Episode 336.
          Elliot is arraigned for fighting with Jack Chandler.

WA:       Constance Mackenzie has made this walk before.  Years ago she 
          visited the old courthouse building to see a man named Elliot 
          Carson who had been jailed on a charge of murder.  Then an 
          eternity passed.  Elliot Carson served 18 years in the state 
          prison.  He was released and returned to her, married her, and 
          picked up his life.  Tonight, a bare two years after that new 
          life began, Elliot and Jack Chandler met on the wharf and 
          fought.  Elliot has been arrested once again, and must somehow 
          get through the long night to await tomorrow morning's 
Intro:    A jailer is sitting.  Constance comes to visit Elliot in jail. 
Scene 1:  Elliot and Constance hug.  He says he didn't want her to come 
          at all.  They talk.  He tells her to go home and get some rest.  
          Elliot talks about Rachel finding Allison's bracelet on the 
          floor of Chandler's car. 

Scene 2:  Rodney comes to the Carson house to talk with Constance.  She 
          is gone so he talks with Rachel.  He tells her that Elliot is 
          being arraigned at 10:00.  Rodney says to tell Constance not to 
          mention the phone call unless she is directly asked.  Rodney 
          doesn't want to testify against Elliot. 
Scene 3:  Walking on the narrow walkway to the right of the courthouse, 
          Steven and Elliot are leaving the police station.  Elliot is 
          out on bail.  Elliot asks how much it cost to spring him.  
          Steven says it been taken care of.  They pass in front of a 
          parked chevy and the parked Peyton limousine with Lee Webber at 
          the wheel.  Steven leaves and Elliot goes in the Clarion.  Eli 
          is trying to get out the paper.  Elliot sits and types.  A 
          printer comes out and talks with Elliot.  Elliot says he is 
          proud of what he did.  He had no other choice.  Eli says, 
          "Maybe not."  This scene shows that the Peyton Professional 
          building is at least three stories. 
Scene 4:  Steven looks out his office window.  Lee is polishing the 
          limousine.  Steven gets in the back seat.  Steven tells Lee to 
          quit following him.  Steven gets out.  Lee tells Steven about 
          his surprise birthday party at the mansion.  Steven is 28 years 
          old this day.  His twin, Ann Howard, was 28 some months ago at 
          the time she plummetted from Sailors' bluff. 

Scene 5:  Lee comes to see Sandy at the Cider Barrel.  Charlie tells Lee 
          not to give her a hard time.  Lee tells Sandy about the 
          surprise birthday party for Steven.  Charlie goes in the back 
          room so Lee and Sandy can talk in private.  Sandy likes the job 
          except for the customers.  Lee says he might be able to get her 
          a gig at the Peyton party as a server.  It pays $25.00. 
Scene 6:  In the hospital, Rachel visits Chandler in his room, 127.  
          Chandler makes threats against the Carsons. 
Preview:  Ada talks to Leslie Harrington.  Constance talks to Rachel.  
          Dr. Rossi talks to Chandler. 
          AJ:  What's the sweat, Leslie?  Why the third degree?  What's 
               this Chandler or Forrest got to do with you?
          CM:  I never know when you'll decide to run away again.  We 
               can't depend on you.  We can't trust you.
          MR:  I'll tell the police whatever it is they want to know 
               about you, Chandler.  And I hope they will want to know 
          JC:  And, I'm warning you, you'd better stick to just the 
               medical stuff.

Charlie-Frank London.