Episode 327.
          Rachel visits Jack Chandler at the boarding house.

WA:       Steven Cord, as a young man who lived most of his life unaware 
          of his true heritage, now that he knows he's the grandson of 
          Martin Peyton, he's determined to claim the dignity that comes 
          with the Peyton dynasty.  The authority, and the money to use 
          the authority.  But Steven saw Martin Peyton crudely put down 
          another grandson, Rodney Harrington, as a means of placing 
          Steven in favor.  Steven is determined to make sure that Rodney 
          understands the rules of war.  His rules of war, not Martin 
Intro:    Steven walks along the wharf toward the Shoreline Garage.  
Scene 1:  Steven goes in the Shoreline Garage to talk with Rodney.  
          Rodney sits down at the typewriter to make out a bill.  Steven 
          apologizes for what their grandfather said to Rodney the 
          previous evening at the family dinner at the Colonial Post Inn.  
          Steven says that Peyton was rude.  Rodney says that Steven 
          doesn't have to act as mediator.  They talk about living at the 
          Peyton house.  Steven says he always gets a kick out of just 
          dropping by the garage.  He leaves. 
Scene 2:  Lee Webber sees Steven and asks if he can take him somewhere.  
          He tells Steven that he dropped the old man off at the mill.  
          They swap barbs.  Steven tells Lee to get off his back.  Steven 
          walks off. 
Scene 3:  Betty comes in the Book Gallery and speaks to Matthew, calling 
          him Slugger.  [Later in the series Susan Winter calls Fred 
          Russell Slugger.]  Rachel is running the store and introduces 
          herself to Betty.  She tells Betty that this is Matthew.  Betty 
          warns Rachel about Lee Webber.  Rachel asks Betty if Lee killed 
          Ann Howard.  Betty says she thinks so.  Betty said that she was 
          never close to Allison.  
Scene 4:  Lee sees Chandler on the wharf and asks for the five dollars he 
          won on the bet about becoming chauffeur to Martin Peyton.  
          Chandler says he's short right now.  He evidently didn't know 
          that Lee was the driver of the car that he left the puppy in.  
          Chandler asks Lee how he met Rachel.  Lee said that somebody 
          left a puppy in the car.  Lee invites Chandler in for a drink.  
          Lee asks Chandler if he put the puppy in the limo.  Chandler 
          leaves.  Chandler calls Lee a jailbird.  Lee wants Chandler 
          to set up a date for him with Rachel.  Chandler grabs and threatens 
          Lee.  Lee says that Chandler has awful strong feelings for just 
          her uncle. 
Scene 5:  In the bedroom, in a rented Tux, Elliot Carson is practicing a 
          chamber-of-commerce speech.  Rachel's puppy, named "Puppy," 
          brings the "JF" belt buckle to Elliot.  Rachel said that she 
          had found it and that the puppy liked to play with it.  Rita is 
          now watching.  Constance is wearing a snazzy black evening gown.  
          Elliot examines the belt buckle.  Rachel takes the puppy in the 
          nursery.  Rita is staring at Rachel.  Rachel had found the belt 
          buckle in Chandler's farmhouse, in Chandler's work clothes. 

Scene 6:  Mary admits Leslie into the mansion and asks him to wait while 
          she checks to see if Peyton will see him.  Peyton is in the 
          livingroom wearing his red smoking jacket.  Leslie asks Peyton 
          if he has changed his will, dis-inherited his sons.  They 
          argue.  Leslie says that Rodney will grow with his influence.  
          Peyton says, "My chauffeur's wife has more influence over your 
          grease-monkey son than you do."  Leslie is furious.  Lee comes 
          in and asks if everything is ok.  Peyton asks Lee to escort 
          Leslie to the door.  Lee ushers him out.  Peyton dismisses Lee, 
          "Goodnight, Webber." 
Scene 7:  In Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house, Chandler is packing his 
          suitcase as he hears a subdued knock at the door.  It is Rachel 
          carrying three books.  She says, "Hello, Uncle Jack."  She asks 
          if she can come in.  She says she can only stay for a minute.  
          He says that she can stay as long as she likes. 
Preview:  Rita talks with Norman.  Elliot talks to Lee.  Leslie talks 
          with Betty. 
          RJ:  If I'm going to die, I'm going to die. 
          NH:  You're not going to die. 
          RJ:  Then stop treating me like you're afraid I might. 
          EC:  I was sent to prison for something I didn't do.  You were 
               turned scott free for a crime, that as far as I'm 
               concerned, you committed. 

          LH:  I have to know what's in that will.  
          BA:  You let go of me.  
          LH:  Now listen Betty, you're going to get a hold of that will.  
               I'm afraid you have no alternative.

Mary-Rose Hobart.
Cristine Gordon, maid for Harrington was not credited.
Mrs. Hewitt-Maxine Stuart.
Jack Chandler-John Kellogg.