Episode 349.
          Rachel escapes from Chandler.
WA:       Rachel Welles is safe.  She is back in the Carson household 
          after a harrowing flight from Jack Chandler's farmhouse.  
          Chandler had abducted her, grabbed her as she walked out of the 
          night school class.  Now Rachel must face an even tougher 
          adversary, herself.  For she knows something about the 
          disappearance of Allison.  Guilty knowledge she has 
          deliberately kept from the Carsons. 

Intro:    Theodore Roosevelt bears in Allison Mackenzie's old room.  
          Rachel is now in Allison's bed in the Carson house. 
Scene 1:  Constance comes in the bedroom to talk to Rachel.  Rachel talks 
          about how much Jack Chandler hates the Carsons.  Rachel tells 
          Constance that she wants to stay with them forever.  Constance 
          says that they also want her to stay with them.  Constance 
          talks about how Allison used to have terrible  nachtmares.  
          She says that she knows Allison is coming back to us.  
          Constance asks Rachel to close her eyes and think of something 
          wonderful.  She leaves Rachel's room and goes to her bedroom. 
Scene 2:  Elliot raises a window and then puts it back down.  Constance 
          comes in the room.  Elliot talks with her about Rachel.  Elliot 
          says that he will stay there in the house until the police 
          catch Chandler. 
Scene 3:  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker and police Sgt. Edward 
          Goddard are searching the Chandler farmhouse using flashlights.  
          They don't find anything of significance.  [It makes one wonder 
          whether Massachusetts municipal police have county authority?] 
Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi comes to the Carson house to talk with Elliot about 
          Rachel.  Rossi tells Elliot that Chandler had tried to Shanghai 
          Rachel to Mexico.
Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi goes upstairs to Rachel's room.  He goes inside 
          Rachel's room without knocking and goes over to her bed.  
          Rachel pretends to be asleep.  Rossi places a Theodore 
          Roosevelt bear on the foot of her bed. 
Scene 6:  Lee Webber comes in the mansion very quietly.  He goes in the 
          livingroom and talks with Martin Peyton.  The portrait of Betty 
          is on display over the fireplace.  Peyton says that their 
          argument is over.  Peyton says he didn't call him there to fire 
          him.  Lee pours a drink for Peyton. 
Scene 7:  In the apartment, Norman and Rita are rolling around in the 
          bed.  Norman says he wants Rita to fight.  In the background is 
          a telescope for amateur stargazing.  It is 2:30 in the morning.  
          There is a knock at the door.  Rodney has brought a 
          livingroom picnic.  He has brought a clean table cloth, 
          a candle, cold cuts, and an old pickle.  They frolic. 
Scene 8:  Betty comes in the livingroom to talk with Martin Peyton.  
          There is a very good camera shot of the portrait of Betty, 
          wearing the red dress and the pearls.  Mr. Grayson had brought 
          the jewelry for Peyton and Betty to examine.  Peyton introduces 
          Betty to Grayson as his granddaughter-in-law.  [In 
          episode 357, 07-31-67, Peyton also introduces Betty to Adrienne 
          as his granddaughter-in-law].  Grayson first displays a 
          tiara.  Next Mr. Grayson displays antique jade.  Last at 
          Betty's request he shows a single star ruby watch bracelet.  
          Grayson mentions a jewelry designer Lesoro who crafted Mrs. 
          Peyton's wedding ring.  [Mrs. Peyton was a Boston socialite who 
          was married to Peyton for only a brief time.] 
Preview:  Betty talks to Steven.  Rachel talks to Constance.  Rodney 
          talks to Steven. 
          BA: You've accused him of being incompetent.  And wouldn't it 
               be strange if it really were?
          RW:  You think I lied to you about everything, don't you?  
          CM:  What else can I think?
          RH:  The old man's will is the old man's business.  I don't 
               care if he wants to take his money ...
          SC:  You win the daily double.  His fortune and my wife.
          RH:  According to you.
          SC:  According to me.

Mr. Grayson, jeweler-uncredited.
Betty, Granddaughter-in-law to Martin Peyton.
Single Star Ruby Bracelet.
Lesoro-jewelry designer-only mentioned.
The mention of a mysterious ride to Boston mentioned in the story line 
  appears to be erroneous.