Episode 272.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi, still deeply affected by the death of Ann 
          Howard, has been summoned to the office of the Peyton County 
          District Attorney, John Fowler.  Dr. Rossi has found himself 
          maneuvered by both Fowler and Steven Cord, counsel for the 
          defense of Lee Webber, accused of Ann's murder.  Placed 
          squarely in the middle, Dr. Rossi is an angry man. 
Intro:    Children throwing beach balls around in the square as Dr. Rossi 
          drives up in his gold, hard top convertible. 
Scene 1:  District Attorney John Fowler, in his office in the courthouse, 
          receives a call on his multi-line speakerphone.  He asks Rossi 
          about the relationship between Ann Howard and Hannah Cord.  And 
          that Steven has subpoened his mother as a witness for the 

Scene 2:  The door chimes sound, Peyton slams down the newspaper, and 
          using two canes, begins to rise from his easy chair to answer 
          the door.  Rodney appears and says the he will get it.  Rodney 
          ushers in Dr. Rossi.  Rossi says that he wants answers from 
          Peyton.  He doesn't acquire many.  Rossi leaves and Rodney goes 
          in to the livingroom to talk with his grandfather. 
Scene 3:  In Lee Webber's jail cell, Steven prepares his client for 
          court.  Lee shows Steven that he has a hole in his sock.  
          Steven summons the jail barber, and tells Lee to wear a plain 
          dark tie in court.  The barber comes in Lee's cell and prepares 
          to clip.  Lee takes off his suit coat and throws it on the 
          fold-down cot. 
Scene 4:  In the police station squad room, Rossi and Elliot confer.  
          Rossi wonders out loud why Hannah has ignored the subpoena.  
          She hopped the first plane out of White River for points north.  
          Doctor Rossi refers to Peyton sitting up on the hill in his 
          "gilt-edged mansion." 
Scene 5:  District Attorney John Fowler enters the courtroom.  Betty 
          follows him in, sits in a spectator seat, and discusses the 
          case with him, at some length.  Fowler says that Steven grew up 
          with a "tyrant."  Betty says that someone had to defend Lee 
          Webber.  Betty tells District Attorney Fowler that 
          professionally he is putting himself in a "very awkward 
Scene 6:  Constance is tending to Matthew as a rather strident nurse 
          comes in to announce Rita.  The nurse takes baby Matthew from 
          Constance and Rita comes in to visit.  Rita tells Constance 
          that Matthew is beautiful.  Rita has brought a present for 
          Matthew.  Constance asks Rita, where she found it.  Rita said 
          that she had made it.  Rita sews.  Constance and Rita agree 
          that Rita is ready for a child.  

Scene 7:  The principles enter the courtroom.  Lee calls to Chris.  
          Steven urges Lee to sit down.  Rossi comes in and sits directly 
          behind John Fowler and to the right of Rodney Harrington.  The 
          hearing begins with Judge Irwin A. Chester presiding.  Owen 
          Gates, Coroner of Peyton County, is sworn in. 

Preview:  Betty talks to Steven.  Fowler questions Dr. Rossi. 
          BA:  Why didn't you tell me you had subpoenaed your mother.  
               What had you intended to do, Steven?  Tear her apart on 
               the stand, like you did Rita Jacks?  I hope she never 
               comes back. 
          JF:  You were more than just generally concerned about Ann 
               Howard's welfare that day, weren't you?  You were 
               specifically worried about what might happen to her if she 
               encountered Lee Webber.  Isn't that true, Dr. Rossi? 

Jail barber, a non-speaking role-unidentified.
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer [ST and AG].
Dr. Owen Gates, Coroner of Peyton County. [Medical examiner like Quincy]. 

Dr. Clarence L. Healey was the Coroner in Rodney's trial.  His wife Mrs. 
  Healey was a volunteer at the hospital.  Mrs. Healey is seen later in 
  the series pushing a bookmobile and helping Rachel Welles with her 
  hair.  She also has a confrontation with Jack Chandler.  The wife of 
  District Attorney John Fowler was a volunteer at the hospital, also.  
  She had a brief affair with the physical therapist, Russell "Russ" 
  Gehring.  [The wives of overpaid public officials were expected to be 
  good deed doers.]  The wife of David Schuster offered to be a 
Rita is a seamstress.  Julie is a seamstress.  Rachel is a seamstress.