Episode 343.
          Steven tells Elliot he wants the Blaine report back.

WA:       The Peyton house once again is a field of battle.  Martin 
          Peyton has pulled the strings and his grandsons Rodney 
          Harrington and Steven Cord and Steven's wife, Betty, are moving 
          at his command.  Less than an hour ago, Steven sought out 
          Betty, after he had publicly accused Martin Peyton of 
          slandering her.  Steven's anger was righteous and protective.  
          But he failed to come to grips with the key issue:  Does he 
          believe the private detective's report on Betty's behavior in 
          New York? 
Intro:    The front door of the Peyton house.  Inside Peyton is pouring 
          himself a drink. 
Scene 1:  In their bedroom, Betty talks to Steven about an argument they 
          had a long time ago.  Betty said she was surprised at the sound 
          of her own voice.  Betty tells Steven the condition of the will 
          under which she will become principal beneficiary.  That she be 
          married to Rodney within one year of Peyton's death. 
Scene 2:  It is 3:00 a.m. at the Carson house, and Rachel gets out of 
          bed, puts on her slippers, and goes over to the window.  She 
          sees that Jack Chandler is skulking outside.  He is spying on 
Scene 3:  Elliot is in the kitchen, wearing an apron, as Steven comes to 
          the house and rings the chimes.  Elliot removes the apron and 
          lets him in.  Steven says he came for the Blaine report.  
          Elliot says that he would like to give him back the whole 
          evening.  Elliot criticizes him for his actions at the Peyton 
          house.  Elliot says he's not interested in what is in the 
          report.  In fact, he didn't read it.  Elliot tells Steven that 
          Rodney came in the Clarion last night and asked him not to 
          print it.  Elliot tells Steven to get the police on Chandler's 
          trail immediately.  

          Steven is leaving as Constance comes and down speaks to him.  

          Rachel also comes down and tells them about seeing Chandler the 
          previous night, watching the house. 
Scene 4:  There is a knock on the apartment door and Rossi is invited in.  
          Rita tells the doctor that she saw him when he kissed Rachel.  
          Rossi tries to explain.  Rossi says that Rachel kissed him.  
          Rossi says that he is a father figure to her.  Rossi says that 
          Rachel is an impulsive girl.  Rossi says that he came here to 
          talk about Rita.  Rita says she was worried that Rossi was in 
          love with Rachel.  Rossi adjusts his stethescope and listens to 
          Rita's heart. 
Scene 5:  Peyton is in the dining room drinking coffee as Betty comes 
          downstairs.  He asks her if she is leaving the house without 
          having any breakfast.  Peyton tells her that what Steven did 
          was unforgiveable.  Peyton says that it is all over with Betty 
          and Steven.  Betty tells Peyton her marriage isn't over yet.  
          She leaves angrily. 
Scene 6:  In Steven's law office, his secretary, miss Nolan, brings Betty 
          some coffee.  Betty asks when Steven is expected.  She is 
          waiting there for Steven as Rodney comes in.  He asks Betty if 
          she would rather wait alone.  Betty says, yes.  Then she says 
          no.  Betty explains that she told Steven everything about the 
          Blaine report, last night.  Rodney tells miss Nolan that Betty 
          would like some more coffee.  

          Steven comes in.  Rodney wants to tell Steven about the Blaine 
          report.  Rodney admitted that he asked Elliot not to print the 
          report.  Steven tells Rodney that Betty is the principal 
          beneficiary of Peyton's will, provided that she is married to 
          Rodney within a year of his death.  Otherwise it goes to the 
          Boston historical society.  Rodney says he didn't send the 
          Blaine report.  Betty may lose a fortune, but she won't lose a 
          second husband.  Steven says he is not a puppet.  He wasn't 
          built to be manipulated.  Steven says, "You will never get her 
          back."  [Wishful thinking]. 
Scene 7:  Peyton goes to visit Rodney at the Shoreline Garage.  Rodney 
          isn't there but he soon comes back driving a pickup with high 
          sideboards.  Rodney asks his grandfather why he is there.  
          Peyton tells Rodney about the provisions of his will.  Rodney 
          walks out on his grandfather.  Peyton shouts at him and trails 
          him down the wharf toward the Cider Barrel. 
Preview:  Webber talks to Chandler.  Rodney talks to Peyton.  Betty and 
          Steven talk. 
          LW:  Why did you come back, Chandler?  
          JC:  I just want what's mine.
          LW:  Rachel.
          JC:  I don't like being pushed, Webber.  Carson's pushing me.
          RH:  Does buying and selling human beings become more 
               fascinating than corporations?  Is that the only kick 
               you've got left?

          BA:  We both know he's not incompetent, Steven.
          SC:  Do we?  Before I finish with him, he may not be able to 
               deny it himself.

Miss Nolan-Penelope Gillette.  Sometimes called Mrs. Nolan.