Episode 351.

          Peyton takes a bracelet to Boston.
WA:       Dr. Michael Rossi has been a close friend of the Elliot Carsons 
          for a long time.  Today, the Carsons have summoned him.  
          They'll ask him to intrude in the extremely fragile 
          relationship they now have with the young Rachel Welles.  
          Perhaps Dr. Rossi, as a so-called objective observer, might be 
          able to create an atmosphere of trust around Rachel.  An 
          atmosphere which would let Rachel tell the truth about her 
          relationship with Jack Chandler, and her knowledge of Allison 
          Mackenzie's disappearance. 
Intro:    The square.  Dr. Rossi drives up to the Carsons in his sporty 
          red convertible. 
Scene 1:  The Carson chimes ring and Constance lets Rossi in.  He goes up 
          to Rachel's room.  Elliot says that he would talk to her 
          himself except he gets so angry.  Rossi knocks on Rachel's 
Scene 2:  Rachel lets Rossi in.  Rachel tells Rossi that Mr. Carson is 
          upset with her.  Rossi says she won't have to worry about 
          Chandler any more.  Rossi asks Rachel if she's ever been to New 
          York.  He wants to take Constance and Rachel there after this 
          is all over.  It's a wonderful place.  The skyscrapers.  The 
          narrow streets.  Policemen on horseback.  His old neighborhood.  
          Other ancient and interesting landmarks.  Rachel asks if he 
          remembers when she kissed him.  Rossi says, "What reason do you 
          have to hurt these people?"  Rossi yells at Rachel. 
Scene 3:  At the mansion, Lee comes in and talks to Steven on the 
          landing.  Steven wants to know where Peyton is going.  Lee says 
          that Mr. Peyton gave him his instructions on a very thin piece 
          of rice paper and after he read them he swallowed the paper.  
          He says that Peyton is meeting an important foreign spy.  
Scene 4:  Peyton takes the single star ruby watch bracelet out of the 
          safe and shows it to Lee Webber.  It is $10,000 plus state tax. 
          plus federal tax.  He tells Lee that he is to drop him off at 
          the theater, run some errands, and return in 2 ande one half 
          hours.  Lee helps Peyton down the stairs and outside.  Steven 
          asks the occasion.  Martin tells Betty that she needn't wait 
          dinner for him.  It is presumed they are going to Boston.  
          Steven telephones his office and tells miss Nolan to cancel all 
          his appointments for the rest of the day.  Steven and Betty 
          talk.  She guesses that he is going to Boston to spy on Peyton.  
          He says that he expects to be back by midnight. 
Scene 5:  In the nursery, Eli is working on a model ship, the Persis 
          Howell, and talks to Elliot.  They talk about Rachel and her 
          problems.  Elliot says that Rachel may be young and confused 
          but she is not stupid.  Elliot says that he can't see her just 
          yet.  Eli gets up and goes to Rachel's room and knocks.  Rachel 
          gets up.  Elliot and Eli continue to fuss at each other.  
          Constance comes in and fusses at them.  Rachel lies back down 
          on the bed. 
Scene 6:  Betty goes to the Colonial Post Inn to eat.  The hostess seats 
          her.  Rodney comes in and goes over to Betty's table.  Betty 
          says that Steven is out of town.  Betty says, "If you're going 
          to go, go.  If you're going to stay, sit doen."  Rodney says 
          that he doesn't want to compromise her.  He finally sits and 
          talks with Betty.  Rodney does a spy immitation.  Betty is 
          offended by Rodney's humor and gets up and leaves.  Betty tells 
          Rodney that she still loves Steven. 
Scene 7:  Rachel prepares to leave with baby Matthew. 
Preview:  Constance and Elliot argue.  Ada and Leslie argue.  Rodney 
          kisses Betty. 
          CM:  One move, one word, and I set him off.  There's no telling 
               what he might do.  You can't afford to take that chance.  
               Elliot, promise me you'll let the police handle this. 
          AJ:  Maybe, if I told the cops the little I do know of ...
          LH:  It wouldn't make any difference.
          AJ:  Then tell me one thing, Leslie.  Why were you in such a 
          RH:  Betty.

Persis Howell, ship.