Episode 337.
          Betty poses for her portrait.

WA:       Rachel Welles disappeared from the Carson house this morning 
          and sought out Jack Chandler at the hospital.  Chandler, 
          bruised and bandaged from his fight with Elliot Carson, ignored 
          Rachel's plea that he leave the Carsons alone.  That he leave 
          Peyton Place.  Instead Chandler promised only one thing, to 
          strike back at the Carsons, and Rachel. 

Intro:    Rachel walking slowly across the square. 
Scene 1:  Rachel goes into the Book Gallery.  Constance fusses at Rachel 
          for leaving and visiting Chandler.  Rachel says that she had to 
          try to convince Chandler to go away. 

Scene 2:  Rossi is talking to Rita in her hospital room.  Norman and Rita 
          are observing.  Rossi tells Rita to spend one week in bed.  He 
          writes a prescription and puts her on a low-salt diet.  He 
          suggests a practical nurse, also.  Rodney takes the 
          prescription and leaves. 

Scene 3:  Betty, in her marvelous red dress, is posing for the artist, 
          Barrett Costa.  Peyton observes.  Peyton receives a telephone 
          call from Rodney.  Peyton tells Rodney to come over and they 
          will talk about it. 
Scene 4:  Back at the hospital, Rossi visits Chandler.  Chandler's right 
          arm is in a sling.  Rossi is told that Rachel visited him.  
          Chandler brags that in spite of what Dr. Rossi and others had 
          done, Rachel still came to visit him.  Chandler complains about 
          the pain in his ribs.  Chandler tells Rossi he has filed 
          charges against Elliot.  Chandler threatens to tell them about 
          Rossi and that young girl, that he buys things for and takes 
          care of. 
Scene 5:  At the boarding house, Elliot is searching Chandler's room as 
          Steven Cord comes in.  Steven tells Elliot he can't break into 
          Chandler's room.  Elliot found a framed picture of Rachel.  
          Elliot says that Rachel found Allison's bracelet on the floor 
          of Chandler's car. 

Scene 6:  Leslie comes in Ada Jacks' Tavern and takes his hat off.  
          Leslie asks that the juke box be turned down.  Leslie tells Ada 
          how Elliot almost killed Jack Chandler.  Leslie asks her what 
          she knows about Chandler.  Ada says she doesn't know much.  Ada 
          says that she never knew him as Jack Forrest.  Only as Jack 
          Chandler.  Leslie says she knows that Elliot doesn't frequent 
          waterfront bars.  Ada asks what Chandler has on Leslie.  Why is 
          Leslie so concerned?  What does Chandler have to do with 
          Leslie?  Leslie tells her to forget it. 
Scene 7:  On the street, Leslie tells Elliot that he heard about the 
          fight.  Elliot tells Leslie that Chandler has another name, 
          Jack Forrest. 
Scene 8:  At Peyton's request, Rodney comes to talks to Peyton.  Rodney 
          wants to know if Peyton will help Norman.  Rita is seriously 
          ill and Norman is broke.  Peyton asks Rodney to stay to lunch.  
          Peyton tells Rodney to wait, he'll find Mary. 

Scene 9:  Rodney talks to Barrett Costa, the portrait artist.  Costa says 
          that he thought Rodney was the husband and that would spoil the 
          surprise.  Costa talks briefly and leaves.  
          Betty glides down the stairs in her marvelous red dress and 
          speaks with Rodney. 

Preview:  Elliot talks with Dr. Rossi.  Betty talks with Rodney. 

          EC:  I wouldn't think of sending her away, not now.  
          MR:  Why, not now?  Because she might dig up something on 
               Chandler that you tried to beat out of him.  
          EC:  I'll just forget you said that. 
          MR:  Don't forget it.  Answer it.
          BC:  If I were you, I would have had enough of myself by now. 
          RH:  As you get older, you're going to get less beautiful and 
               more greedy.  And no matter what you grab for yourself, it 
               will never be enough. 
Barrett Costa, portrait artist-Don Keefer