Episode 339. 
          Rodney urges Norman to accept help.
WA:       Rodney Harrington finds himself drawn to the apartment of his 
          younger brother Norman.  Perhaps here in the midst of Norman's 
          solid marriage to Rita Jacks, Rodney can rid himself of the 
          bitter after-taste of a destructive shouting argument with his 
          former wife Betty Cord. 

Intro:    Camera shot from the landing in front of Norman and Rita's 
          apartment door.  Rodney Harrington drives his white-over-blue 
          convertible to the front of the bank and parks.  He walks 
          across the square by the Glover St. sign to the steps up to 
          apartment over the Pharmacy.  He pauses to speak to a lady. 
Scene 1:  In the apartment, Norman says to Rita, "I'll get the coffee.  
          None of your watery french kind.  But hard desert style blend.  
          We boiled dead camels for three days."  Rita says, "Yeah, 
          you're telling me."  Norman hears a knock on the door and goes 
          over to let Rodney in.  Rodney tries to give Norman some money 
          but he refuses it.  He tells Norman that the money is from 
          their grandfather, Martin Peyton.  Norman tells Rodney that he 
          doesn't want it.  Norman relents and accepts the monetary help.  
          Rodney leaves. 
Scene 2:  Leslie Harrington is talking on a Western Electric® 10-line 
          rotary-dial speakerphone® in his office at the mill as 
          Steven Cord arrives.  Leslie is eating lunch at his desk and 
          completes his phone call.  Steven comes into Leslie's inner 
          office to talk.  He allows that Leslie is "paper-bagging it."
          [The current phrase in the area of the country where your 
          reviewer resides is "brown-bagging it."]  Steven tells Leslie 
          that he is representing Elliot Carson in connection with the 
          fight that Elliot had with Jack Chandler.  Chandler has backed 
          off, but Elliot wants to press the case.  Leslie tries to give 
          a plausible reason for hiring Chandler.  Chandler was hired as 
          a dock worker.  Leslie says he still has his original lunch box 
          and Thermos® bottle.  [Pint size.  Pints were the common size 
          in the 60's.]  Steven asks for Chandler's personnel form.  Leslie 
          says that miss Harris will give it to him as he goes out. 
          As soon as Steven leaves, Leslie asks Miss Harris to place a 
          call to Tom Teal of the Blaine Detective Agency in New York 
          City.  Leslie asks Teal to send a duplicate copy of the report 
          on Betty Anderson to Steven Cord in the Peyton Place Bank 
Scene 3:  On the wharf, Rossi is treating Rachel to sea food chowder.  
          Tommy Magnuson, the lobsterologist, is the proprietor of the 
          lobster and seafood market.  Rossi and Rachel tie each other's 
          Chowder Pot bibs.  Rossi puts some hot sauce in his 
          chowder and in Rachel's.  Magnuson is offended and says, 
          "There's no accounting for people's taste."  Rossi Says that 
          Elliot suggested that he bring Rachel tot he wharf to tell her 
          about their plans.  He tells Rachel that Chandler has served 
          time in prison for assault.  Rossi tells Rachel that he has 
          arranged for Rachel to attend a girls' boarding school in 
          Vermont.  She is anything but thrilled.  She asks if it was 
          Elliot's idea for her to go away or his.  Rossi has great 
          difficulty communicating with her.  Rachel leaves, walking by 
          the Tavern and in front of the Peyton limousine.  Lee Webber 
          had just driven up on the wharf. 
Scene 4:  The desk clerk [See episode 332 and 337] has just completed a 
          purchase for the Colonial Post Inn and is leaving the Book Gallery 
          as Rachel comes in.  Rachel tells Constance that Dr. Rossi wants 
          her to leave Peyton Place.  She continues to talk to Rachel.  
          Rossi wants her to go away to a boarding school.  Rachel says 
          she wants to stay with Constance.  Matthew cries.  Rachel tends 
          to Matthew.  Eli comes in and shouts that Chandler has dropped 
          the charges against him. 

Scene 5:  In Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house, Chandler is resting and recovering 
          in his bed as Lee Webber comes in for a visit.  Chandler's stomach 
          is taped to protect his ribs.  Lee sits on the bed by Chandler 
          and pretends to be friendly.  Lee says he saw Rachel coming out 
          of a fish place on the wharf with Dr. Rossi.  Lee continues to 
          annoy and insult until Jack Chandler can stand it no more.  Lee 
          says, "You couldn't even go back to the farm and slop pigs.  How 
          are you going to make them pay?"  He throws a glass of booze in 
          Lee's face and then hits him. 
Preview:  Chandler talks to Harrington.  Eli calls Elliot.  Rachel tells 
          Rossi that she loves him. 
          JC:  What about her?
          LH:  If anything ever happens.  My name must never come up. 
          Eli: It's Chandler, he just left the boarding house, toting a 
               couple of suitcases. 
          RW:  Why can't you say it?
          MR:  You're an ungrateful . . .
          RW:  I love you.

Leslie Harrington's Thermos® bottle is mentioned.  This was the era 
  of transition from cork stoppers to plastic stoppers.   
Detective Tom Teal of the Blaine detective agency in NYC.
Detective Blaine's first name was never given and the actor playing 
  Blaine was never credited. 

Tommy Magnusen, lobsterologist-Charles Thompson, manager and possibly 
  owner of Charlie's lobster and seafood market. 
At this point intime, Leslie's secretary-receptionist is a Miss