Episode 279.
WA:       Since the death of his fiancée, Ann Howard, Dr. Michael 
          Rossi has been tortured by the recurring nightmare that Ann, 
          despite their love, may have taken her own life.  But now in 
          the preliminary hearing for Lee Webber, testimony has been 
          given which states flatly, that Ann Howard was murdered. 
Intro:    Seen from the courthouse, Dr. Rossi drives up in a gold colored 
          car and enters the courthouse carrying a newspaper. 
Scene 1:  In the corridor of the courthouse, Fowler starts a conversation 
          with Dr. Rossi about Chris' testimony.  Fowler asks Dr. Rossi 
          if he is now of the opinion that Lee Webber killed Ann Howard. 

Scene 2:  Inside the courtroom, Lee mentions to Steven that there are not 
          many observers in the courtroom.  He gives Steven advice about 
          the hearing.  Elliot Carson comes in and sits by Dr. Rossi.  
          The court is called to order by the court clerk.  Judge Irwin 
          A. Chester bangs the gavel.  The judge asks Steven if he wants 
          to cross-examine Chris Webber.  Chris is called to the stand.  
          Chris testifies that he met Ann when he was seven, 17 years 
          ago.  Steven cross-examines Chris about what he heard at the 
          bluff.  Chris ends by saying, "I was there and I heard." 
Scene 3:  At the Carson house, Constance uses what looks like a double 
          boiler to sterilize the baby bottles while Betty sits at the 
          breakfast table holding Matthew.  Betty allows that the new 
          owner of the drug store, Mr. Stacy, told her that he has a 
          whole line of ready made baby formula.  The phone rings and 
          Betty answers.  Betty hands the phone to Constance.  It is a 
          crank call from an anonymous man concerning Allison.  He 
          insinuates that Allison is pregnant. 
Scene 4:  Miss Choate comes in to attend Rachel.  Rachel is awake.  Dr. 
          Rossi comes in.  Rachel tells Rossi goodnight and he watches as 
          Rachel falls asleep.  Miss Choate told Rossi that she didn't 
          have to give Rachel a pill to help her fall asleep.  Choate 
          says that she thinks Rachel is beginning to feel secure at the 
Scene 5:  In the doctor's office, Elliot pressures Rossi concerning 
          Rachel and information on Allison she could give them. 

Scene 6:  At the Carson house, the chimes ring and Constance asks Eli to 
          answer the door.  It is Elliot.  Eli asks why he didn't use his 
          key instead of bothering the guests.  Elliot has brought 
          flowers and champagne.  Constance puts the flowers in water.  
          Eli leaves to go to work.  Elliot and Constance have a glass of 
          champagne.  Elliot talks about Rossi and Rachel.  They go up to 
          Allison's room and continue to talk about Rachel and their 
          missing daughter. 
Preview:  Rodney comes in to visit Rachel in her hospital room.  She 
          throws a mirror and a brush at him, supposedly hitting him on 
          the forehead.  Constance talks to Elliot.  Hannah talks to 
          RH:  Hey, wait a minute, I just want to talk to you.
          CM:  I want to see the girl.  
          EC:  Maybe a little bit later on when she's better, I can bring 
               her her. 
          CM:  I want to go to the hospital, now, today.  Do you expect me 
               to go to Steven and tell him not to put you on the stand? 

          HC:  If I have to go on the witness stand, Betty, it could be 
               the end.

Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.