Episode 346.
          Jack Chandler kidnaps Rachel.
WA:       Tonight, police are cruising.  In search of a man they know is 
          capable of hurting young Rachel Welles.  The man is Jack 
          Chandler.  Chandler is in hiding, having forced Lee Webber to 
          put him up for a brief time.  And here away from police 
          searchlights, he is able to work out a plot to pick up Rachel 
          and take her with him.  A phone call to the night school posing 
          as Elliot Carson, sets up the plan.  In his mind he is 
          convinced that Rachel will turn to him and accept him.  Once 
          she is made to realize she cannot adapt to this town, and to 
          the people who have seemingly befriended her.  Chandler's 
          obsession with Rachel has long since blotted out any reason.  
          He has no doubt at all that Rachel will go with him, willingly, 
          quietly.  Chandler need only wait for the right moment to make 
          his move.  He is confident he'll have no trouble avoiding the 
          prowling police, who are even now close by Lee Webber's house.  
          At the same time across town, high on the hill, Lee Webber's 
          wife, Sandy, shows up as ordered at the home of Martin Peyton. 
Intro:    Police cruising.  Couple kissing.  Chandler is at the Webber 
          house making a pay phone call.  Sandy is admitted to the 
          mansion by Mary. 
Scene 1:  Sandy goes in to the upstairs studio to see Peyton.  They talk.  
          Peyton offers Sandy $2000 in fifty dollar bills to leave town.  
          From the bottom of the stairs, She throws the money back up at 
          him and departs. 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi drives up to the Shoreline Garage and tells Rodney 
          that his engine is missing a bit.  Rossi apologizes for the 
          incident the previous evening.  Rossi tries to straighten out 
          the impression he has been given.  Rodney examines the car.  He 
          tells Rossi he doesn't know what is the problem. 
Scene 3:  Miss Nolan buzzes Steven and tells him that Norman is waiting 
          to see him.  Norman goes in.  Steven asks Miss Nolan to bring 
          Norman some coffee.  Steven asks about Peyton's will.  Norman 
          says that he has an agreement with his grandfather.  Norman is 
          leaving as Betty walks up.  They greet each other pleasantly.  
          Steven says he is going to use Norman.  Steven is starting a 
          war.  Steven asks Betty if she wants a divorce. 
Scene 4:  Norman goes in the General Store.  He talks with Eli about 
          oldness.  Norman leaves.  Eli looks at the old man in a 
Scene 5:  Steven and Betty are leave the Colonial Post Inn after having 
          dinner.  Steven helps Betty in the car and they find Sandy 
          Webber waiting in the back seat.  Steven inquires why she is 
          there.  Sandy says that she wants to talk about Peyton and 
          Rodney.  She wants Steven to tell Rodney goodbye for her.  She 
          says that she knows that she was in the way of Peyton's plan to 
          break up Steven and Betty.  Sandy is let out of the car.  She 
          indicates that she plans to take a taxi to White River and then 
          fly to California. 

Scene 6:  At the night school at Peyton High, students are coming and 
          going.  The telephone operator gives Rachel Welles a message, 
          supposedly from Elliot but actually from Jack Chandler.  She is 
          to be picked up early.  She goes outside to wait.  

          Chandler suddenly appears and tells her he is there to take her 
          home.  Rachel is frightened. 
Preview:  Webber talks to Peyton.  Rachel is inside Chandler's panel 
          wagon.  She screams and tries to start it.  Chandler screams at 
          Rachel and then breaks the window. 
          LW:  Why not?
          MP:  Webber.
          LW:  Oh don't you Webber me, old man.  You made yourself a part 
               of this.

          JC:  [Screaming]  Rachel.
          RW:  [Screams].

               [Rachel shields her face as Chandler breaks the car window.]