Episode 350.
          Chandler almost checks into a motel.
WA:       Being wanted is not a new experience for Jack Chandler.  Half 
          his life has been spent running from something or someone.  But 
          now he finds himself pursuer as well as the pursued.  His 
          niece, Rachel Welles, made it clear when she ran away from his 
          farm last night, she will never accept his obcessive desire for 
          her.  Reacting like a wounded animal to Rachel's last act of 
          rejection, Chandler charges after her.  He knows the police are 
          searching for him.  He knows the stolen vehicle he is driving 
          may leave a well marked trail.  But he is blind to fear, blind 
          to reason.  Only one thing is clear in his mind, if he is to 
          have Rachel, he must take her. 
Intro:    Chandler is driving alone in a fairly new light blue car.  He 
          pulls up to the Pine River Motor Lodge. 

Scene 1:  Billy Brown, owner, manager and desk clerk, is reading as 
          Chandler comes in.  He says room number 2 in the back has a 
          fancy new shower head.  A great room in the back, number 12 has 
          a view of the woods.  Chandler says he needs some fishing gear.  
          He also wants a small arm.  Chandler seems to leave.  The desk 
          clerk calls the highway patrol.  Chandler re-appears and says 
          he won't bother him and leaves, driving off at a rapid rate. 

Scene 2:  Rachel is looking out her bedroom window.  Downstairs, Elliot 
          talks to Constance.  He says that he found out that there 
          wasn't a train on the spur line where Rachel said Chandler 
          stopped.  That is where Rachel says she jumped out and ran 
          away.  The spur line hasn't been used in two years.  He wishes 
          that they had known about the fire in the farmhouse.  Rachel is 
          their only link with Allison.  He tells Constance that he knows 
          they can't trust Rachel. 
Scene 3:  Constance goes to Rachel's room and knocks.  Rachel is rocking 
          in her chair and asks Constance to come back later, that she 
          doesn't feel well, now.  Constance says all right and leaves. 
Scene 4:  Betty is annoyed with Steven.  He says she is acting like a 
          jealous wife.  She is telling him about the jewelry that Peyton 
          helped her select.  Steven asks if Peyton said anything about 
          the woman that the jewelry was for.  She asks what he is going 
          to do.  Steven asks her to tell him everything Peyton does. 
Scene 5:  In the Peyton square, Rodney and Norman are talking as their 
          father, Leslie walks up.  Leslie asks Rodney if he has heard 
          any word about Chandler.  Norman asks Leslie if he will give 
          Chandler a job when he gets out of prison.  Norman mentions 
          that Leslie wouldn't give him a job.  Leslie is annoyed. 
Scene 6:  Norman calls Steven, who is now using a 15-line, rotary dial, 
          speaker phone.  He calls from Steven's outer office and 
          requests to talk.  Steven invites the Harrington boys in.  They 
          have another brother-to-half-brother chat. 
Scene 7:  Leslie Harrington goes to the police station.  Police Sgt. 
          William Wilson Walker talks to Leslie.  Leslie wants some 
          information given to the Clarion.  And some not given to the 
          Clarion.  Leslie says that the mill supports the town.  Sgt. 
          Walker says that it doesn't support him. 
Scene 8:  Constance knocks and goes into Rachel's bedroom.  Rachel has 
          been watching the robins with the yellow beaks.  She says that 
          people think of the red breasts.  They talk about Chandler, 
          Aunt Lucy, and the fire.  Rachel tells Constance that she told 
          her everything just as it happened. 
Preview:  Betty talks to Rodney.  Elliot and Eli argue.  Rossi talks to 
          BA:  I'm Mrs. Cord.  You don't understand me either.  And it's 
               just too late to start trying. 
          RH:  Is it?
          EC:  Let me talk to her.
          Eli: She's holed up in the attic like an animal.
          MR:  What reason do you have to hurt these people?  Is it 
               Chandler?  Does he have something on you?  Answer me. 
Aunt Lucy, Rachel's aunt.
Billy Brown, Pine Ridge Motor Lodge proprietor-George Dunn.