Episode 273.
WA:       Elliot Carson, editor of the Clarion, has just filed an 
          objective impersonal story on the subject of "The People vs Lee 
          Webber," a young man charged with the killing of Ann Howard.  
          An objective impersonal story written by a passionately 
          interested man.  Subject of the story, the first major witness 
          for the prosecution, the late Ann Howard's fiancée, Dr. 
          Michael Rossi. 
Intro:    Plaque below the Pillory in the Peyton Place square. 

                               PEYTON  PLACE 
                             HISTORICAL MARKER 
                         PLACE OF PUBLIC PUNISHMENT 
                                1650 - 1700
          [The dates are not quite legible.  See episode 3 for a clearer 
          shot of the historical marker.]  Man running toward the 
          courthouse.  The Courtroom. 

Scene 1:  In the courtroom of Judge Chester, District Attorney John 
          Fowler is examining Dr. Michael Rossi.  He asks Rossi if he 
          paid off Ann's automobile repair bill, at the Shoreline Garage.  
          Rossi testifies that there were major repairs the car.  he goes 
          on to testify that he had warned Webber to stop harassing Ann 
          Howard.  Lee did not agree to stop bothering Ann.  Constance 
          Carson had called Rossi to warn him that Webber was on a 
          drunken spree.  He had just gotten fired by Rodney Harrington.  
          Rossi said he talked to Ann twice on the day that she died. 

Scene 2:  Elliot catches up with Rossi outside the courthouse.  Rossi 
          wants to get something to eat and asks Elliot to come along.  
          Elliot says that he was disappointed in Dr. Rossi's testimony 
          about Lee.  
Scene 3:  Eli goes in to visit Constance in her hospital room.  He kisses 
          her.  She is playing with a ballerina music box.  Eli asks 
          Constance to tell Matthew something about his grandfather. 

Scene 4:  In the courtroom, Steven is eating a sandwich and doing paper 
          work.  Betty attempts to talk to him.  She says that she asked 
          for a tuna salad on wheat bread.  She didn't realize it was on 
          white until a little while ago.  John Fowler walks in.  Steven 
          Cord comments that Hannah hates to fly.  He tells Fowler that 
          her Boston trips usually take about two days.  A man comes in 
          and summons Fowler to talk with Constable Knox.  Betty says she 
          hopes Hannah never comes back. 
Scene 5:  Peyton sits alone at a chessboard playing black as Leslie is 
          admitted to the mansion by Mary.  Leslie asks Peyton if he has 
          selected a replacement for Steven.  Leslie asks about having 
          Catherine's portrait replaced.  Peyton said he had it 
          destroyed.  It was too badly damaged to be repaired.  When the 
          portrait was painted, Catherine was two years younger than 
          Rodney is now.  Peyton shows Leslie another picture of 
          Catherine, much older. 

Scene 6:  In the preliminary hearing, Steven cross-examines Dr. Rossi.  
          He asks the doctor what his relationship was to Ann Howard.  
          Rossi quotes Steven as saying that Ann may have committed 
          suicide.  The judge calls the attorneys into his chambers. 
          Ralph, the bailiff, ushers Steven and John into Judge Irwin A. 
          Chester's chambers.  The judge makes it crystal clear that he 
          disapproves of Steven's strategy.  The judge reminds Steven 
          that this is only a preliminary hearing, not a murder trial.  
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks with Rodney.  Martin Peyton talks with John 
          MR:  Didn't you learn anything at your trial?
          RH:  Lets talk about this courtroom and the defendant in this 
               case. Okay? 
          MR:  What do you want, Rod?  I mean, beside Lee Webber's head. 
          MP:  Yes, Mrs. Cord was leaving.  What could you expect her to 
          JF:  It is not a question of what I would expect her to do, Mr. 
               Peyton, I'm interested in what you expect her to do. 
Constable Knox-uncredited.
At this point in time, most people in town, thought that Hannah Cord was 
  the mother of twins, Steven Cord and Ann Howard.    

Ralph the bailiff-Gino De Agustino.
Steven tells Fowler that Hannah hates to fly.
Portrait of Catherine has not yet been replaced.
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.
Irwin is also the given name for Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway.
Fiance-man who is engaged to be married.
Fiancée-woman who is engaged to be married.