Episode 269.
WA:       While Elliot Carson searches in New York for his daughter, 
          Allison, his wife, Constance, awaits the birth of their child.  
          In the Peyton County jail, Lee Webber waits to be judged for 
          the murder of Ann Howard.  And an anxious Sandy Webber seeks 
          out Steven Cord to help her with a difficult decision. 
Intro:    Late at night, Sandy Webber meets up with Steven Cord near the 
          Pillory on the square.        
Scene 1:  Sandy and Steven talk.  She wants him to drop Lee's case, but 
          doesn't quite come out and say it.  Steven asks Sandy if she is 
          going to leave Lee. 
Scene 2:  At the Carson house, Betty and Constance are talking when 
          Constance realizes it is time to go to the hospital.  Betty 
          calls the hospital. 
Scene 3:  Steven visits Lee in jail.  Lee has thrown some books on the 
          floor of his cell.  Steven comes in and picks up one of the 
          books.  Lee complains that it took Steven two hours to walk 
          across the street from his office to the jail in the Peyton 
          County Courthouse.  Lee very much wants out of jail.  Steven 
          mentions that the books are on his library card. 
Scene 4:  At the mansion, Rodney is pouring coffee for his grandfather.  
          Peyton asks Rodney if he thinks that Lee killed Ann.  He tells 
          Rodney that he thinks Rodney and Betty should be together.  
          Rodney says, "You disect me, just like you do everybody else.  
          You run little tests on me in your laboratory, to find out what 
          I'm made of, and how you can use me." 
Scene 5:  Norman and Rita discuss Norman's schooling.  Rita says that 
          college is worth it, no matter how what it costs.  Norman 
          suggests that they go camping for a week and talk about 
          Norman's future.  Rita has told Mr. Ralph Courtney, the new 
          pharmacist, that she won't be taking the week off.  Rodney 
          drops in.  He soon realizes that he came at a bad time, and 
          excuses himself. 
Scene 6:  At the Carson house, Betty is talking to the hotel operator in 
          New York City.  She gives the operator the Peyton Place 
          hospital number, 311-555-4100. 
Scene 7:  At Doctors Hospital,  Betty escorts Constance in and turns her 
          over to miss Choate.  The Information Desk has a 6-button, 
          5-line phone.  Betty is carrying a white Samsonite® 
          suitcase.  Constance is carrying a tan purse.  Dr. Rossi tells 
          Constance that Dr. Morton has a virus, so Rossi will be the 
          substitute "stork."  Miss Choate walks Constance to her room 
          and instructs her how to breathe.  The contractions are now 
          coming every four minutes.  Betty talks with Dr. Rossi. 
Scene 8:  At the Peyton Place police station, Rodney asks if there is any 
          information on Allison.  He is told that "that kind of 
          information" is confidential.  [This was before the freedom of 
          mis-information act.] 
Scene 9:  Rodney walks into the courtroom and talks with Chris about his 
          testifying.  Chris had come into the courtroom to be alone.  
          Chris says that he was surprised to find the courtroom so 
Scene 10: Back at the hospital, Dr. Rossi by now has put on his gown and 
          is preparing to deliver the baby.  Betty finally gets Elliot on 
          the phone and Elliot starts on his way back to Peyton Place. 
Preview:  Martin Peyton warns Betty about Steven Cord.  Lee Webber warns 
          Steven Cord not to mishandle his case. 

          MP:  He wants to bring his personal vendetta with Hannah and me 
               out into the public arena.  If you refuse to stop him, 
               Betty, it can end in only one way, total destruction.  Not 
               only for me and for Hannah but for all of us. 
          LW:  If you are pulling something on me, Cord, I'll come back 
               and get you. 
          SC:  When?

Bees Sting, space filler.    
Mr. Ralph Courtney, the new pharmacist.  Mr. Courtney is not the new owner.