Episode 331.

          Lee Webber observes Betty taking Peyton's will.
WA:       To a young woman whose daily life consists of maintaining a 
          world for her husband, the idea of blackmail is so foreign, so 
          repugnant, that, like sudden death, it is something that 
          happens to others.  Today, Betty Anderson Cord has been 
          blackmailed.  Leslie Harrington has threatended to make public 
          the Blaine report.  A seemingly sordid moment in Betty's past.  
          In order to force her to take Martin's will from the house and 
          deliver it to him.  Betty has tried desperately to avoid 
          submitting to this crude maneuver.  She has tried and failed.  
          But in the shadows, Lee Webber watches, waiting for his moment 
          in time. 

Intro:    Hallway of the Peyton mansion.  Betty walks to the bedroom 
          portrait studio.  She opens the safe and looks at the will. 

Scene 1:  Lee watches Betty take the will and put it in her purse.  She 
          leaves the safe room and Peyton's studio. 
          Betty goes goes downstairs and calls Steven.  She tells Steven 
          she is running an errand for Peyton.  The maid, Mary, inquires 
          of Betty if Steven likes okra.  She says that Peyton likes it 
          and than some people do not.  Betty says that she doesn't know.  

Scene 2:  Outside the mansion Betty gets in her hard-top convertible.  
          She reads the will.  Lee Webber watches her from a second story 

                LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of Martin Peyton 

                I appoint William Kennerly of Boston, 
                Suffock County, Massachusetts executor. 

                I appoint my son-in-law, Leslie Harrington, 
                trustee of all my properties until 
                the principal beneficiary shall reach 
                the age of thirty, 
                Betty Anderson Cord. 

                I give devise and bequeath all the rest,
                residue and remainder of my property,
                of whatsoever nature,
                and wheresoever situated,
                and howsoever acquired to 
                Betty Anderson Cord, 

                On one condition that she be married to 
                my grandson Rodney Harrington within one 
                year of my death. 

Scene 3:  At the mill, Leslie's secretary, miss Nolan, has brought him 
          some papers.  She mentions the Heywood contract.  Betty's 
          shadow is seen through the translucent windows of Leslie's 
          office.  Betty comes in the office and gives Leslie the will.  
          In return he gives her the Blaine report.  Leslie congratulates 
          her.  She tells him that he is the trustee.  Leslie says, "I've 
          got my orders."  He says that Peyton is worth between 10 and 15 
          million.  Leslie says that Betty, high school dropout, has 
          always loved his son and that she always will.  Leslie says 
          that he never thought he would be glad to see Betty and Rodney 
          back together.  

Scene 4:  Elliot searches Rachel's room.  Constance comes in.  Constance 
          says that he will drive her out of the house again.  He finds 
          the Belt Buckle.  He remembers that in prison, belt buckles 
          were made out of license plate tabs.  He is going to find out 
          what state prison the buckle was made in. 

Scene 5:  Rita is in the Cider Barrel and Sandy comes over to talk and 
          ask questions.  Rita asks Sandy for more coffee.   Rita spots 
          Rachel and at the foot of the steps to the boarding house and 
          warns her not to go up to see Chandler again.  Rachel tells 
          Rita she should be home resting.  From the pay phone by the 
          stairs, Rita calls for Dr. Rossi.  Rita is told that Dr. Rossi 
          is busy so she asks to wait on the line. 
Scene 6:  In his room, Chandler tells Rachel that he went all the way to 
          White River to get chocolates for her.  Rachel asks about 
          Chandler's mother.  She asks Chandler where he was born.  He 
          evades the question. 
Scene 7:  Steven drives up to the mansion and uses a key to get in.  He 
          asks maid Mary if Betty is upstairs.  Mary says, no.  He asks 
          if she is home.  is home.  Mary says, not yet.  He asks if she 
          has called.  Steven comes in the front door and tries to take 
          the tray from Mary.  Steven asks Lee what he is doing.  Lee 
          says that he is trying to earn his eagle scout badge.  Lee 
          offers to fix a drink for Steven.  He says he has a story to 
          tell Steven.  Steven says he doesn't want to hear it.  Lee 
          asks, "Even if its about your little wife?"     

Preview:  Rossi warns Chandler. Steven warns Lee.  At the garage, Rodney 
          finds Rita collapsed and speaks to her. 
          MR:  Take your hand down.
          JC:  Why don't you get out of here and leave us alone?
          MR:  You stay away from her.  You stay a mile away from her. 

          SC:  Everything you said is a lie, and you're not going to get 
               away with it.  I'm not your brother and Mrs. Cord is not 
               Sandy.  You're out of your depth, Webber. 
          RH:  Rita, Rita.

Leslie mentions that Betty was a high school dropout.
The special effect of Betty's shadow was so effective that it 
was used again when Lee Webber came to Leslie's office to kill him in 
  episode 399.
Heywood contract.
Mary-Rose Hobart.