Episode 329.
          Betty almost steals the will.
WA:       There was a dark side to the life of Betty Anderson now that 
          has come back to haunt her, now that she is Mrs. Steven Cord.  
          A private detective's report which stated she was immorally 
          involved with an unknown man while she lived in New York City.  
          The report was false, but it exists, and Leslie Harrington has 
          threatened to reveal it to her husband, if Betty does not bring 
          him Martin Peyton's will. 

Intro:    Betty stands a while and then walks up the stairs in the Peyton 

Scene 1:  Betty opens the door to the bedroom and studio.  She approaches 
          the safe and kneels down.  Steven Cord calls to her from 
          downstairs.  She comes down the stairs.  He is excited about a 
          career opportunity.  Steven says he is sitting on top of the 
          world.  Steven grabs Betty's chin and kisses her.  Steven 
          mentions a Judge Fischer.  Betty goes back upstairs to fix her 
Scene 2:  In the Pharmacy Betty is drinking coffee as Leslie comes in and 
          walks over.  The waitress asks Betty How the house is coming.  
          Harrington put pressure on her some more.  Leslie mentions the 
          Blaine report.  Leslie says that he is doing is for Rodney.  He 
          wants the will tomorrow. 
Scene 3:  Rossi is talking to his 5 inch reel-to-reel tape recorder when 
          a nurse, on the intercom, interrupts him.  He tells her he 
          doesn't have any appointments at that hour.  She tells him that 
          Rita Harrington is there to see him.  Rita comes in and is 
          asked how she feels.  She is there to try to convince Rossi 
          that she is healthy enough to take care of Matthew while Rachel 
          is in school.  Rossi doesn't want her to take on the extra 
          strain because she is working at the Pharmacy.  He calls it the 
          drug store.  Rossi mentions Dr. Lyons.  Rita says it looks like 
          she never will have a child of her own.  Rossi mentions that 
          she had rheumatic fever when she was a child.  It can be 
          completely cured and she can have a child of her own in time.  
          He assures her that mitral stenosis is not hereditary.  
          Rossi says that none of us is born with a written guarantee.  
          Rita leaves to go back to work. 
Scene 4:  Betty drives up to the Shoreline Garage in a rag-top 
          convertible with the lame complaint that the car radio doesn't 
          work.  Rodney tries to beg off.  He is not a radio expert.  
          Rodney puts the wire back in jack that Betty had pulled out.  
          They talk quite a while.  Betty asks if Rodney ever thinks how 
          it would have been if she had not lost the baby. 

          As Betty drives off, Leslie drives up and walks over.  He talks 
          with Rodney about Betty.  Rodney says, "I don't want to hear 
          that kind of talk from anyone.  You included.  And I'm telling 
          you something.  I've had enough of your sermons on morality. 
          Leslie goes back to his car and drives off.  Rodney goes back 
          in the garage. 

Scene 5:  Betty walks on the wharf.  She walks on one of the docks. 
Scene 6:  In the rooming house, Eli is tying a May fly when 
          Chandler walks in carrying a bottle.  They start out being 
          quite civil to each other.  Chandler offers to buy Eli a drink.  
          Chandler pours himself a drink.  He asks if Eli ever goes 
          fishing in the valley.  Chandler mentions the stream behind 
          Fred Barney's.  He asks if Elliot has any hobbies.  Chandler 
          mentions prison and the conversation goes downhill really fast.  
          Chandler talks about when Elliot blasted into his room to talk 
          about Rachel.  Chandler asks what is will take to get Elliot 
          off his back.  He mentions fishing near Fred Barney's place.  
          And Mr. Jefferson. 

Preview:  Ada Jacks talks with Rita Jacks Harrington.  Elliot talks to 
          Constance.  Betty talks with Leslie. 
          AJ:  You mean die? 
          RJ:  Yeah, you know suddenly, like a heart attack. 
          AJ:  When did you see Dr. Rossi last?
          EC:  You've obviously made your choice.  Rachel for Allison.  
               I hope you can live with it.  Because I can't.
          BA:  I want that report and all the copies.
          LH:  Was there something else?  
          BA:  Just this. (slap)
Chin Grab and kiss.
Fred Barney lives near a fishing hole-mentioned.
Judge Fischer-a man who opened up to Steven.
Mr. Jefferson, handyman to Chandler-mentioned.
Dr. Lyons is mentioned.