Episode 325
          Rodney takes Sandy webber to dinner at the Inn.

WA:       Lee Webber is a man who believes in the concept of ownership. 
          Despite the fact that his wife, Sandy, has filed for divorce, 
          he's convinced that she still belongs to him.  That she is 
          still private property.  He knows that some months ago Sandy 
          and Rodney Harrington met, while he sat in a jail cell.  Now, 
          Sandy is dating Rodney Harrington openly.  The private property 
          is no longer his. 
Intro:    Lee Webber, chauffeur, is pacing up and down beside the Peyton 
          limousine as Rodney Harrington drives up in his white-over-blue 
          rag-top convertible, tag no. 691-352.  Rodney parks in front of 
          the limo and escorts Sandy into the Colonial Post Inn. 

Written by Sonya Roberts and Jerry Ziegman
Directed by William J. Hole 
Scene 1:  Inside the Inn, Rodney asks the hostess for a table for two. 
          She says it will be just a moment and seats them at a table, 
          not far from Martin Peyton.  Rodney's grandfather Peyton is 
          hosting Steven and Betty after meeting with his Boston 
          attorney, William Robert Kennerly, at the airport.  Peyton 
          sees Rodney and his date, stands up, goes over to Rodney's 
          table and invites Rodney and the charming young lady, 
          Sandy, to sit at his table with Steven and Betty.  Peyton seats 
          Sandy to his left. 
Scene 2:  Rachel, not properly dressed for the cold, is outside whistling 
          for her puppy.  Chandler had snared the puppy a short time 
          before.  Rachel does not find her puppy. 
Scene 3:  Elliot is talking to Constance in the kitchen as Rachel comes 
          back in, carrying a doggie dish of milk.  Constance admonishes 
          her to put her coat on before going out again.  Rachel goes 
          outside one more time and comes back inside.  Elliot puts on 
          his coat and goes for a drive with Rachel.  
Scene 4:  Chandler sees Leslie going into the Clarion carrying a manila 
          envelope.  Inside the Clarion, Rachel and Elliot are composing 
          a lost dog advertisement.  Elliot gives Rachel the number, 
          555-3251, the telephone number of the Peyton mansion.  Leslie 
          comes in.  Rachel takes the phone number to Jerry, the 
          composing room Linotype® operator.  Leslie tells Elliot he 
          has decided to share the personnel records on Chandler. 

Scene 5:  Rodney and Sandy go into the Colonial Post Inn and talk a 
          little while.  Rodney wants to make a call so Sandy goes 
          outside for some fresh air.  Outside Lee girlhandles his 
          estranged wife, Sandy.  Sandy tells Lee, "What I do, and 
          who I do it with, is none of your business." 

          Rodney comes outside and slugs Lee.  Lee brushes off his 
          chauffeur's cap, gets back in the limousine, and drives off.  

          Rodney asks Sandy if she is all right.  He spots Chandler, 
          across from the General Store, and helps Sandy in his car.  
          Rodney calls to Chandler and walks over to him.  Rodney says, 
          "Hey, Chandler, Hey Chandler."  Chandler says, "Get lost kid." 
          Rodney goes in the Clarion.  Leslie is inside, talking with 
Scene 6:  Inside the Clarion, Rodney informs Elliot, Leslie, and Rachel 
          about Chandler hanging around.  Sandy Webber honks the horn on 
          Rodney's convertible and Rodney leaves the office.  Outside, it 
          is apparent that Sandy has driven the car around the square to 
          the front of the Clarion.  
Scene 7:  In Steven and Betty's bedroom on the second floor of the 
          mansion, they roll around on the bed and discuss the events of 
          the evening.  She asks Steven why he didn't set up a practice 
          in Boston.  Steven says that he wants to be his own man. 
Scene 8:  Peyton is writing at his small bedroom desk as Betty brings him 
          a tray with his medicine.  He gives her the written combination 
          to the safe and she dials with her right hand.  Martin gives 
          her the key to the strong box and she inserts the papers and 
          puts them in the safe.  Peyton says that he doesn't need the 
          medicine.  Peyton opines that Betty has remarkable 
          self-control.  That she didn't look at the papers, once.  Betty 
          wishes Peyton a goodnight. 
Scene 9:  Rodney is driving Sandy home.  He talks about Chandler hovering 
          over Rachel.  Sandy says Rodney is treating her like a 
          wharf-rat.  Rodney reminds her of her no-strings promise.  
          He says that he doesn't want to argue and takes her home and 
          kisses her goodnight. 
Preview:  Elliot talks with Eli.  Leslie talks with Betty.  Lee talks 
          with Rachel about dating. 
          EC:  He could have faked this whole thing.  
               I have to check it. 
          Eli: I want you to go straight to the police.  
               I don't want you taking the law into your own hands. 

          LH:  Tell him, please, these reports do not leave this 
               office without a written request.  I have no intention 
               of establishing a pattern of dealing through an 
          LW:  Maybe you'll go out on a date with me.
          RW:  What do you mean?

Jerry, composing room Linotype® operator-uncredited.