Episode 338.
          Rossi wants Rachel sent away to boarding school.
WA:       Betty Anderson Cord was once married to Rodney Harrington.  The 
          marriage was brief and unsuccessful.  Today, Rodney's 
          grandfather, Martin Peyton, begins the crucial phase of his 
          master plan to split Steven and Betty, and pair off Rodney and 
          Betty in order to maintain a Peyton heritage that he thinks 
          will do honor to his name. 
Intro:    Betty comes down the stairs wearing the gorgeous red dress once 
          worn by Catherine Peyton.  Peyton peeks around the corner. 

Scene 1:  Rodney talks to Betty about the portrait.  He allows that it 
          will cover the bare spot over the fireplace in the livingroom.  
          Rodney says that Steven is now Peyton's favorite grandson.  
          Rodney says that he is very fortunate that she is no longer his 
          wife.  Betty tells Rodney that he is a coward.  She says that 
          he never fights for anything he wants.  Rodney tells Betty that 
          she is greedy.  He leaves.  Peyton talks with Betty for a 
          moment.  He asks if Rodney isn't staying for lunch.  He invites 
          her to lunch with him.  Betty runs up the stairs. 

Scene 2:  The current mill secretary, miss Harris, ushers Chandler in to 
          talk with Leslie Harrington.  Chandler says that he just had 
          his ribs taped.  Chandler mentions that Leslie picked up the 
          hospital tab.  Chandler says that his ribs will mend and that 
          he can be back at work in a week or so.  Leslie tells Chandler 
          that he won't be needed back.  Leslie gives him a week's 
          severance pay.  Leslie tells him to leave town.  Leslie says 
          Elliot knows that Chandler's name is Forrest.  Leslie offers 
          Chandler a good deal of money to leave town.  Chandler refuses 
          it.  Leslie again tells him to get out.  Chandler asks Leslie 
          if he can use his name as a reference.  

          Chandler is leaving as Lee Webber storms in.  Lee tells Leslie 
          that Martin Peyton wants to see him.  Leslie says he has a 
          couple of matters to attend to first.  Leslie tells Lee to wait 
          at the front gate.  [The front gate is never seen.  The 
          entrance appears to be an ordinary door on an ordinary street.] 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi comes to talk with Constance and Elliot at their 
          home.  Elliot tells the doctor that Rachel went to see Chandler 
          at the hospital.  Elliot says that he doesn't have any control 
          over Rachel because he is not her father.  He has tried to keep 
          her away from Chandler.  Rossi thinks she should be sent off to 
          school in another town.  Elliot says he wouldn't think of 
          sending her away now. 
Scene 4:  Norman is now driving an old red convertible.  Rita is 
          obviously great with child.  Norman carries her up the stairs.  
          and across the threshhold.  He places her on the bed and puts a 
          blanket over her legs.  They talk and they kiss.  They talk 
          some more.  And they kiss some more. 

Scene 5:  At the park, Lee drives up in the limousine tells Leslie this 
          is the end of the line.  He helps Leslie out of the car.  
          Leslie asks what Peyton is doing.  Peyton greets Leslie 
          cheerily.  They sit and talk.  They walk and talk.  Peyton says 
          that he never questioned Leslie's administrative ability, only 
          his integrity.  Leslie says that Peyton's brain should be sent 
          to the Smithsonian.  Peyton says that Betty is the kind of 
          woman that Rodney needs.  Peyton wants Leslie to help break up 
          Betty and Steven.  Peyton gets in the limousine alone leaving 
          Leslie afoot, stranded in the park.  [This is not the same 
          swings and park as in episode 93.] 
Preview:  Steven talks to Leslie.  Rachel talks to Rossi.  Lee talks to 
          Chandler.  Chandler throws a drink in his face. 
          SC:  I sincerely hope Jack Chandler didn't ask you to keep 
               anything confidential, or vice versa.  I hope a Mr. Jack 
               Forrest never did either. 
          RW:  Whether I go or whether I stay, I promise you one thing, I 
               won't bother you any more.
          LW:  You couldn't even go back to your farm and haul slop for 
               the pigs.  Now, how are you going to make them pay? 

Miss Harris, secretary at the Peyton Mill-[see next episode].