Episode 270.
          Matthew Carson is born.
WA:       Eli Carson plays a waiting game.  He has come to the White 
          River Airport to meet his son, Elliot, returning from New York, 
          where he has been searching for his daughter, Allison.  If time 
          is on his side, Elliot will be in Peyton Place for the birth of 
          his second child.  Now Eli can only wait impatiently for the 
          plane to land.  Eli knows that if the modern miracle of speed, 
          can out-race the age-old miracle of birth, every moment will 
Intro:    WHITE RIVER AIRPORT.  An airline captain is leaving the 
          terminal building.  A ramp is being moved to the airplane.  
          Passengers are coming off plane.  Elliot is the eighth person 
          to get off the plane. 
Scene 1:  Eli meets Elliot.  Elliot is concerned.  Eli calls Elliot a 
          "chowder head."  Elliot almost forgets the luggage.  Elliot 
          says that he wants to drive. 

Scene 2:  At the hospital, Steven walks up to Betty and miss Choate.  The 
          nurse is overly sweet to Steven.  Elliot rushes through the 
          double doors to the Information Desk in the reception area, and 
          asks Betty if he is on time.  Elliot is becoming hyper.  
          Eli tries to calm Elliot down.  Eli talks about his wife [Ruth] 
          and the time when Elliot was born.  Eli tries to convince 
          Elliot that the baby could be a girl.  Elliot finds it 
          extremely difficult to imagine.  [This was before sonograms 
          became common for pre-natal gender identification].  Dr. Rossi 
          comes out to announce the birth of an 8 lb. 2 oz. healthy boy. 

Scene 3:  Betty picks up the phone at the Information Desk.  Martin 
          Peyton has telephoned Betty at the hospital.  He had tried the 
          Carson house and got no answer.  Peyton wants her to come to 
          the mansion alone, tonight.  He insists.  He expects her to 
          come over after she sees Mrs. Carson.  He abruptly hangs up, as 
          is his custom.  Steven says that he wonders what the old man 
          wants.  Steven tells Betty to spy on Peyton while she is 
          there.  Steven reminds Betty that he is Lee Webber's lawyer. 
Scene 4:  Elliot comes in to see Constance as she is being rolled to her 
          room.  Elliot kisses Constance and Eli thanks her for his new 
          grandson.  There was no indication what-so-ever of a recovery 

Scene 5:  Rossi comes out of Maternity into the corridor carrying a metal 
          clip-board.  Betty congratulates Dr. Rossi on the successful 
          delivery.  Rossi excuses himself.  Betty opines that Rossi is 
          still very lonely. 

          Elliot knocks on Constance' door and asks the nurse if he can 
          see Constance again.  The nurse bruskly informs him that he 
          will have to ask the doctor.  She goes back in and shuts the 
          door.  Eli allows, "She's about as personable as a wash basin, 
          a steel wash basin." 
          The nurse tells Dr. Rossi that she has gotten Constance into 
          her bed.  Rossi tells the nurse to admit Elliot.  She gives 
          Elliot a dirty look and walks off with her nose in the air. 
Scene 6:  Elliot comes in to visit Constance again.  He kisses her in 
          deep appreciation.  Elliot says that, "God gave us Matthew to 
          replace Allison." 
Scene 7:  Steven goes over to the Peyton County jail to confer with Lee 
          in his cell.  Lee is playing solitaire.  [Back in those by-gone 
          days, people actually used playing cards for solitaire.  Bill 
          Gates had not yet taken charge.]  He says he thinks he has this 
          one beat.  Then Lee says that he is just a born loser.  Lee 
          asks Steven if he has seen his brother, Chris.  Steven says no.  
          Steven does not want Lee to worry about anything except how he 
          impresses Judge Chester.  Lee mentions "Goldilocks Harrington."  
          There is no jury in a hearing of this sort.  Lee says that "The 
          basement of Martin Peyton's mansion is not much better than 
          that shack I have down on the wharf."  Steven tells Lee that he 
          is not going to put Lee on the stand to testify.  Lee, 
          accusingly, asks if Steven plans to see that he is convicted.  
          Steven calls for the guard.  Lee threatens to come back and get 
          Steven if he is pulling anything on him.  Steven asks, "How 
          and when?"  Lee holds up a very dark three of hearts.  
Scene 8:  Meanwhile back at the Peyton mansion, Betty is pouring sherry.  
          He tells her that he has missed her.  Peyton is seen through a 
          glass darkly.  But Betty comes over to him, face-to-face, 
          bringing him his drink.  He says that he is surprised that 
          Steven let her come over that late at night.  Peyton commends 
          her loyalty.  He says Steven is very lucky to have her.  Peyton 
          tells Betty that the reason he called her over is that he does 
          not want Steven to defend Lee Webber.  He tells Betty that he 
          had asked Rodney to talk to her about this but Rodney refused.  
          Peyton insists that Steven must not defend Lee Webber.  Betty 
          says this is "business, not personal."  [As Michael Corleone 
          says in the "Godfather" movie]. 
Scene 9:  Elliot is sitting by Constance' bed as Dr. Rossi comes in to 
          check on her.  Rossi tells Elliot it is time to go.  Rossi says 
          he has broken every rule in the hospital.  Elliot kisses 
          her and leaves.  [Back in those days, non-patients were 
          considered a huge nuisance, only to be tolerated during brief 
          specified visiting hours].  Dr. Rossi takes Constance' pulse.  
Scene 10: In the hospital nursery, a masked nurse is tending the 
          newborns.  Rossi takes Elliot to the nursery viewing window.  
          Elliot says, "Mike, which one?"  Rossi hands Elliot a card 
          which reads "CARSON."  Elliot holds up the card and the nurse 
          brings Matthew.  Matthew lets out a loud cry.  Elliot inquires 
          why his son is crying.  Elliot wants Matthew put back in his 
          crib.  Rossi signals the nurse that they are through looking so 
          she puts Matthew back in his crib. 

Preview:  Chris Webber talks to John Fowler.  Outside the Clarion, a 
          couple congratulates Elliot Carson.  Martin Peyton talks to 
          Hannah Cord. 
          CW:  You want to know if I would be a good witness for the 
               prosecution.  You wouldn't mind strengthening your case 
               against Lee by having his own brother testify against him. 
          M:   Oh, Congratulations, Elliot.
          W:   It's wonderful.
          MP:  You've maneuvered Steven for 28 years.  You'll manage him 
               this time.  You'll have to.

Elliot kisses Constance three times in this episode.