Episode 326.
          Lee Webber finds Rachel's puppy.
WA:       The slow and quiet turn of the season from winter to spring has 
          gone unnoticed by at least one resident of Peyton Place.  Today, 
          Jack Chandler holds Rachel's small dog in his hands.  He has held 
          the dog in his possession for some time, ever since he picked him 
          up outside the home of the Elliot Carsons.  Exactly why he picked 
          him up is locked deep inside his instinctive feelings about Rachel.  
          Feelings which are now shared by Lee Webber, for an entirely 
          different reason.  Webber is determined to win back his wife, Sandy. 
Intro:    Chandler walks west along the street past Les Femmes and the Book 
          Gallery, holding Rachel's puppy.  He is about to pass the Clarion 
          as a police car drives by.  He quickly puts the puppy through the 
          front right window of Peyton's limousine which Lee Webber has parked 
          in front of the Clarion.  Lee Webber, whistling, comes out of the 
          General Store with a brown paper sack full of purchases.  He almost 
          brushes shoulders with Chandler. 
Scene 1:  Lee puts the sack through the middle window and finds the puppy 
          on the front seat of the Peyton limousine.  He talks briefly to 
          the puppy and gets in the limousine.  Chandler is seen watching.  
          Lee gets in the limousine and drives off headed east past the Book 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi without his medical bag goes in to see Peyton.  He tells 
          Peyton that since he is now Chief-of-Staff of the hospital, he has 
          decided to turn Peyton's case over to Dr. Fielding.  Peyton 
          threatens to withdraw support from the hospital.  Rossi tells him 
          not to make threats.  He asks Peyton why he hired Lee Webber, the 
          man who killed Ann Howard, Rossi's fiancée and Peyton's granddaughter. 
Scene 3:  In the Carson home, Rachel picks up the phone and answers it.  Lee 
          Webber is calling from the Peyton mansion, to say he has found her 
          puppy.  He asks her to come over to the Peyton house, where he works 
          and lives, to get it.  He tells her that his name is Lee Webber.  
          He again tells her to come over and he will give her the puppy. 
Scene 4:  Leslie drives over to the Shoreline Garage and goes in.  Rodney has 
          one foot on his desk and is reading the sports page.  Leslie asks 
          Rodney to go have lunch with him.  Rodney says that he has already 
          eaten.  Rodney asks Leslie if he needs his gas tank filled.  Leslie 
          asks Rodney to go to New York with him to learn how the mill business 
          is run.  Leslie says he wants to share what he has learned with Rodney.  
          They talk about Martin Peyton, Sandy Webber, and Steven Cord. 

Scene 5:  Norman comes into the apartment, with the brown paper sack full of 
          groceries, and finds Rita asleep on the sofa.  Rita wakes up and offers 
          to fix lunch for him.  Norman says he doesn't want her to strain herself.  
          Constance, carrying baby Matthew, knocks and Norman lets her in.  Rita 
          holds the baby for a short while and hands him back to Constance.  Rita 
          agrees to baby-sit Matthew that night about 7:00.  Rita says she is not 
          ill, she is just tired.  Constance says she should probably talk with 
          Dr. Rossi first.  Rita thanks Constance and Constance leaves.  Rita 
          says to Norman, "Thanks a lot."  
Scene 6:  At the General Store, Eli is checking out Mrs. Linden, the saleslady 
          from the Les Femmes botique.  She has purchased $7.31 of merchandise 
          including a mop.  Elliot peeks through the window.  Mrs. Linden leaves.  
          Elliot comes in to ask Eli to help in investigating Chandler.  Elliot 
          has gotten the personnel records on Chandler from Leslie.  Eli first 
          says to leave it alone, but eventually agrees to help. 
Scene 7:  At the mill, Leslie comes into his office and his current receptionist, 
          miss Harris, tells him Mrs. Cord is waiting to see him.  He tells Betty 
          that he will not release the reports without a written request.  Betty 
          says she will tell Peyton and she starts to leave.  Miss Harris tells 
          Leslie that the reports are on his desk.  He gives the reports to Betty 
          and she leaves.  Leslie dictates memo number 424 concerning Kennerly 
          and the Peyton estate.  He asks miss Harris to get all the papers on 
          the Peyton estate and bring them to him. 
Scene 8:  At the mansion, Lee Webber is tending the puppy as there is a knock on 
          the front door.  He goes upstairs through the livingroom and opens the 
          door.  It is Rachel, who has come for her puppy.  He points to the door 
          bell button and tells her to ring, not knock.  Lee sits on a footstool 
          in the livingroom and brushes the tips of his shoes.  She tells him that 
          if he gets that on the rug, it won't come out.  Lee says that they can 
          get another rug.  She asks if Mr. Peyton is there.  Lee tells her that 
          Peyton is getting some sack time.  She asks where the puppy is.  They 
          talk.  He asks if she is Rodney's girl.  Rachel says she is not Rodney 
          or anybody's girl.  Lee says he wants to take her out on a date.  She 
          asks for her puppy.  Lee opens the door to the basement and they go 
          down where the puppy is.  Rachel sees the puppy and runs over to it.  
          Rachel tries to give Lee the $10.00 reward from her purse.  He doesn't 
          accept it.  He wants to go out on a date with her.  Rachel is frightened 
          and tries to run out.  Lee stops her and forcefully kisses her.  She 
          runs up to the livingroom through the double doors.  Lee vaults the sofa 
          and catches her.  

          Betty comes in the front door which helps Rachel to get away from Lee.  
          Lee offers to give Rachel a ride home.  Rachel declines.  Betty comes 
          in and Lee grabs her chin with his right hand putting his thumb on the 
          center of her chin.  Lee tells Betty that nosy girls are ugly girls. 
Preview:  Rodney talks to Steven.  Peyton talks with Leslie.  Jack 
          Chandler grabs and threatens Lee Webber. 
          RH:  In his house he cracks the whip, and you jump.
          SC:  Like you?
          RH:  Yes, like me.
          SC:  Maybe it takes someone just a little bit stronger than 
               you are. 
          MP:  You may not survive to fight my will.
          LH:  You have disinherited my sons haven't you?  Answer me. 

          JC:  You stay away from Rachel, you understand?

Lee Webber grabs Betty's chin.  [A number of chin-grabs occur in the series.]    
Mrs. Linden, Les Femmes saleslady-Virginia Vincent.  Episodes 297, 299, 
Miss Harris, mill secretary-uncredited.
Jack [Forrest] Chandler-John Kellogg.
Miss Mayes, see episode 24.