Episode 334.
          Chandler asks Leslie for $2000 for a trip.

WA:       Rachel Welles exists in a trap of her own making.  When she 
          first came to Peyton Place she lied about her knowledge of the 
          missing daughter of the Elliot Carsons, Allison.  She lied to 
          prevent the man, who calls himself Jack Chandler, from harming 
          the Carsons and their infant son in any way.  Her lies about 
          Chandler and the missing Allison multiply, until this 
          18-year-old girl felt herself strangling on a deceit, that was 
          intended to help, not hurt, the people who care so much for 
Intro:    Elliot is walking on the wharf at night.  He walks by Ada 
          Jacks' Tavern.  Overhead shot of Rachel in a red dress on her 
          bed in the Carson house.    
Scene 1:  In her bedroom in the Carson house.  Elliot demands that Rachel 
          tell him everything she knows about Chandler.  She tells him 
          that she found the bracelet in Chandler's car.  She found the 
          buckle on the farm in Chandler's work clothes.  He asks her 
          about people with the initials JF.  He asks her if she ever 
          heard the name, Jack Forrest.  Rachel suggests that Chandler 
          might have changed his name.  Constance joins them in the 
          bedroom.  Constance asks some questions.  Rachel said that she 
          thought she might have killed Chandler.  Elliot says it was a 
          very brave and very foolish thing she did.  Constance wants 
          Elliot to call the police.  But he leaves.  Constance is 
          concerned when Elliot leaves the house to look for Chandler.  
          She doesn't want to lose him again.  He says, "I'll be back." 
Scene 2:  On the wharf, in front of the Arcade, Rodney calls to Elliot, 
          runs, catches up with him, and talks about Chandler.  Rodney 
          catches up with Elliot.  He talks to Elliot about Chandler.  
          Rodney tells Elliot that a lot of people depend on him.  Rodney 
          says he doesn't trust Elliot and he doesn't trust himself. 
Scene 3:  Norman knocks on Rossi's door and comes in to talk about Rita.  
          Rossi has been running tests.  He knows she has a heart 
          problem.  He says that Rita will need at least two weeks rest.  
          She is ordered to bed.  She must not get excited for any 
          reason.  Rossi says, "You can't touch her for a long time." 
Scene 4:  Norman goes in to visit Rita in room 116 of the hospital.  
          Norman talks about pink elephants.  Rita says she feels like a 
          pin cushion.  Rita says that she is a lot stronger than Rossi 
          thinks.  She wants to have a baby.  She says that she wants to 
          have Norman's baby.  She says that if something happens to her 
          that Ada will take care of the baby. 
Scene 5:  Chandler goes to Leslie's room at the Colonial Post Inn.  There 
          is no number on the door.  He knocks and Leslie reluctantly 
          lets him in. Chandler recalls that Leslie wanted him to 
          murder Elizabeth Carson.  Chandler insists that Leslie loan 
          him $2000 for a trip.  Chandler says he has collateral, his 
          farm, and promises to pay him back.  Leslie suggsests that 
          Chandler go to the bank.  Chandler talks about the time that 
          Leslie wanted him to get rid of his wife, Catherine.  Leslie is 
          sarcastic about the value of Chandler's farm.  Leslie says 
          he'll let him know.  Chandler leaves. 
Scene 6:  At the Peyton mansion, Betty starts up the stairs when Martin 
          Peyton summons her.  Peyton tells Betty he wants to talk to 
          her. He says she looks tired.  Peyton says, "I think it is time 
          you returned my will to me, please."  Peyton tells her to ask, 
          not steal, if she wants something.  Peyton tells her he is fond 
          of her.  He says that heredity is impossible to overcome. 
          Peyton says that Brian Colby is the foulest man he ever met.  
          Peyton suggests that Betty tell Steven the truth.  Betty asks 
          Peyton if he played with puppets as a child. 
Scene 7:  Chandler meets up with Elliot on the wharf and Elliot calls to 
          him, "Forrest."  Elliots demands to know what happened to his 
          daughter, Allison.  A fight ensues with Chandler throwing the 
          first punch.  
Preview:  Rachel talks to Constance.  Betty talks to Peyton.  Waving an 
          oar, Elliot threatens to kill Chandler with an oar unless he 
          tells where Allison is. 
          RW:  Would it help if I went away?  
          CM:  It would hurt me very much if you left.  
          RW:  I don't want to.  But if my being here is going to make 
               you think what might have happened to Allison ... 
          BA:  You have declared war but I am in no mood to wave a 
               flag of surrender.  You've got a fight on your hands. 

          EC:  (Brandishing an oar)  Tell me where she is.  Tell me, or 
               I'll kill you.