Episode 342.
          Edward unveils Betty's Portrait.
WA:       Tonight, at the mansion on the hill, a party is in progress 
          honoring Steven cord on his birthday.  Unfortunately Steven is 
          late.  He has spent the last few hours trying to control his 
          anger against the man who is honoring him, Martin Peyton. 
MEL:      Steven had been appointed the interim District Attorney of 
          Peyton Place.  He was appointed by Judge Irwin A. Chester. 
Intro:    Steven drives up to the entrance to the Peyton Mansion. 
Scene 1:  Steven goes in the mansion.  Peyton says, "A toast to my 
          grandson."  Steven goes in and Peyton asks Edward to unveil the 
          portrait of Betty in her marvelous red dress.  He presents the 
          portrait to Steven.  Steven responds with a speech about the 
          blackmail contained in the Blaine report.  He offers to return 
          to Judge Irwin A. Chester his interim appointment.  Steven 
          makes a speech about the Blaine report and hands it to Elliot 
          to be printed in the Clarion.  Betty runs up the stairs. 
Scene 2:  Rodney goes upstairs and knocks on Betty's bedroom door.  He 
          asks if he can come in.  She lets him in.  She reminds him of 
          his words about Steven loving her.  He talks with Betty in her 
          bedroom.  Rodney says the party is over and the guests are 
          going home.  They have a long heart-to-heart conversation.  
          Rodney offers to get the Blaine report from Elliot and burn it.  
          Betty says that she didn't love Steven when she married him.  
          Rodney says that he should have tried harder to keep himself 
          and Betty together.  Rodney says, "Then leave him.  Pack your 
          things and get out." 
Scene 3:  Steven is drinking in front of the portrait of Betty.  Peyton 
          is shaking hands and telling the guests goodnight as they 
          depart.  Elliot walks over and offers the report back to 
          Steven.  Peyton walks up and says, "Remarkable performance."  
          He talks to Steven.  He talks about politics.  Steven accuses 
          Peyton of sending the Blaine report.  Rodney comes downstairs 
          and walks over to his grandfather and half-brother.  Rodney 
          assures Steven that nothing happened in New York.  Rodney 
          encourages Steven to go upstairs to Betty and tell her that he 
          believes her.  
Scene 4:  In the apartment, Rita, in her pajamas, is tidying up as Norman 
          arouses.  Norman gives her two demerits for cleaning up the 
          apartment.  He tells her to get back in bed and not to exert 
          herself.  Rita kisses Norman.  Norman leaves the bedroom and 
          closes the door.  Rita comes out and says, "Norm." 
Scene 5:  Back at the mansion, in front of the portrait, Steven is 
          drinking.  He throws his glass in the fireplace.  He goes 
          upstairs and into the bedroom.  He talks with Betty.  He says, 
          "Give me something to go on."  Betty explains to him that the 
          money given to her in New York was for train fare.  

Preview:  Rita mentions Rachel to Rossi.  Rodney talks with Peyton.  
          Betty talks to Steven. 
          RH:  I saw you kiss Rachel.  
          MR:  Well, she could have a crush on me.  It's not unusual for 
               a young girl to have a crush on older men. 
          RH:  As long as you don't have a crush on her.

          RH:  Do me a favor will you grandfather.  
          MP:  Anything.  
          RH:  Leave.  
          MP:  Rodney.  
          RH:  Leave, before I say something.
          BA:  Would it be possible for you to tell me how much you want 
               our marriage to hold.  How much you want us to stay 
               together.  Would it be possible, Steven?
Adrienne, wife of Lt. Gov. Lewis-uncredited.
Steven gives the Blaine report to Elliot.
Edward, unveiler of Betty's portrait-uncredited.
Several weeks ago it was said that his twin sister, Ann Howard, was 28.