Episode 332.

          Rita collapses in Rodney's garage.

WA:       Steven Cord could have had just about anything he asked of his 
          grandfather Martin Peyton.  Steven chose this house.  The house 
          on the hill.  The Peyton house.  Steven moved in with his wife, 
          Betty, across the corridor from Martin Peyton himself.  But the 
          Peyton house has never been just a residence.  Martin Peyton 
          has brought someone else into this ancient battleground.  A 
          young man named Lee Webber to serve as his chauffeur.  A young 
          man who would do anything.  Anything to hurt Steven Cord. 
Intro:    Steven drives up to the Peyton house. 
Scene 1:  Lee Webber imposes himself on Steven Cord.  He tells Steven 
          that Betty took the will from Peyton's safe.  He saw her.  He 
          knows that it was the will, because he signed it at the 
          airport.  Lee wanders off into the livingroom.  Lee tells 
          Steven that Betty took the will from Peyton's safe.  Lee tells 
          Steven about Peyton meeting with Kennerly at the airport.  Lee 
          tells about Betty going to the mill to see Leslie Harrington.  
          Steven accuses Lee of lying. 
Scene 2:  Having received the emergency phone call, Rossi meets up with 
          Rita at the steps below Chandler's room.  Rossi tells Rita to 
          wait at her mother's.  Rossi rushes up the steps and busts into 
          room 5, Chandler's room.  He finds Rachel with Chandler.  They 
          are looking at some pictures and maps.  Chandler tells Rachel 
          to tell Rossi that she is there of her own will.  Rossi tells 
          Rachel to stay from Rachel.  He tells Rossi to leave.  Chandler 
          tells Rachel to stay.  Rossi takes Rachel and leaves.  Chandler 
          yells, "You're no good, Rachel."  Rossi tells Rachel that she 
          must tell all she knows about Allison.  As they are driving 
          off, in Rossi's open convertible, Rita calls after them, but 
          she is not heard. 
Scene 3:  Rita is strolling on the wharf.  Rodney calls to her and takes 
          her into the garage and sits her down to rest.  Rita tells 
          Rodney about Rachel, Chandler, and Dr. Rossi.  Rodney gives her 
          a drink of coffee.  Rodney is talking to Rita as she falls over 
          in a faint.  She is taken to the hospital. 
Scene 4:  At the Clarion, Elliot is on the phone taking notes, as Eli 
          enters.  Eliott tells Eli that he thinks that "the buckle with 
          the initials JF," was made in a prison metal shop.  It was made 
          from metal license plate tabs with a serial number on the back.  
          In a Texas prison in 1956, there was a man named was Jack 
          Forrest, who worked in the metal shop.  He had been convicted 
          of criminal assault.  Eli says that Forrest and Chandler may be 
          one and the same man.  Wes Newtson did the search for him.

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi brings Rachel to the Carson house.  Constance pulls 
          the curtains aside and watches.  Rossi brings Rachel in and 
          asks where Elliot is.  Thay talk in the livingtoom.  Constance 
          says he is at work.  Rossi explains to Constance why they must 
          keep Rachel away from Chandler.  Rossi says that Chandler is 
          obsessed with Rachel.  Constance talks about Ann Howard.  She 
          says that Matthew came along for her and Rachel came along for 
          Dr. Rossi. 
Scene 6:  Betty lets herself into the Peyton house, goes upstairs, and 
          unexpectedly finds Martin Peyton in the bedroom portrait 
          studio.  Peyton arouses and asks, "Betty, is that you?"  He 
          tells her that Mary is fixing dinner.  Peyton asks her to stay.  
          He asks her to tell him about her day.  She excuses herself.  
          Shes says she hasn't seen Steven yet and she must change.  She 
Preview:  Ada Jacks talks Rodney.  Martin talks to Lee.  Betty talks to 
          AJ:  I kept quiet about Jack Chandler too long.  I should have 
               blown the whistle on him the minute he stuck his ugly face 
               inside my door.  Now it's too late. 

          MP:  You are my servant just like the maid and the cook.  
               Don't flatter me with your company unless I request it.  

          BA:  Why am I always guilty until I can prove I'm innocent?  
               What kind of proof do you want from me this time? 

Wes Newtson-newsman who did the research.