Episode 328.
          Harrington pressures Betty to steal Peyton's will.

WA:       The wharf in Peyton Place.  A frightened Rachel Welles heads 
          for a meeting.  A dangerous meeting with Jack Chandler in the 
          room of his boarding house.  She is convinced she will learn 
          something about Chandler's involvement with the missing 
          Allison.  Tonight, she is determined to get to know Jack 
Intro:    Rachel is walking on the wharf.  Carrying four textbooks, 
          Rachel climbs the steps to the room of Chandler's 
Scene 1:  Rachel knocks on the door of room 5 of the boarding house.  
          Chandler lets her in.  She mentions hitting him on the head.  
          She wonders if he was hurt bad.  She asks why he didn't let her 
          see other people when they lived on the farm.  She said that he 
          never gave her a chance.  He says that he didn't think the 
          other people were good enough for her.  She complains that he 
          never told her where he was from.  Chandler says that he trusts 
          her.  She leaves and walks on the wharf.  Norman sees Rachel on 
          the wharf and calls to her.  She either doesn't hear him or at 
          least doesn't want to answer. 
Scene 2:  Norman and Rita arrive at the apartment and he offers to fix a 
          meal.  Norman tells Rita that he saw Rachel coming out of Jack 
          Chandler's apartment house.  She says that Eli lives there, 
          too.  Norman doesn't want her to get involved.  Norman tells 
          Rita that she doesn't have any sense.  She has too much heart, 
          that she is too gullible.  Rita says, "If I'm going to die, I'm 
          going to die." 
Scene 3:  Still carrying the four textbooks, Rachel brings her school 
          schedule to Rossi's office for him to look at.  She is enrolled 
          in Basic English, Fundamentals of American History, and General 
          Math.  Rossi says it looks fine.  They talk.  She complains 
          that everything seems so basic and fundamental.  Everything has 
Scene 4:  At the mill office, Rodney has brought Leslie's repaired car 
          back and returns him his car keys.  He says that he will bill 
          him at the end of the month.  Leslie asks if Rodney has seen 
          Betty lately.  Rodney says he doesn't see Betty.  And that he 
          will always care about Betty. 
Scene 5:  Elliot and Rachel are eating at the breakfast table in the 
          Carson kitchen with Constance standing in the background.  They 
          read the story of Matthew's christening in the paper.  Elliot 
          mentioned that he had called in the story to Jerry the 
          previous night.  The door chime rings and Lee is there at the 
          door.  Lee says he wants to take Rachel out sometime.  Elliot 
          tells Lee that he is not good enough for Rachel.  Lee says thet 
          he and Elliot were both dealt a bad hand.  Elliot gives him 10 
          bucks and sends him on his way.  Lee asks if Rachel lets him 
          call her "Allison."  Lee puts his hat on and strolls back to 
          the Peyton limousine. 
Scene 6:  At the mill, Betty responds to Leslie's summons.  He pressures 
          her to find out what is in the will.  Betty says that she 
          doesn't know what is in the will.  He wants her to get the will 
          from the safe in the upstairs bedroom.  Leslie says he wants 
          her to do it for Rodney.  Leslie says Rodney is preeocupied 
          with girls and gasoline.  He says that she owes it to Rodney.  
          Leslie threatens her with the Blaine report about her escapade 
          in New York.  She says that the Blaine report was a lie. 
Preview:  Rita talks to Dr. Rossi.  Rodney talks to his father.  In the 
          boarding house, Eli talks to Chandler. 
          RJ:  I just get awfully scared sometimes.  I get this terrible 
               feeling that it's all going to end. 
          RH:  I don't want that kind of talk coming from anyone.  You 
               included.  And I'm telling you something.  I've had enough 
               of your sermons on morality.  Not from you. 
          Eli: If there is something you don't like about my son, Elliot, 
               you go talk to him about it.  Get out of here, Chandler.