imagines people 
          behind trees.  She says she won't go back to hastings Valley 
          with Chandler.  Rachel runs down the corridor to another room 
          and locks the door behind her.  Rossi tells miss Choate to call 
          Rita and ask her to come over, and to bring some cologne. 
Scene 2:  Elliot comes home and finds Constance asleep.  She asks about 
          the courtroom.  He says it is "talk, talk, talk, talk."  
          Constance says that she is tired.  He had the sneaking 
          suspicion that she would be in Allison's room and he would take 
          a switch to her.  He looks at Matthew and talks with Constance.  
          They talk about Allison.  Elliot threatens to switch 
Scene 3:  Steven visits Lee in his cell.  Steven asks Lee if Chris lied 
          on the stand today. 
Scene 4:  At the Shoreline Garage, Fowler comes in and talks to Rodney 
          about Martin's testifying.  Fowler thinks Martin will be up to 
          testifying.  Rodney says he is worried about Martin's health.  
          Fowler will call him to testify unless Dr. Rossi intervenes. 
Scene 5:  At the Information desk, Rossi talks to Rita about Rachel.  
          Rita has a sack, presumably containing cologne.  Rossi tells 
          Rita that he found out that Rachel's last name is Welles. 
Scene 6:  Rita goes into the lab where Rachel is working.  There are lots 
          of bottles, jars, and flasks with strange colored liquids.  
          Rachel is obviously quite scared.  Rita talks with Rachel. 
Preview:  Rodney talks with Rachel.  Rachel's neighbor, Mrs. Burrows 
          talks with Dr. Rossi.  Constance talks to Lee Webber Rachel. 
          RH:  She had a home, Rachel.  She had a family.  She had a 
               mother and a father who loved her.  She had friends. 
          RW:  Like you?
          MB:  Dr. Rossi?  
          MR:  Yes Ma'am.
          MB:  I'm here about Rachel.
          CM:  I want to know if you had anything to do with Allison's 
               disappearance.  Don't play games with me.  I want to know 
               the truth about my daughter.

MEL:      Rachel's mother was named Georgine.  Rachel was born a year or 
          so after Georgine married Mr. Welles.  Rachel's parents died in 
          a fire and Rachel went to live with Georgine's sister Lucy and 
          her new husband Jack Chandler whom Lucy met at a church social.  
          Rachel is an orphan but is legitimate.  Chandler and Lucy did 
          not attend church while living in Hastings Valley.