Episode 348.
          Rachel shows up missing and is later returned by the police.
WA:       Rodney Harrington has come to Peyton High School to pick up 
          Rachel Welles at the conclusion of her night class.  For 
          Rodney, this is a duty to the Elliot Carson family.  The 
          importance of being here on time has been hammered home to him 
          by the Carsons and Dr. Michael Rossi.  They are all concerned 
          about a man named Jack Chandler, a man who has had Rachel on 
          his mind for many years.  Rodney is here on time and he has 
          been informed that Mr. Carson picked up Rachel some time ago. 
Intro:    Rodney walks through the parking lot toward a pay phone.  He 
          waits a moment and the man using the phone, completes his call 
          and leaves.  Rodney goes to the phone booth, puts a dime in the 
          phone, and calls Elliot Carson.  Rodney says he was told Elliot 
          picked Rachel up some time ago. 
Scene 1:  Rodney is talking to Elliot on the phone.  They clear up the 
          confusion.  Elliot calls police Sgt. Edward Goddard to notify 
          him of Rachel's being kidnapped. 
Scene 2:  In the farmhouse, Chandler talks with to Rachel.  He asks her 
          why Allison left Peyton Place.  He tells Rachel that she 
          doesn't belong in Peyton Place.  He talks about her boy-friend 
          in the garage and her doctor boy-friend.  He says he knows what 
          she is going through.  Rachel talks about how her aunt Lucy 
          told about Rachel murdering her aunt's sister.  He shows her 
          the family Bible and the partial diary. 
Scene 3:  Wearing her nightie, Betty comes down the mansion stairs to get 
          some coffee for Steven.  Peyton calls her over and asks why she 
          lied to him at the cemetary.  He says that she backed up 
          Steven's story.  Peyton says that the three dined together only 
          three times last week.  Peyton mentions dining with Judge 
          Fischer.  Peyton tells Betty that she is a confused young lady.  
          Betty goes back upstairs without the coffee.  [The writers must 
          have forgotten the story-line].  Betty tells Steven all about 
          her confrontation with Peyton. 
Scene 3:  Back at the farmhouse, Chandler talks with Rachel.  Chandler 
          talks to Rachel about a time when she was 8 years old.  He says 
          he promised her aunt Lucy he would take care of her.  He tells 
          her that he loves her.  He says wants to take her to Mexico.  
          He will get a farm down there.  He plans to drive right 
          through.  He plans to pick up some camping gear in Ohio.  
          Rachel says she will change clothes.  

Scene 4:  Rossi knocks on the Webber door, and Lee invites him in.  Rossi 
          says he is looking for Jack Chandler.  Lee is respectful, at 
          first, but then they argue.  Rossi says that the police told 
          him that Chandler was seen leaving Lee's house.  They continue 
          to argue. 
Scene 5:  Rachel is returned to the Carsons by police Sgt. Edward 
          Goddard.  She relates where Chandler took her and what he had 
          talked about.  She says he bought her a dress.  Goddard 
          continues to question her.  She says that he stopped the truck 
          at a railroad crossing.  She said that she jumped out and kept 
          running until she saw Goddard's car.  Goddard asks her to 
          describe the truck.  She tells him that Chandler was driving an 
          old beatup dusty truck. 
Preview:  Betty and Peyton talk.  Rachel talks with Constance. 

          BA:  You wouldn't have the slightest chance in changing my mind 
               or buying my help. 
          MP:  You've made an unfortunate mistake.
          BA:  Try to understand.  I'm Steven's wife.  Now that's the 
               only gift I want.  And I have it.
          RW:  I don't want to leave here, ever.  
          CM:  You don't have to, Rachel.  You know that.  We want you 
               to stay.
          RW:  Don't you understand, Jack Chandler would never let me 
               stay here.

Aunt Lucy, Chandler's sister.    
Judge Fischer.
Sgt. Edward Goddard-Gary Walberg.