Episode 341.
          Steven Cord's 28th birthday party.

WA:       Elliot Carson has seen his last hope for the arrest and 
          interrogation of Jack Chandler collapse.  Elliot's attorney, in 
          this matter, Steven Cord, failed to present the facts of 
          Chandler's criminal past to the District Attorney's office.  
          Facts suggesting that Chandler might have been involved in the 
          disappearance of Elliot's daughter, Allison.  The failure of 
          Steven Cord to pursue the arrest has left Elliot bitterly 
          disapppointed and completely unaware of the turmoil in Steven's 

Intro:    Elliot Carson comes out of the Clarion onto the street.  Steven 
          drives by and Elliot calls to him.  
Scene 1:  Elliot sees Steven and goes over to talk to him.  He asks 
          Steven if he knew that Chandler left town a free man.  Steven 
          says he will discuss it in the morning.  Steven goes up to his 
          office in the Peyton Professional Building. 
Scene 2:  Steven receives a call from Tom Teal, with the Blaine detective 
          agency in New York.  Steven demands to know who had them send 
          the report.  Teal does not comply.  Steven angrily hits the 
          picture of Betty he has on his desk. 
Scene 3:  Rossi drives up in front of the Pharmacy store and starts up 
          the stairs to the apartment.  Rachel comes out of the 
          apartment.  Rossi wants to talk with Rachel.  They walk over to 
          the square and talk.  A large group of citizens have gathered 
          to watch.  Rachel reminds him that he kissed her back 
          yesterday.  Rossi says it's a crush.  Rachel says it is not a 
          crush.  Rossi says she should think of him as a "father 
          figure."  He will help her with her homework and protect her 
          from Chandler. 
Scene 4:  At the Shoreline Garage, Rodney is putting on a tuxedo as Sandy 
          comes in to talk. 
Scene 5:  Constance is talking to Elliot.  She ties his bow tie.  
          Constance tells Elliot not to be too hard on Steven.  The door 
          chimes ring.  Eli brings Rachel home carrying her school books.  
          Eli closed the store early.  They are both worried about what 
          Chandler might do.  Elliot kisses Constance and leaves.  Eli 
          stays to guard the Carson home. 

Scene 6:  A limousine drives up to the mansion.  Some more guests have 
          arrived.  The party has gathered at the Peyton house.  Steven 
          has not yet arrived.  Lewis, the Lt. Governor and his wife, 
          Adrienne, arrive.  She compliments Peyton on how nice the house 
          looks after the fire.  Judge Irwin A. Chester is there also. 

Scene 7:  Peyton asks Rodney to go upstairs and and find out why Betty 
          hasn't come down yet.  He goes into betty's bedroom.  She is in 
          the marvelous red dress.  They talk.  Betty picks up the phone 
          and dials.  Rodney says that Steven will be there.  Rodney says 
          that Steven has thrown his hat into the ring.  Rodney says that 
          whether Steven has seen the Blaine report the important thing 
          is that emphasizes that the report is a lie.  Peyton wants her 
          to meet the Lt. Governor's wife.  She is said to be gracious.  
          She says that Steven can't believe her because he loves her.  
          Betty excuses herself to powder her nose.  They go downstairs a 
          respectable distance apart. 

Scene 8:  Steven drives up in his convertible and goes in in the house, 
          unsmiling.  He looks up to the landing and sees Betty and 
          Rodney standing together.  The guests sing two choruses of 
          Happy Birthday.  Peyton toasts his grandson, Steven.  Peyton 
          says that the Lt. Governor Lewis has been wanting to meet him.  
          The Lt. Governor says that Judge Jessup has been lauding his 
          praises.  Peyton suggests that Steven wash up before dinner.  
          Steven says he's kept his guests waiting long enough.  Peyton 
          asks Edward to unveil the portrait of Betty.  Everyone oohs and 
          aahs.  Steven walks over and looks at it.  
Preview:  Steven shouts at the guests.  Rodney talks to Betty. 
          SC:  Only an enemy could have sent them.  Only a coward 
               could have done his dirty work anonymously.  This 
               trumped up piece of garbage and personal and political 
               blackmail was intended to destroy me.
          RH:  Then leave him.  That's right, leave him.  Because you 
               haven't got a marriage.  Pack your things and get out. 
Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer.
Judge Chester's son, mentioned.
Tom Teal, detective with Blaine Detective Agency-uncredited.
Edward-unveiler of the portrait of Betty.
Adrienne, wife of Lt. Governor-uncredited.