Episode 278.
          Rachel bites Esther Choate.

WA:       For Elliot Carson, the disappearance of his daughter Allison 
          has been bitterly frustrating.  There have been no clues.  
          Allison left without a trace.  But last night, Norman and Rita 
          Harrington brought a strange young girl to Doctors Hospital.  
          Her only possession Allison's bracelet. 
Intro:    Two nurses are walking down the steps of Doctors Hospital as 
          Elliot gets out of his gold colored car. 
Scene 1:  Miss Choate with a bandage on her right hand, complains about 
          Rachel to Dr. Rossi.  She greets Mr. Carson.  Elliot talks 
          with Dr. Rossi about Rachel.  The bracelet is engraved in 

                   JE VEILLE SUR CEUX QUE J'AIME. 
                   I watch over those I love. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi talks with Rachel.  He introduces Elliot to Rachel.
          She struggles again.  Elliot tries to talk with Rachel.  She 
          is taken away to her room.
Scene 3:  Elliot talks to Rossi about Rachel and Allison. 
Scene 4:  Steven goes into the Pharmacy on the square where Rita is 
          working behind the counter.  Rodney has brought the Clarion 
          truck back.  It had a distributor problem.  Steven fusses at 
          Rodney about being seen with Sandy. 

Scene 5:  John Fowler is examining Chris on the witness stand.  Chris 
          mentions Stuyvesant cave and a ledge where he hid near 
          Sailors' Bluff.  John mentions there were two incidents at the 
          bluff, Chris' blinding injury from a fall and Ann's death from 
          a fall.
Scene 6:  Elliot brings Constance and Matthew home.  Constance is 
          carrying Matthew.  Betty left a note telling of the welcome 
          home lunch that she had put in the refrigerator.  

                   To the Carsons: 
                   While Matthew is sleeping take 
                   ten paces forward into the kitchen.  
                   Open the refrigerator and find 
                   a welcome home lunch.  
                   Enjoy yourselves.  
                   Love, Betty and Steven. 

          Constance comments on the newly robin's egg blue painted 
          nursery and puts Matthew in his fancy crib. 
Scene 7:  The court is in recess.  Chris walks up to the bench in the 
          empty courtroom.  He sits in the witness chair.  Ralph, the
          bailiff, tells Chris that he has another 45 minutes and would 
          have time to get coffee.  Steven questions Chris about his 

Preview:  Overhead shot of an anonymous man in phone booth, wearing a 
          hat, making a crank telephone call to constance.  Steven Cord 
          cross-examines Chris Webber. 
          Man: I seen somebody who looked like the picture in the 
          CM:  Who is this?
          Man: Why did the kid run away?  She start playing around with 
               some boy? 
          CM:  Where are you calling from.  Just give me the number. 
          SC:  Admit that you don't know.  That you weren't there.  
               Admit that you story of hiding on the ledge was just 
               that, a story, and no more. 
          CW:  I was there and I heard.
MEL:      Peter Stuyvesant was a Dutch Colonialist and official.  He was 
          a member of the Dutch Reform Church and was an autocrat.