Episode 277.
          Rachel is brought to Peyton Place by Norman and Rita. 

WA:       For Norman Harrington, the backwoods country, some miles from 
          Peyton Place, holds happy memories.  For it was here in days 
          long past that he and Allison Mackenzie used to play.  Now 
          Norman and his wife, Rita, relive a youthful adventure.  A 
          mysterious adventure filled with shadows and rustling leaves. 
Intro:    Carrying a large flashlight, Norman along with Rita, are 
          approaching an old abandoned log cabin. 
Scene 1:  Inside the cabin they find Rachel, but don't know her name yet.  
          It is later learned that her aunt died less than a week ago.  
          She is wild and unwilling to talk.  They chase her.  They 
          struggle and Rachel falls from the loft and is knocked out.  
          Rita says that she is injured.  This justifies their taking her 
          into town.  Elsewise it would have been a kidnapping. 
Scene 2:  Back at the Carson house, Eli and Elliot are still painting the 
          nursery for Matthew.  [Evidently Jerry the typesetter is 
          tending the newspaper and the Chandlery is closed.]  Betty 
          calls from outside the window.  Elliot asks Eli if Steven is 
          with Betty.  He isn't.  Elliot tells Eli that he almost took a 
          swing at Steven for not allowing him to talk with Lee about 
          Allison.  Betty comes in and compliments them on the paint job.  
          Elliot thanks Betty for staying with Constance and letting him 
          go to New York to look for Allison. 

          Betty has come to pick up some things to take to the hospital 
          for the new baby.  And a dress for Constance to wear when she 
          comes home.  Betty says she wants to have children, but not 
          right away.  She asks Elliot what kind of father he thinks 
          Steven will be.  Elliot evades answering the question.  
Scene 3:  Sandy arrives at the front door of the Peyton house and is 
          admitted by Mary.  Sandy introduces herself as "Sandy, Sandra 
          Webber."  Mary offers to let Sandy wait in the livingroom.  
          Sandy says she will just wait by the front door.  Sandy 
          requests to see Rodney.  Peyton calls to Mary from the dining 
          room and asks who the visitor is.  Mary tells him that it is 
          Sandra Webber.  He asks Mary to bring him some hot coffee.  

          Sandy Webber and Martin Peyton play a brief game of 
          peek-a-boo around the corner.  Rodney comes down the 
          stairs and talks a while with Sandy in the living room.  She 
          observes that there should be a picture over the fire place.  
          Rodney informs her that his mother's portrait had been there.  
          She tells Rodney she is so mixed up.  Rodney is not too 
          helpful.  Sandy is afraid that Steven will get Lee off.  Rodney 
          asked if she had walked all the way over to tell him that.  He 
          offers her a drink.  She tells Rodney that she has been to 
          visit Lee in his cell.  Rodney tells Sandy to wait for him in 
          the car. 
          Martin calls to Rodney from the livingroom and asks him if that 
          was Lee Webber's wife.  [This is an accusation in the guise of 
          a question.]  Peyton asks what she was doing there.  Rodney 
          says that she needed to see him.  Martin says she is being 
          indiscrete.  Rodney allows that this is the way the lower 
          classes are.  Indiscrete but honest.  The chessboard is turned 
          the wrong way in this episode. 
Scene 4:  Betty, sitting in Steven's car, observes Rodney driving Sandy 
          Webber in his convertible.  Betty sits up in reaction.  Steven 
          comes out of the Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. building and 
          asks Betty if that wasn't Sandy with Rodney.  She tells him it 
          is strange.  Steven says it is not strange, but incredible.  
          Steven gets in the car.  Betty kisses Steven.  Steven tells 
          Betty he wants to own her.  They drive off. 
Scene 5:  Norman storms into the hospital reception room and tells miss 
          Choate at the Information Desk that he needs to see Dr. Rossi.  
          He then bursts into Dr. Rossi's office much to the doctor's 
          annoyance.  Rossi says that he is off duty and he told the desk 
          that he didn't want to be disturbed.  Norman tells Dr. Rossi 
          that "the girl" has Allison's bracelet.  At this point in time, 
          Norman doesn't know Rachel's name.  
Scene 6:  Rossi tries to talk to Rachel.  He asks another doctor if he 
          had gotten anything out of her.  Rita quotes Rachel as saying 
          that it is her bracelet.  Rossi asks Rachel who will come for 
          her.  Rachel says "Nobody will call."  Rachel grabs some 
          surgical scissors.  Rossi gets a hammer-lock on Rachel and 
          makes her drop the scissors. 
Preview:  In the Peyton Place Pharmacy, Rodney talks with Steven Cord.  
          Elliot talks with Rachel. 
          RH:  What do you want out of this?  
          SC:  I want to find out how she died.  
          RH:  Suppose you find out.  
          SC:  What will you do then?
          EC:  This bracelet.  It's my daughter's.  I know, because I 
               gave it to her.  Do you want to tell me where you found 
               this?  How did you get this?

Rachel Welles--Leigh Taylor-Young.
Chris Webber-Gary Haynes.

The Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. building was refered to in episode 
  17 as the Chamber of Commerce building.  This was in reference 
  to Amos Barkley's insurance business which George Anderson purchased.