Episode 335.
          Elliot has a fight with Chandler on the wharf.

WA:       Jack Chandler pleaded with Leslie Harrington to give him money 
          to leave town.  Harrington put him off and tonight Chandler is 
          on a collision course.  His feelings for young Rachel Welles 
          are now almost uncontrollable.  Cornered by those feelings and 
          by the intense pressure of Elliot Carson, Chandler at this 
          moment sees only one way out.  Flight. 
Intro:    At night, Chandler is walking on the wharf.    
Scene 1:  On the wharf, Elliot calls to Jack Chandler, but calls him 
          Forrest.  He responds.  Elliot says, "You got two names, 
          Chandler and Forrest?  They're one and the same, aren't they?"  
          They talk then fight.  Chandler throws a block at Elliot and it 
          misses.  Chandler swings an oar.  Elliot takes it away from 
          him.  He bangs Chandler against a post and the fight ends.  
          Elliot says, "Tell me where she is.  Tell me or I will kill 
          you."  Chandler collapses. 
Scene 2:  In a darkened examining room, Rossi is looking at Elliot's 
          eyes.  Rossi apologizes to Elliot, "I'm sorry you had to wait 
          so long for treatment, Elliot, but first we have to treat 
          the losers."  Rossi says Elliot has quite a collection of 
          splinters.  He says, "I'd say you should be feeling like the 
          luckiest fool in the world.  Because Chandler is not in a coma.  
          He has no concussion or any brain damage."  Rossi fusses at 
          Elliot for fighting. 
Scene 3:  In an examining room in Doctors Hospital, the police interview 
          Elliot concerning the fight on the wharf.  They ask him if he 
          wishes to file charges.  They tell him since there was no 
          weapon used and the injuries were minor that he can charge a 
          misdemeanor.  Elliot laughs at the idea of filing a misdemeanor 
Scene 4:  In room 127 of Doctors Hospital, the police interview Chandler 
          concerning the fight on the wharf.  They ask if he wishes to 
          make a statement.  Chandler says that Elliot jumped him.  He 
          charges that Mr. Carson assaulted him.  He is asked to sign a 
Scene 5:  Rachel talks to Constance about Allison.  The phone rings and 
          Elliot says he's okay.  But he would like her to call Steven 
          Cord to come to the jail. 
Scene 6:  Martin Peyton talks to Betty about her escapade in New York 
          City and her theft of his will.  Steven comes in to request 
          that Peyton not use Betty as an errand boy for Leslie 
          Harrington.  Peyton agrees to comply with that wish.  Peyton 
          says that Steven despises him and properly so.  Steven would 
          hold the marriage together just to spite Peyton. 
Scene 7:  Elliot calls Constance to tell her that he is in jail.  He 
          wants her to call Steven Cord.  
Scene 8:  In their bedroom, Betty talks to Steven who is doing paper 
          work.  Steven says that Lee Webber is up to something.  Mary 
          knocks and comes in to tell Steven he has a phone call. 
Scene 9:  In a police station lawyer-client conference room, Steven tells 
          Elliot that he will be arraigned in the morning.  That he has 
          been charged with assault.  They found splinters matching an 
          oar in Elliot hands.  Elliot said he took the oar away from 
          Chandler.  He could get one to twelve years in prison for 
          felonious assault. 
Scene 10: Betty goes in to talk to Steven.  Mary knocks and says Elliot 
          is on the phone. 
Scene 11: In the Peyton County Town Hall jail, Elliot is led to his cell.  
          The guard shuts and locks the door.  Elliot is wearing his suit 
          and a loose tie. 
Preview:  Constance talks to Elliot in the jail.  Steven talks to Lee in 
          the limousine.  Chandler talks to Rachel from his hospital bed 
          threatening the Carsons. 
          CM:  I raised one child without her ever knowing her father.  
               I can do it again if I had to.  But I also remember how 
               it was for Allison.
          SC:  If I see you where you don't belong, again, I'm going to 
               take you apart piece by piece.  And then I'm going to 
               shove those pieces down your master's throat. 
          JC:  Nothing on earth is going to keep me from doing, what 
               I'm going to do, to Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Carson.