Episode 280. 
WA:       Rodney Harrington made many visits to Doctors Hospital when 
          Allison Mackenzie was near death.  Allison's disappearance has 
          remained a complete mystery.  But finally, it seems, a door may 
          have been opened.  A girl has been brought to the Hospital for 
          medical treatment.  A girl who has a bracelet that belonged to 
Intro:    Rodney drives up in a light blue hard top convertible, Ford 
          product.  He goes in the hospital. 
Scene 1:  Head Nurse Esther Choate is on duty at the Information Desk as 
          Rodney Harrington comes in.  He asks miss Choate about Rachel.  
          She is not at all helpful, saying that Dr. Rossi doesn't want 
          the girl disturbed.  Miss Choate is paged for extention 23 
          which gives Rodney an opportunity to snoop the Rolodex®.  
          He gets the room number for Rachel which is just around the 
          corner from the Information desk. 
Scene 2:  In her hospital bed, Rachel is looking in a mirror and brushing 
          her hair as Rodney enters the room.  She throws the mirror and 
          the brush at him.  She prepares to throw a water pitcher as 
          Rossi enters and orders Rodney to leave.  Rodney has apparently 
          suffered a minor contusion to his forehead. 
Scene 3:  In the corridor, Rodney talks with Dr. Rossi.  Rossi tells 
          Rodney that he will probably have a knot on his head.  Rossi 
          tells Rodney to have his head treated.  They talk about Rachel 
          although they don't yet know her name. 
Scene 4:  In Allison's room, Constance talks with Elliot about Matthew 
          and the girl that Norman and Rita brought to town. 

Scene 5:  Hannah goes into the Book Gallery to talk with Betty about the 
          trial.  [Betty is working for Constance, caring for Matthew and 
          helping in the book store.]  Hannah tells Betty she was only 
          protecting Steven by not telling him of his real parentage.  
Scene 6:  Elliot goes in to see Rossi for permission to talk to Rachel.  
          Rossi tells Elliot that he must release Rachel because she is 
          well enough to go home.  The hospital is not a boarding-house.  
          Elliot mentions using sodium pentathol to make her talk. 

Scene 7:  Rachel is in a wheel-chair in Rossi's office.  He examines her 
          ankle.  He wants her to put some weight on the leg.  She says 
          it hurts to stand up.  She asks the doctor why he writes 
          everything down.  She quotes scriptures.  Rossi comliments her 
          on her memory.  Rachel says she has read it five times, all the 
          way through.  Genesis 29:16,17.  "Laban had two daughters.  The 
          name of the elder was Leah and the name of the younger was 
          Rachel.  Leah was "tender-eyed" but Rachel was "beautiful 
          and well favored."  Teasingly, Rossi asks if her name is Leah.  
          She says her name is Rachel.  She asks why he brought her there.  
          He says he needs to examine her ankle.  She eventually gives the 
          doctor her full name:  Rachel Welles.  Rachel asks the doctor 
          if he has a girl friend.  Rachel says that she is 19.  Either 
          18 or 19, and that her birthday is July 19.  She continues that 
          her aunt Lucy taught her to read and write.  And how to figure.  
          He suggests that she call her now.  Rachel says her aunt is 
          dead.  Rossi tells her the young man who came to visit her is 
          named Rodney Harrington.  He tells her the bracelet she had 
          belonged to a girl named Allison.  She says, "I don't know any 
          Allison."  They talk about Rodney and Allison. 

Preview:  Chris Webber talks with Sandy.  Hannah talks with Rodney and 

          CW:  Lee killed Ann Howard, and you know it as well as I do.
          SW:  You lied.  You sat in that witness chair and told lie 
               after lie.

          HC:  I am afraid, That the ordeal of going in that courtroom, 
               submitting to endless questions, could.  It could prove 
               too much. 
          RH:  To whom Mrs. Cord?  My grandfather, or you?

Aunt Lucy, Rachel's aunt, Jack Chandler's sister.
Sodium pentothal, thiopental sodium-truth serum.