Episode 345.
          Peyton and Norman place flowers on Catherine's grave.
WA:       Steven Cord is a man with a mission.  He has learned the 
          shocking contents of Martin Peyton's revised will, which spell 
          out the conditions under which his wife will inherit the bulk 
          of the estate.  Now Steven is determined to fight back.  
          Determined to build a legal case against Peyton which will void 
          the will.  Steven intends to prove that his grandfather, his 
          life-long antagonist, is incompetent. 
Intro:    Special effects through a concave mirror in the entry hall of 
          the mansion.  Steven removes his overcoat from the foyer closet, 
          puts it on, and goes out the front door.  
Scene 1:  Lee Webber is outside with the limousine.  Steven says it is 
          7:00 in the morning asks Lee what he is doing here this early.   
          Lee tells Steven that it is the anniversary of his mother's 
          death.  He says, "You mean to tell me that you've forgotten 
          what today is.  It's the anniversary of your mother's death.  
          Shame on you, Steven, your grand-daddy remembered." 
Scene 2:  Steven goes back in the mansion and phones the Heritage 
          Cemetary.  Steven calls the cemetary and asks for Mr. Jordan to 
          return his call to 555-3626.  Betty asks what that is all 
          about.  He talks to Betty who is wearing a beautiful nightie.  
          Betty asks what that could possibly mean to him.  Steven says 
          that they are going to the cemetary.  Betty guesses that it has 
          something to do with the plan he told her about the night 
Scene 3:  In the Heritage Cemetary, at the grave of Catherine Peyton 
          Harrington, Norman dresses in a neat suit, places flowers.  His 
          grandfather walks up, preceded by Webber, places flowers also.  
          Peyton greets Norman.  Peyton apologizes for intruding.  Steven 
          and Betty walk up and say good morning.  Norman talks 
          sarcastically to the headstone of his mother.  Norman says, 
          "Mother, this is your long lost son."  Peyton interrupts.  Mr. 
          Jordan, the manager, walks up.  Steven tries to set up 
          Peyton for a case for incompetency.  Peyton leaves.  Jordan 
          leaves.  Betty fusses at Steven.  She knows what he is up to. 
Scene 4:  Lee has driven Peyton to the Shoreline Garage.  Lee helps 
          Peyton out of the car.  The old man goes in to talk with 
          Rodney.  A police car drives up and police Sgt. William Wilson 
          Walker goes over to the limousine and asks Lee Webber about 
          Jack Chandler.  Lee is un-cooperative. 
Scene 5:  Inside the garage, Peyton asks Rodney if he knows what day it 
          is.  He talks about Catherine.  Peyton asks if anyone had 
          talked to him about moving his mother's grave.  Rodney is 
          annoyed.  Peyton talks about Steven.  Sandy bursts in and 
          greets Peyton.  Sandy acts possessive of Rodney.  Peyton 
          leaves.  Rodney tells Sandy to get out.  Sandy tells Rodney 
          that she loves him.  Sandy says, "Why should you settle for low 
          class trash like Sandy Webber when you can have high class 
          trash like Betty Cord?" 
Scene 6:  In the Carson kitchen, Constance and Elliot are standing and 
          talking.  Rachel comes in.  They talk with Rachel.  Rachel has 
          changed her hair.  Constance says that it makes her look older.  
          Elliot allows that, "It looks awful."  Elliot tells Rachel to 
          get going or she would be late for class. 
Scene 7:  Lee drives up, reaches through the window that he broke in the 
          previous episode, and opens the door.  Chandler is there and 
          they talk.  Lee orders Chandler to get out.  Lee tells him to 
          be gone when he gets back.  Lee leaves.  Chandler calls the 
          Peyton Place school, pretending to be Elliot.  He is told that 
          Rachel will be out of school at 9:05. 
Preview:  Rodney talks to Rossi.  Steven talks to Betty.  Peyton gives 
          Sandy money to leave town.  She throws it back to him. 
          RH:  You know, doctor, you're beginning to act like my major 
               competition with Rachel.  And you're pretty stiff 
          SC:  I'm prepared to do battle with the man who lifted his 
               grandson out of the crib at birth and gave him away. 
          BA:  Do unto others as they have done unto you.
          SC:  You want me to give you a divorce?
          MP:  The police will be notified that you stole that money.
               I want you out of this town, tonight.
          SW:  Sweat old man.
Mr. Jordan, cemetary manager.
Back in 1967 it wasn't necessary to dial the area code for a local call.
  Touch-tone telephones had not yet come to Peyton Place.  In Peyton Place, 
  the Next Generation, they have arrived.