Episode 276.
WA:       Since Allison Mackenzie's disappearance several weeks ago, 
          Rodney Harrington has felt totally alone.  Yesterday he found 
          someone who felt just as alone.  Someone he could talk to.  
          Someone who would understand.  Lee Webber's wife Sandy. 
Intro:    On the wharf, Rodney walks past Joe's Boat Repair shop over to 
          the Webber house.  Sandy is working in the kitchen listening to 
          latin dance music on the radio. 
Scene 1:  Sandy invites Rodney in the house.  Rodney asks if Chris is 
          home.  Sandy turns off the radio.  [Sandy evidently agrees with 
          Martin Peyton's contention that music should not be used as a 
          background.]  She asks him if he would like some lemon-ade.  
          Rodney gives her a check purportedly for "special" work Lee had 
          done before he was fired.  Sandy asks why the check is made out 
          to Chris.  Rodney says he has to go.  He assures her that Lee 
          earned it.  She offers him a lobster salad.  She refers to the 
          chauffeur as Jeeves.  She asks him to set the table.  
          She goes over to an antique General Electric® refrigerator 
          and takes out the lobster salad.  They find themselves close to 
          each other and embrace.  They kiss each other.  Neither 
          is the agressor.  It just happened. The attraction is mutual. 
Scene 2:  Steven Cord goes to visit Lee Webber in his jail cell.  Lee is 
          doing push-ups.  He says he does 100 every day.  Lee wants to 
          know why Chris is going to testify against him.  They discuss 
          the trial.  Lee complains that he lost count of his pushups.  
          As he leaves, Steven tells Lee that he stopped at 87. 
Scene 3:  At the Carson house nursery, Eli and Elliot are painting the 
          nursery.  The room was pink and they are going to paint it 
          either summer sky blue or robins-egg blue for Matthew.  They 
          agree on robin's-egg blue.  They talk about Allison and her 
          bracelet.  [This is before Rachel was found.  An obvious 
Scene 4:  Sandy goes to visit Lee in his jail cell and tells him that she 
          brought him cigarettes, shaving cream and magazines.  Lee 
          kisses her.  She promises to bring shaving cream or anything 
          else that he needs next time she visits.  He tells her that he 
          missed her.  Lee tells her that he needs her.  Sandy tells Lee 
          that Rodney brought them a check for back pay he was owed.  Lee 
          insists that Rodney paid him every cent he was owed.  He 
          wonders what else happened.  Sandy admits that she and Rodney 
          kissed, once.  Lee fusses at Sandy.  She screams for the guard. 

Scene 5:  Norman and Rita are setting up the camp tent south of Mr. 
          Peterson's turkey farm.  Norman talks about Allison.  He said 
          they came up here all the time.  Norman said he ran away.  He 
          took Allison with him.  He talks about the abandoned cabin.  
          Rita says she knows that Allison will be back.  They snoop in 
          the cabin and come upon Rachel.  An owl hoots. 
          NH:  Don't worry.  It's just an owl.  
          RJ:  What's that?  
          NH:  It's Allison. [not so]. 
          RJ:  She's asleep.  Norm. 
          NH:  Come with me if you're scared.  
          RJ:  Norm, Allison never had a dress like that. 
Preview:  Norman goes into the hospital waiting room and rushes up to the 
          Information desk to talk with Miss Choate.  He wants Dr. Rossi.  
          Sandy talks to Rodney. 
          NH:  It's an emergency.  What's Dr. Rossi's home phone number?
          MC:  The doctor's not home.
          NH:  Then where is he?
          MC:  He's not available.  Can someone else help you?
          NH:  Where is he Miss Choate?
          SW:  Let go of me.  Look, it was tough enough for me to come 
               here without your looking at me as if I were nothing.
          RH:  Would you come here if your husband wasn't in jail?
          SW:  Maybe.

First appearance of Rachel.
Rachel Welles--Leigh Taylor-Young.