Episode 271.
WA:       Today, is a very special day for the Peyton Place Clarion, and 
          for the readers who have known its history.  And its two 
          editors, Matthew Swain and now Elliot Carson.  Elliot is the 
          father of an 8 pound 2 ounce boy.  A healthy shouting infant 
          named Matthew.  Matthew, Gift of God. 
Intro:    A light blue Chevrolet pickup, with wooden sideboards, drives 
          by the courthouse, turns left, and stops in front of the 
          Clarion.  The newsboys begin to load stacks of newspapers to be 
Scene 1:  Elliot comes outside and dispatches the pickup.  He begins 
          bragging to everyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot.  
          An unidentified couple congratulate Elliot on the birth of 
Scene 2:  Betty and Steven go inside the Pharmacy to get breakfast.  
          Elliot follows them in, and forces a newspaper on each of them.  
          The new pharmacist, Ralph Courtney, walks over and asks what it 
          is.  Elliot emotes.  Betty takes a sip of coffee and expresses 
          concern about Lee Webber's hearing. 
Scene 3:  Meanwhile at the mansion, Peyton, standing, and using a brace 
          of canes, tells Hannah that he is cornered.  Hannah tells the 
          old man that she thinks it was foolish for him to have called 
          Betty Anderson over to the mansion.  Peyton tells Hannah that 
          she will  be leaving town today and she is to tell Steven she 
          will be gone a month or two.  Steven's reaction will tell them 
          if he is planning to call her to testify. 
Scene 4:  Steven is told by miss Nolan, his receptionist, that Hannah 
          Cord is there to see him.  Steven greets her as Mother.  
          [One would suppose this would be called that an honorarium.]  
          Hannah tells Steven that his office is very attractive.  Steven 
          expresses his lack of feelings for her.  She tells him that she 
          is leaving Peyton Place.  Steven picks up the phone and asks 
          miss Nolan to call the county clerk, and to stay on the line to 
          take notes.  

Scene 5:  Chris Webber goes to the office of District Attorney John 
          Fowler to offer to testify against Lee.  He talks with Fowler a 
          short while and leaves.  The phone rings.  Fowler answers his 
          phone and is informed that Hannah Cord intends to leave town. 
Scene 6:  Hannah is seen leaving the bank building, the office building 
          of Steven Cord, and gets in the Peyton limousine.  In a 
          residential section of town, a police car flags down the 
          limousine.  Hannah rolls down the left side rear window and is 
          handed a subpoena.  She says to Thomas, the chauffeur, "Drive 
          home."  The police car backs down the street and around a 
          corner.  [The officer sets a bad driving example for the 
Scene 7:  Eli Carson goes into the Clarion office to complain that he did 
          not receive a free newspaper.  He offers the suggestion that 
          Matthew's middle name should be Eli.  [Eli's middle name is 
Scene 8:  Rodney, Norman, and Rita drive up in the light blue sedan and go 
          into Doctors Hospital.  They go in Constance' room for a moment, 
          then Norman and Rita leave.  Rodney tells Constance the things 
          that Allison had said the night Rodney proposed to her.  Constance 
          tells him that Allison wanted to name the baby Audrey.  [Episode 
          228 indicates that Allison proposed to Rodney on another occasion.] 
Scene 9:  Norman and Rita go over to the hospital and look in the nursery.  
          The nurse brings Matthew to the window.  Rodney comes in the 
          nursery visiting area and joins them. 
Scene 10: Rodney walks down the steps outside Doctors Hospital and 

Preview:  Chris, Lee, and Sandy in the courtroom.  Betty and John talk in 
          the courthouse.  Peyton and Dr. Rossi talk in the mansion. 
          CW:  We're on the left side, the prosecution side.  
          LW:  Chris. 
          SW:  Sit down.
          BA:  Professionally, Mr. Fowler, you're putting yourself in a 
               very awkward position. 
          MP:  I thought you decided that Lee Webber killed your fiancée. 
          MR:  I did, until I talked to him.

Ralph Courtney, new pharmacist, but not the owner of the Peyton Pharmacy.