Episode 344.
          A warrant is issued for the arrest of Jack Chandler.

WA:       Martin Peyton is a determined man.  Today, through sheer force 
          of will, he has overcome the weaknesses of age and illness.  He 
          has virtually ordered his weakened legs to carry him down the 
          Peyton Place waterfront to confront his grandson, Rodney 
          Harrington.  Martin Peyton has sought out Rodney to probe for a 
          reaction.  A reaction to the fact that he changed his last will 
          and testament.  To pass on his wealth in an extra-ordinary way.  
          Rodney knows the old man's way, and he has shown his contempt 
          for it.  But Martin Peyton is a determined man. 
Intro:    Using two canes, Peyton leaves the Shoreline Garage and walks 
          along the wharf.  He is following Rodney.  
Scene 1:  Rodney has gone in a the Cider Barrel and sits in a booth in 
          the back.  Peyton follows him and asks permission to sit down.  
          Peyton compares himself and Rodney to the tortise and the hare.  
          Rodney asks his grandfather what he is trying to do.  Peyton 
          says that Rodney is upset about the provisions of Peyton's 
          will.  Rodney says he is sick.  Peyton says that Rodney needs 
          Betty to have a complete life.  When Rodney gets his fill of 
          this he gets up and leaves.  Peyton stands up and watches 
          Rodney return to the Shoreline Garage. 
Scene 2:  Norman assists Rita down the stairs from the apartment.  They 
          get into a bright red convertible.  Tag no. 5545.  He helps her 
          in the passenger side.  Steven Cord and police Sgt. Bates come 
          out of the police station headed across the square. 
Scene 3:  In Eli's General Store, Elliot and Constance are talking.  
          Steven brings Sgt. Bates, a police representative in to offer 
          police protection.  Bates tell them that it is all right for 
          Rachel to go to night school as long as someone takes her and 
          picks her up.  Sgt. Bates tells them they expect a quick 
          arrest.  He thanks them and leaves. 
Scene 4:  On a bench on the wharf, Rita and Norman talk.  She says she 
          has a craving for lobster so they get up and walk along the 
          wharf and meet Sgt. William Wilson Walker and another policeman 
          coming away from the Tavern.  Sgt. Walker tells them about Jack 
          Forrest, who is now going by the name Jack Chandler. 
Scene 5:  Rachel comes out of night school and is met by Rossi.  She says 
          that Rodney is supposed to pick her up.  Rossi fusses at her 
          for taking things casually.  Rodney drives up.  Rossi fusses at 
          Rodney for being late.  Rossi gets in his red convertible and 
          speeds off.  Rodney tells Rachel that Rossi is the world's 
          worst liar.  That he pretends not to like Rachel, but he is 
          only lying.  Rodney helps Rachel get into his light-blue 
          convertible and they drive off together. 

Scene 6:  At his house near the wharf, Lee is watching the Wilson vs 
          Meadows fight on TV.  Chandler buzzes and is let in.  They 
          talk.  Lee asks Chandler why he came back.  Lee breaks a window 
          with a smoking stand to simulate a breakin. 
Scene 7:  In the bedroom, Betty is waiting.  Steven comes in and they 
          talk.  Betty says she has been waiting for him.  Betty asks 
          Steven if he loves her.  He says, "Does it matter?"  She says 
          she doesn't ever want to leave him.  She kisses him.  He 
          doesn't kiss back.  He finally weakens.  He says, "I can't 
          leave."  Steven says he will fight the will. 
Preview:  Steven talks with Betty.  Lee threatens Chandler.  Sandy tells 
          off Rodney. 
          SC:   He declared war, the moment I was born.  If he is out 
                to destroy me, I have every right to counter-attack.
          BA:   With help from your loyal wife.
          SC:   That's what I want.
          LW:   If you are here when I get back, I'll call the cops 
                myself, Chandler.
          RH:   Let's be honest with each other.
          SW:   Like, why should you settle for low class trash like 
                Sandy Webber, when you can have high class trash like 
                Betty Cord?  Is that honest enough for you?
Sgt. Bates, police representative-Frank Baxter.
Wilson vs Meadows fight on TV.