Episode 324.
          Peyton meets with attorney William Robert Kennerly at the 
WA:       Tonight, in the bitter cold of a New England winter, Martin 
          Peyton has come to a nearby airport to meet one of his Boston 
          attorneys, William Kennerly.  A gentleman who has spent more 
          than 40 years in the fine print of the Peyton empire.  Kennerly 
          has been summoned to Peyton's side on an urgent matter.  A 
          legal means of manipulating the surviving members of the Peyton 
          family.  Peyton's purpose, to achieve exactly that arrangement 
          of human life and human chemistry that suits him.  His means, a 
          driving intelligence, and a huge fortune. 

Intro:    Lee Webber is driving Martin Peyton in the limousine toward the 
          White River Airport.  The limousine stops and Webber gets out 
          and walks toward the unloading ramp to the airplane.  Old 
          William Kennerly and his secretary miss Wilson walk down the 
          stairs from the plane. 

Written by Jerry Ziegman and Carol Sobieski
Directed by Ted Post
Scene 1:  Lee escorts old William Robert Kennerly and his secretary, 
          miss Wilson, to the limousine.  Peyton asks miss Wilson to give 
          them a moment alone.  Kennerly gets in the limousine and tells 
          Martin that this is the very last time he will fly down for Peyton.  
          Kennerly says he can't abide planes.  They discuss the new will.  
          Miss Wilson and Webber witness the new will.  Peyton tells Webber 
          that he doesn't have to read it.  Miss Wilson shows Lee Webber 
          where to sign.  They sign.  Peyton tells Webber to close the 
          privacy window.  Peyton tells Kennerly to have a good trip back.  
          Kennerly and miss Wilson get out of the limousine.  Webber closes 
          the door and gets back in the driver's seat.  Peyton tells Webber 
          to drive home. 
Scene 2:  Betty is manipulating a yo-yo in Steven's law office.  Steven's 
          secretary [not seen, probably miss Nolan] buzzes to announce 
          that Peyton's chauffeur is there to see him.  Steven tells 
          Betty to look out the window.  This is Lee Webber's first visit 
          to Steven's new office.  Lee Webber tells him that Mr. Peyton 
          invites Steven and Betty to dinner.  Lee says that Kennerly 
          hates to fly.  Webber says that he made it back from the 
          airport in 19 minutes.  Steven is wearing a class ring on his 
          right hand.  Betty accepts the dinner invitation for herself 
          and Steven.  Webber leaves.  Steven and Betty continue to talk.  
          Steven tells Betty that they will pretend that they are not the 
          least bit interested in his new will. 
Scene 3:  Sandy, coming out of her house, encounters Rodney on the wharf.  
          Rodney invites her to dinner, her choice.  He mentions the 
          Shoreline Cafe, Mamasitos, the Shan-gri-La, and fo course, the 
          fabulous Colonial Inn.  They go to his hard top convertible and 
          head to the Colonial Inn for dinner.  She wants to change 
          clothes, but he insists that it wasn't necessary because it is 
          so dark in there you can't even read the menu.  
Scene 4:  The Carson house chimes have evidently rung and Constance comes 
          down the stairs to admit Dr. Rossi.  He says that he is there 
          to see how Rachel is doing.  Constance says that Rachel is 
          upstairs tending to Matthew.  Rossi has brought a college 
          catalog.  Rossi goes upstairs to see Rachel.  She is changing 
          Matthew as Rossi knocks.  

Scene 5:  Rossi begins talking to her about her education.  Rachel is 
          wearing an apron.  Rachel says that she is busy with Matthew.  
          Rossi says she can spare one or two nights a week.  He leaves a 
          school catalog with her and leaves. 
Scene 6:  Lee Webber drives up to the Colonial Post Inn and goes in.  
          Rodney and Sandy drive up and Rodney gets out.  He walks around 
          the car and opens the door for Sandy.  Lee comes out, sees them 
          and is agitated. 
Scene 7:  Norman is stirring a pot as Ada rings the bell.  She has come 
          to have dinner with Norman and Rita.  He is preparing supper 
          for the three of them.  Ada has brought left-overs.  Norman 
          says that Rita won't have to cook for a month.  She would like 
          to do more for them.  She tries to hand him a check from 
          Leslie.  Rita comes to the door.  Norman goes to the door and 
          carries Rita into the apartment.  This is their 424th day 
          anniversary.  It has been one year and two months.  They were 
          married 01-24-66.  This day is 04-03-67. 
Scene 8:  Chandler goes up the stairs at the boarding house.  He goes in 
          room 5.  There he finds Elliot waiting for him.  Chandler asks 
          how he got in.  He offers Elliot a drink.  Chandler says it is 
          cold on the loading dock.  Elliot insists on Chandler answering 
          a few questions.  Elliot wants to know what happened at the 
          farm house.  Chandler went to the farm to get it ready to sell.  
          Elliot leaves. 
Preview:  Leslie gives Elliot a document.  Lee admonishes Sandy. Rodney 
          hits Lee. 
          LH:  Here, I know I don't have to ask you to treat this as 
               highly confidential.  If he is hiding something shady, 
               I promise you, I'll be the first to get rid of him. 

          SW:  What I do and who I do it with is none of your 
          LW:  Well, I'm making it my business.  That guy doesn't 
               care anything about you.  All he's interested in is 
          SW:  Leave me alone.

William Robert Kennerly-Russell Thorson.  70-ish.
Miss Wilson, William Robert Kennerly's secretary. 
Baby Matthew Carson-Derek Camp [Later his name was legally changed to 
  Derek Schultz].  He did not stay in show business but became a 
  computer programmer.