Episode 274.
WA:       The Peyton County Courthouse.  The preliminary hearing 
          continues.  The prosecution seeks to prove that a young woman 
          named Ann Howard, died a violent death at the hands of Lee 
          Webber.  Today, District Attorney John Fowler finds himself 
          locked in a struggle with defense counsel Steven Cord, over the 
          testimony of the late miss Howard's fiancé, Dr. Michael Rossi. 
MEL:      Rita asks Constance for a job caring for Matthew. 

Intro:    A clerk brings a file from the police station to John Fowler. 

Scene 1:  In the courtroom, Steven continues to cross-examine Dr. Rossi.  
          He asks when was the last time the doctor saw Ann Howard.  
          Rossi said the talked to her in the morning and later talked 
          with her on the phone.  Rossi says that Ann told him she had an 
          errand.  Rossi says that when Ann left the Peyton house, she 
          was crying.  She then went to Rossi's beach house.  Steven got 
          Rossi to admit that he at first had thought that Ann might have 
          leaped from Sailor's Bluff.  Fowler objects to a question about 
          Ann's medical record.  He is overruled by Judge Chester. 

Scene 2:  Rita goes to the hospital to visit Constance.  Constance is 
          knitting when Rita comes in her room.  Rita is there to ask her 
          for a job caring for baby Matthew when Constance goes home from 
          the hospital.  Constance asks Rita if she has talked with 
          Norman about this.  Rita says that she knows that it will be 
          okay with Norman.  Constance says she has already made 
          arrangements with Betty.  Rita prepares to leave and assures 
          Constance again that she is really good with babies. 
Scene 3:  At the courthouse, Rodney talks with Dr. Rossi about his 
          testimony.  Rodney asks why the doctor changed his mind.  Rossi 
          says he didn't change his mind.  Rossi says that he was just 
          trying to tell the truth.  Rodney says that Rossi is beginning 
          to sound like Lee's lawyer.  Fowler comes out of the courtroom 
          and is summoned to the phone. 
          Fowler picks up the phone and talks with Deputy Knox.  The 
          deputy had been sent to the airport to serve a summons.  He 
          tells John that Hannah has a one-way plane ticket to Boston and 
          then from Boston to New York. 
Scene 5:  In the General Store, Norman and Rita prepare to go camping.  
          Eli gives them two aluminum mess kits on the house.  
          [probably WWII surplus].  Eli assures Norman that the mess kits 
          won't rust.  Rita tells Norman that she had talked to Constance 
          about taking care of Matthew.  Norman tells Rita that she will 
          throw their plans out the window if she starts taking care of 
          the baby.  Norman asks Rita to go for a drive.  He drives and 
          she walks.  Norman says they are still to young to start a 
Scene 6:  In his parlor, Peyton, in his motorized wheelchair, asks John 
          Fowler about a chess problem.  Fowler allows that he isn't much 
          of a chess expert.  Fowler asks Peyton about Hannah's journey.  
          He asks Peyton if he knows where Hannah is.  Fowler says he is 
          asking as a favor.  Peyton retorts that he didn't know that he 
          owed Fowler a favor.  

          Hannah suddenly appears.  Peyton asks sternly, "What are you 
          doing here?"  John Fowler reappears.  He warns Hannah that if 
          she fails to appear in court, she will be charged with 
          contempt.  Fowler asks Hannah the purpose of her journey.  
          Peyton tells off Fowler.  Fowler excuses himself to leave.  
          Peyton tells Fowler that Hannah has been in agony.  Fowler 

          Peyton berates Hannah, "You fool.  You consummate fool."  
          Hannah berates Peyton.  Peyton tells Hannah he won't allow her 
          to take on the witness stand.  She retorts that she doesn't 
          recall asking his permission.  Peyton orders Hannah to go to 
          her room.  She goes upstairs.  Peyton mentions John Fowler, Sr. 
Preview:  Steven Cord talks to Chris Webber.  Sandy Webber talks with 
          Rodney Harrington.  
          SC:  We're still on a tightrope, Chris.  I need help.  Your 
               Help.  I want your cooperation.  That you're going to 
               testify, regardless, even if I have to subpoena you. 
          SW:  You're everything Lee would like to be and everything I 
               would like Lee to be.  You know that. 
          RH:  Don't try to use me as a sounding board.  I don't exactly 
               feel neutral about him, you know. 
          SW:  Or me?

Judge Chester-Jon Lormer.
Deputy Knox-uncredited.