Episode 340.
          Steven Cord is appointed interim District Attorney.  Rachel 
          kisses Dr. Rossi.  Chandler moves out of the boarding house. 

WA:       Special delivery to a law office in Peyton Place from the 
          Blaine detective agency, New York City, New York.  An envelope 
          mailed at the request of Leslie Harrington who asked that his 
          name not be used.  Contents:  A copy of their report on the 
          alleged immoral activities of Betty Anderson during the week 
          she spent some two years ago in New York.  To the detective 
          agency, it is a routine service to a former client they have no 
          way of knowing that Betty Anderson is now Mrs. Steven cord. 
Intro:    Square.  A postman walks across the square to Steven Cord's 

Scene 1:  Elliot shows a wire-photo report on Jack Chandler to Steven 

                  AS FORMER INMATE, JACK FORREST.  
                  SPELLING F-O-R-R-E-S-T.  
                  END MESSAGE.

MEL:      The wire-photo above misspells "Peyton" as "Payton" and "Forrest" 
          is spelled with two "r's." 

          Steven receives the Blaine report in the mail.  Elliot mentions 
          that Jack Chandler has dropped the charges against him.  Elliot 
          tells Steven that he is going to print an item in the Clarion 
          announcing the appointment of Steven Cord as interim District 
          Attorney, by Judge Irwin A. Chester.  Elliot congratulates 
          Steven.  Elliot asks if Steven has any comment.  Elliot leaves.  
          Steven calls in miss Nolan on his ten-line phone.  Steven looks 
          out his window.  He wants her to call the airport and book him 
          a 2:00 o'clock flight to New York.  And he will be coming back 
          that night.  She tells him he has appointments for today.  She 
          asks if he will be going home to change.  No, he is leaving 
          from his office.  

Scene 2:  Rossi comes to Rita's door and is surprised to find Rachel.  He 
          asks if he can come in.  Rachel tells him she is just there 
          until Ada can come over.  Rita asks if they were expecting him.  
          Rossi says he will drop in from time to time.  Rossi leaves the 
          bedroom closing the door.  Rossi says that he is not angry.  
          Rachel and Rossi argue.  Rossi wants Rachel to leave town.  
          Rachel tells Rossi that she loves him.  She kisses Rossi to end 
          the argument.  Rita sees them.  She is shocked. 
Scene 3:  Rodney and Peyton talk in the limousine.  As Peyton gets out, 
          Betty exits the Peyton Place Banking & Trust Co. building.  
          They talk.  Rodney says that he has to get back to work.  
          Peyton wants Rodney to attend the surprise birthday party for 
          Steven.  Peyton says that Rodney's absence would remind people 
          of the rift in the family.  Peyton reminds Rodney that they are 
          a family.  Lee gets out of the limousine and helps Peyton out.  
          Betty comes out of the bank building.  Peyton asks Betty to 
          convince Rodney to attend.  Peyton goes in the bank building 
          and goes up to see Steven.  Betty tells Rodney that she is 
          concerned about the Blaine report.  And how it could hurt his 
          election campaign. 
Scene 4:  On the wharf [sometimes referred to as the waterfront], Eli 
          meets up with Chandler coming down the stairs from his boarding 
          house room, carrying two suitcases.  Eli asks if Chandler is 
          going somewhere.  Chandler gives Eli a dime to call Elliot.  
          Eli goes to the phone booth by the Chowder pot and calls 
          Elliot.  Eli tells Elliot that Chandler left the boarding house 
          with two suitcases.  Elliot says he is going over to the 
          courthouse.  He tells Eli to stay away from Chandler. 
Scene 5:  Chandler drives to the Shoreline Garage and removes his gas 
          cap.  He fills his gas tank and puts water in the Radiator.  
          Rodney says the gas comes to $5.00.  Chandler cleans his own 
          windshield.  He pushes Rodney and Eli aside and drives off 
          without paying.  [20 gallons at 25 cents a gallon would be a 
          reasonable guess]. 

Scene 6:  Elliot goes to the police station and finds out that the 
          warrant for Chandler is laying on a desk waiting for some lines 
          to be filled in.  Elliot says it's too late. 
Scene 7:  Chandler drives his panel wagon to the Peyton Mills warehouse.  
          Leslie walks in.  Leslie asks Chandler about the Carson girl. 

Preview:  Betty talks to Rodney.  Rachel talks to Dr. Rossi.  Steven Cord 
          talks to detective Teal of the New York City Blaine Detective 
          BC:  He loves me.  That's exactly why he won't believe me.  
               He's never let himself feel sure of me.

          RW:  I'm me.  Rachel Welles.  And you're you.  Michael 
               Rossi and you're a man and I'm a woman.  That's all 
               the sense there is to it.

          SC:  I'm not interested in your sales pitch.  If that all you 
               have to say, say it in court.  
          DT:  Well then, could I recommend a good divorce lawyer? 

Jack Forrest wire photo, spelling of Forrest.
Wire photo misspells PEYTON as PAYTON.
Consult the James Stewart movie "Call Northside 777" for an example of 
Miss Nolan-Penelope Gillette.    
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.
Rachel kisses Dr. Rossi
Steven Cord is appointed interim District Attorney,