Episode 347.
          Chandler kidnaps Rachel and tells her they are going to Mexico. 
WA:       Rachel Welles has been pulled out of her class by an emergency.  
          A telephone message telling her that Elliot Carson is waiting 
          for her outside ready to take her home immediately.  To Rachel, 
          an emergency at home might mean that something has happened to 
          the Carson baby or perhaps even Elliot's wife, Constance.  
          Disturbed and puzzled, she looks for Elliot Carson and finds 
          Jack Chandler. 

Intro:    Sign:
                          PEYTON PLACE HIGH SCHOOL
                             FACULTY PARKING

          Outside the night school, Rachel is looking for Elliot Carson. 
Scene 1:  Chandler grabs Rachel.  She accuses him of calling in the phony 
          message.  Chandler says they are going to Mexico.  He forces 
          her in the gray panel truck. 

Scene 2:  Norman comes in the Shoreline Garage to see Rodney.  Rodney is 
          trying to get a tire off a rim.  Rodney says that Mr. Sweeny's 
          brakes still squeak.  Norman asks if he read any new wills 
          lately.  They talk about Peyton's new will. 
Scene 3:  Eli talks to Elliot in the Clarion.  Elliot is writing a 
          humorous complaint about how out of date the English reading 
          assignments are.  His complaint is addressed to Peyton Place 
          High School principal, Fred Wilson.  Elliot writes that the 
          reading assignments are "stuffy, pompous, dated, and 
          distressingly Victorian."  Eli asks Elliot why he wants to 
          stick his nose in the situation.  Eli mentions that Dr. Rossi 
          has taken charge of Rachel's education. 
Scene 4:  Peyton is drinking as Lee comes in.  Peyton doesn't want to 
          talk to him.  Lee says that he went to Ada Jacks' Tavern and 
          that Ada told him that Sandy took a cab to White River and 
          hopped a plane to California.  Peyton asks Lee if he loves 
          Sandy.  Lee admits that he still does.  Peyton offers Webber a 
          drink.  They talk.  Peyton tells Lee good-night and Lee leaves. 
Scene 5:  Chandler has driven Rachel to the old cabin near Chandler's 
          farmhouse.  Rachel gets out and runs, but Chandler catches her.  
          Chandler talks with Rachel.  She hits him with a rock, jumps in 
          the truck, and tries to start it.  Chandler breaks a window and 
          grabs her.  
Scene 6:  In the spare bedroom at the Carson house, Eli is working on a 
          ship model, the Persis Howell, and is talking with Constance.  
          Constance is wearing a [fire engine] red dress.  They talk 
          about Rachel and her problems.  Eli says Elliot is going to 
          start getting restless again.  
Scene 7:  Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Chandler takes the globe off a 
          kerosene lamp and lights it.  He replaces the globe and talks 
          to Rachel.  He says, "Poor Rachel.  Her parents died in a fire 
          and she had to come this terrible place and live with her 
          crippled Aunt Lucy and me."  He shows her the bible that she 
          thought had been destroyed.  And a few pages from the diary 
          that Rachel kept. 
Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks to Lee Webber.  Peyton talks to Betty.  
          Chandler talks to Rachel.  Rachel insists that she didn't kill 
          her mother.  That it was an accident. 
          MR:  He's an ex-convict with a known record of criminal 
               assault.  So if he does anything to her they're going to 
               pick you up and shake you as an accomplice.
          MP:  It's time you made up your mind who you are.  Mrs. Rodney 
               Harrington, or Mrs. Steven Cord.
          JC:  You're shaking all over and babbling like a person who do 
          RW:  I didn't do it.  I didn't kill her.  It was an accident. 
Fred Wilson, principal of Peyton Place High School.
Persis Howell, ship.
Mr. Sweeny has his car in the Shoreline Garage.