Episode 275.
WA:       Steven Cord is a man of action and determination.  Due to 
          Michael Rossi's testimony in the preliminary hearing, he's been 
          given an unexpected advantage.  Acting upon it, he's determined 
          to secure this victory by using the young wife of the man he's 
          defending.  Sandy Webber. 
Intro:    Steven Cord drives up in his white convertible, parks by the 
          boarding house stairs, and walks toward the Cider Barrel. 
Scene 1:  Steven goes in the Cider Barrel to talk with Sandy.  He asks her 
          if she knows where Chris is.  They talk about Lee's hearing.  
          Steven mentions a pass key.  He should have said master 
          key.  He mentions Sandy going to Boston for a fling last year.  
          Chris walks in, folds his white cane, and apologizes for being 
          late.  He asks if it is Steven.  He asks Sandy for a favor.  He 
          would like "a ham sandwich with swiss cheese, a little 
          mayonnaise, no pickles and to go heavy on those noisy potato 
          chips."  Chris tells Steven that he is going to testify for the 
          prosecution.  Sandy tells Lee, Steven can force him to testify.  
          Chris shows Sandy a subpoena.  Chris says incorrectly that a 
          wife can't testify against her husband.  As a law student he 
          should have known this. 
Scene 2:  Elliot comes in the hospital carrying some packages and walks 
          by the Information Desk.  Constance is being attended by miss 
          Choate as Elliot comes into her hospital room.  Miss Choate 
          mentions that she is getting ready to take Constance to the 
          solarium.  Elliot has been on a Fifth Avenue shopping spree in 
          New York, and has brought some presents and a valentine to 
          Constance.  He bought the valentine at the drug store across 
          from the apartment where they stayed in New York.  Rossi comes 
          in.  Elliot asks Rossi when he can take Constance home.  Elliot 
          asks Rossi to be godfather to Matthew.  Rossi says that's 
Scene 3:  In his office, Steven is removing a large law book from a 
          bookshelf as he is buzzed by his secretary-receptionist, miss 
          Nolan.  Steven presses the intercom button, bottom button on 
          the right side of his ten-line rotary-dial speaker-phone.  
          There are twelve buttons.  Ten outside lines, hold, and 
          intercom.  D.A. John Fowler is announced by the miss Nolan.  
          Steven thanks her, calling her "Miss Nolan."  In episode 512 
          she is refered to as "Mrs. Nolan."  She was inherited from 
          Theodore Dowell.  In an earlier scene an older woman, miss 
          Marsh was the secretary-receptionist of Dowell.  John comes in.  
          He asks Steven why Hannah Cord doesn't want to testify.  Fowler 
          emphasizes that Lee Webber is on trial, not Steven's mother. 
Scene 4:  In the courthouse, Norman and Rita are sitting on a bench, 
          waiting and talking.  Rita remembers when she was last here 
          giving testimony in Rodney's murder trial.  Norman suggests 
          that they should go camping.  Rita agrees.  John Fowler walks 
          up interrupting them.  Norman asks Fowler if he could talk for 
          a moment with him.  Fowler courteously asks Rita if she would 
          like to join them.  Rita declines, saying she will wait 
          outside.  Norman accompanies Fowler into his office.  Norman 
          asks John if he wants to brief him.  Norman tells Fowler that 
          he and Rita had wanted to go camping.  John says to go ahead, 
          that Norman can testify on Monday.  John dictates a memo to 
          himself about how he will interrogate Norman. 
Scene 5:  Rodney notices Sandy skulking outside the Shoreline Garage.  He 
          calls to her and invites her in.  She twirls her purse.  They 
          go inside to talk.  He asks how long she has been standing out 
          there.  She tells Rodney that she has never met anyone like 
          him.  He says there is nothing special about him.  She says 
          that she is not coming on to him.  Rodney says he doesn't want 
          to get involved.  She says that she could still love and be a 
          wife to Lee.  She doesn't want Rodney to think she's cheap.  
          Rodney says he isn't exactly neutral about Lee.  She tells 
          Rodney that Chris got a subpoena from Fowler to testify against 
          Lee.  Sandy walks away. 
Preview:  Norman snoops in an old log cabin using a large flashlight.  
          Rita is following him.  Sandy is in Lee's jail cell, shouting 
          for the jailer. 
          NH:  There's an old log cabin.  Right over there.  Nobody knew 
               about it. 
          SW:  Guard.
          LW:  I'm going to make your lover-boy pay for this.  
               And not with a crummy check.  You tell Rodney, I'm going 
               to kill him.  

               [As it turns out, Leslie Harrington and Steven Cord 
               eventually cause his death with an assist from Peyton.  
               If we remember correctly, an assist counts one-half point.]