Episode 330.
          Betty steals Peyton's will from the safe.
WA:       A portrait commissioned by Martin Peyton.  A bright symbol of 
          Betty Anderson Cord's future.  Now threatened by a tarnished 
          image, out of her past.  A frightened disheveled girl in the 
          hallway of a New York apartment, accepting money from a strange 
          man.  Leslie Harrington has an eye-witness account of the 
          incident.  The Blaine report.  And now he has given Betty an 
          ultimatum.  A glimpse of the will, now locked in Peyton's safe.  
          Or a copy of the Blaine report will be delivered to her 
          husband, Steven.  There is a third choice, to reveal the whole 
          truth to Martin Peyton. 

Intro:    Betty uncovers her portrait on the artist's easel. 

Scene 1:  Betty is peeking at her portrait.  Martin comes over and covers 
          it up again.  The artist is named Barrett Costa.  Peyton asks 
          Betty if she thinks the artist is doing her justice.  Betty 
          says that she can't tell yet.  Peyton tells Betty to open the 
          safe to get the necklace.  Betty says that she dropped out of 
          school.  Betty goes into the next room and opens the safe.  
          They talk.  Peyton says that Brian Cord was a novelty to 
          Catherine.  The artist rings the mansion chimes. 
Scene 2:  In the Clarion office, Elliot seems to be admiring himself in 
          the mirror.  He is actually trying to use a paperclip to 
          simulate a collar stay.  The displayed newspaper is still 
          PEACE.  Eli says that Chandler came into his store to fish for 
          information.  He and his father talk about investigating 
          Chandler.  Elliot didn't know that Eli had already been to 
          Hastings Valley to ask about Chandler.  He talked with mailman, 
          Walt Bristow. 
Scene 3:  Rita comes in the front door of Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Ada says 
          that she has just made a fresh pot of coffee.  Rita says she 
          has already had hers.  Rita says that Rachel has started night 
          school.  Rita says that she heard that Chandler was an old 
          customer.  Rita asks if Chandler was a friend of her father's.  
          Ada refers to Eddie Jacks as Rita's daddy.  Ada asks when Rita 
          last saw Dr. Rossi.  She talks with her mother about inherited 
          diseases.  Specifically mitral stenosis.  Ada says that you 
          get rheumatic fever from a germ.  Not inherited.  Rita says 
          that her daddy and Chandler sound like two peas in a pod. 
Scene 4:  At the Colonial Post Inn, Betty knocks, and then goes in to see 
          Leslie.  Leslie asks Betty if she has had lunch.  Leslie says 
          that Betty is dominated by ambition.  Betty promises to get the 
          will.  Betty asks if Leslie believed what was in the Blaine 
          report.  Betty slaps Leslie and leaves. 
Scene 5:  Steven charges his meal at the Inn and notices Betty.  He asked 
          the desk clerk what Betty was doing there.  He was told she saw 
          Leslie Harrington. 
Scene 6:  In the Book Gallery, Elliot tells Constance that Eli had been 
          checking up on Jack Chandler.  Elliot argues with Constance 
          about Rachel.  Elliot talks about the belt buckle.  They talk 
          about Allison. 
Scene 7:  Betty returns to the mansion and goes upstairs.  She knocks, 
          then goes through Peyton's studio room to the room with the 
          safe.  She opens it with her right hand.  She takes the will.  
          Lee Webber has been watching and sees her do it.  She closes 
          the safe and leaves. 

Preview:  Betty talks with Leslie.  Rachel talks with Jack Chandler.  
          Steven talks with Lee Webber. 

          BA:  Steven's my husband. 
          LH:  You can divorce him. 
          BA:  What? 
          LH:  You love my son.  You always have and you always will. 

          RW:  I've never seen you so happy. 
          JC:  It's the only thing I've got to look forward to in my 
               whole life now that I know you're in agreement. 

          SC:  I don't care about your special little story.  Get out of 
          LW:  Even if my little story is about your own wife?

Barrett Costa-Don Keefer.
Betty Anderson dropped out of school.
Joe Rossi dropped out of school.
Rita Jacks dropped out of school.
Sandy Webber dropped out of school.  [maiden name unknown]