Episode 281.
WA:       When Rodney Harrington first came back to the Peyton house he 
          was an unwilling visitor.  He viewed his grandfather with a 
          mixture of awe and distrust.  But now he is deeply concerned 
          about Martin Peyton's health.  Rodney fears that the 
          preliminary hearing of The People vs Lee Webber" will be 
          taxing on his grandfather and cause irreparable damage to this 
          aging man who he has now grown to love. 
MEL:      Martin Peyton was born in 1890.  This was 1966 which makes him 
          76 years old.  George Macready was born in 1909 which makes him 
          57 years old. 
Intro:    Rodney drives up in his cream colored convertible. 
Scene 1:  Rodney, sporting a recently bandaged forehead, enters the 
          Peyton house, without the help of a maid, and awakens his 
          grandfather. Peyton inquires of the time.  He detests people 
          who squander their time on earth with naps.  He complains about 
          his "motorized baby buggy."  Rodney says that Peyton is a 
          prisoner of Hannah.  Hannah comes in and talks to Martin and 
          Rodney.  Hannah expresses fear about Peyton's being subpoenaed. 
Scene 2:  In his law office, Steven talks with Betty.  She tells him that 
          Hannah stopped in at the Book Gallery, to express her concerns 
          about Peyton.  
Scene 3:  On the wharf, Chris talks to Sandy.  They go to the house and 
          walk in.  Sandy asks if Chris is hungry.  They talk about his 
Scene 4:  Rita rings the Carson's door chimes.  Betty answers and comes 
          outside to talk to Rita.  Matthew is asleep.  Rita tells Betty 
          that she still wants to take care of Matthew. 
Scene 5:  Rossi is putting papers in his credenza as Rachel wheels in.  
          He bumps his head on the inside of the credenza.  She locks the 
          door on miss Choate.  The patient has refused to exercise her 
          ankle because it hurts.  Rachel is about to leave as Rodney 
          bursts in.  Miss Choate brings some crumpled papers in and then 
          leads Rachel away. 
Scene 6:  Still in Rossi's office, with miss Choate and Rachel gone, 
          Rodney asks Rossi to examine Martin Peyton.  Rodney sits in 
          Rachel's wheelchair and tells of seeing Peyton slumped over in 
          a chair and thinking the old man might be dead.  Rodney says, 
          "I don't want to be the one who hits the switch." 
Preview:  At the Shoreline Garage, Rodney talks with John Fowler.  In his 
          jail cell, Lee talks to Steven.  At the hospital, Rachel runs 
          from Dr. Rossi knocking over a cart. 

          RH:  I live with him. I know the state his health is in.
          JF:  Is that your only concern?  Or are you doing a little 
               maneuvering of your own?

          LW:  If you don't believe me.  If you think what my brother was 
               saying on the stand is true, why don't you bow out? 

          DR:  Rachel.  Rachel.

Rodney sits in Rachel's wheelchair.
Rodney's head is bandaged.