Episode 333.

          Steven accuses Betty of lieing. 

WA:       Tonight, Steven Cord has been informed that his wife, Betty, 
          opened Martin Peyton's safe and removed a copy of his amended 
          will.  He has been informed further that Betty took the will to 
          Leslie Harrington.  He must also consider the source of his own 
          deep feelings about the manipulations of Martin Peyton and the 
          truth of his wife's love.  Steven's wife, Betty, did take the 
          will, but taking it was only half the struggle.  She must now 
          return it to the safe.  Unfortunately, her first efforts, this 
          evening, were blocked by the presence in the room of Martin 
          Peyton himself.  The will thus remains in Betty's purse and she 
          must find a way to replace it as quickly as possible. 
Intro:    Steven drives up to the Peyton house and goes upstairs. 

Scene 1:  In the upstairs hallway Steven accuses Betty of lying.  She 
          talks about her friend, Kay Ramsey.  She came to look at the 
          old homestead.  She is going to teach in San Francisco.  Betty 
          says that Steven is angry.  He says disappointed.  He says, 
          "Betty, let's talk."  He saw her at the Inn.  Lee Webber told 
          Steven about Betty stealing the will.  Betty is shocked and 
          tries to explain without admitting anything.  Steven grabs 
          Betty's chin. Without looking in her purse, Steven walks off 
          angry and disappointed. 
Scene 2:  Rita awakens in the hospital being prepared to get an EKG.  She 
          is lying on a gurney while Rossi explains how an EKG 
          works.  A nurse is assisting Rossi.  Rossi threatens to spank 
          her if he finds out she is disobeying doctor's orders.  Rita 
          asks if she had a heart attack.  Rossi says that he doesn't 
          think so. 
Scene 3:  Rossi returns to his office to find Elliot waiting.  They talk 
          about Rachel.  Elliot leaves.  Rossi shuts the door. 
Scene 4:  Back at the mansion, Lee Webber knocks and enters Martin 
          Peyton's bedroom studio.  Peyton is lying in bed in his his 
          smoking jacket.  Peyton does not welcome him.  Lee reports to 
          Peyton what he has done.  Peyton offers Webber some brandy.  
          When Webber reaches for it, Peyton hits his right hand with his 
          cane.  This is to emphasize that Webber is a servant, not a 
          partner or confidant.  The tap indicated that the bell had not 
          yet rung.  He compared Lee to Pavlov's dog. 
Scene 5:  At the hospital, Ada Jacks walks to the Information desk and 
          asks for Rita.  Rodney walks up and comforts her and gives her 
          a status report on her daughter, Rita.  Rita is resting.  
          Rodney suggests that they sit. 
Scene 6:  On the wharf, Elliot starts to go up the stairs to Chandler's 
          room.  Ada sees him and invites him in to her tavern.  They 
          talk about Chandler for a time.  Then Elliot leaves.  
Scene 7:  At his boarding house, Chandler comes out on the stair landing 
          and surveys the scene. 
Preview:  Rossi talks to Norman.  Peyton talks to Betty, referring to the 
          Blaine report.  Elliot talks to Chandler, then hits him. 
          MR:  I want you to realize what this means to you two and 
               to your marriage.
          NH:  I think I do.
          MR:  From now on its not going to be normal. 
          NH:  Spell it out, doctor.

          MP:  That might well be used to end your marriage to Steven.
          BA:  No.
          MP:  Oh, yes.
          BA:  No, Steven mustn't ever know.
          EC:  Allison's bracelet was found in your car.  Where's my 
               daughter? (slug).

Dr. Rossi threatens to spank Rita.    
Chin grab.