Episode 352.
          Rachel takes baby Matthew and leaves.
WA:       Tonight Elliot Carson must face the possible loss of his second 
          child.  The discovery that his baby son, Matthew, is missing 
          from his crib is overwhelming.  Both Elliot and his wife, 
          Constance, have shared a sense that Matthew is their second 
          chance.  They have determined never to fail him, as both feel 
          they failed his older sister, Allison.  Rachel Welles knew 
          this.  And Rachel Welles had to take advantage of it. 
Intro:    Rachel sneaking out of the Carson house with Matthew.  Elliot 
          looking for Matthew and Rachel. 
Scene 1:  Elliot tells Constance that Matthew is not in his crib, and 
          that Rachel is gone also.  Three baby bottles are gone.  
          Constance thinks that Chandler is responsible.  Constance keeps 
          asking questions.  They fret. 
Scene 2:  Rodney walks Betty home to the mansion.  Rodney says he does 
          not see Steven's car.  She hands him the door key.  He unlocks 
          the door.  He fondles her hair.  They kiss.  Betty goes in. 
Scene 3:  Steven comes down the stairs in his robe and pajamas and greets 
          Betty.  They go upstairs.  Steven pours himself a drink.  Betty 
          begins taking off her clothes.  She leaves the room and comes 
          back in her nightie.  Steven and Betty get in bed, cuddle, and 
Scene 4:  Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker and a detective have arrived 
          at the Carson house to investigate the missing baby Matthew and 
          Rachel.  Constance mentions that she heard Rachel fixing 
          bottles for Matthew.  From a hospital linen closet, Rachel 
          calls the Carsons and tells Constance that Chandler took them.  
          Matthew is okay but she can't talk anymore.  She hangs up and 
          plays with Matthew. 
Scene 5:  Leslie comes to see Rodney at the garage.  He tells Rodney 
          about the missing Carson baby.  Leslie sits down and talks.  
          Leslie asks about the girl.  Rodney speaks of her as being 
          sophisticated.  Leslie is referring to Rachel but Rodney is 
          talking about Betty.  Leslie then realizes that Rodney was 
          talking about Betty, not Rachel. 
Scene 6:  At the Tavern, Ada talks to an old codger, Frank, and to a 
          young codger.  She says its a half hour after closing time.  
          She ushers them out, helping Frank.  

          Leslie comes in.  She says that she was expecting him.  Leslie 
          says that he has to talk to her.  Chandler is the subject.  
          Leslie talks about meeting with Chandler in the back room.  He 
          wants her to keep quiet about Leslie and Chandler 20 years ago. 
Scene 7:  Elliot is putting on a tie as Constance talks to him.  Elliot 
          is leaving and he doesn't want Constance to be alone.  He says 
          he will ask Eli to come over. 
Scene 8:  Norman is listening to the weather report on the radio.  After 
          the weather, an update on the missing Carson baby.  Rita comes 
          in just after the announcement about the Carson baby is made.  
          Rita talks about going to Sunday School as a young child. 
Preview:  Rossi fusses at Elliot with Steven watching.  Elliot fusses at 
          Rossi.  Steven observes.  Chandler runs from the police. 
          MR:  I'm up to here with all that.  Don't you understand? 
          EC:  Why is it when you were the appointed spokesman you 
               blew it.  Why didn't you hold your control?  Why didn't 
               you make her feel secure?
          P:   [Police fire gunshots toward Chandler.]
Frank, old codger.
Sgt. William Wilson Walker-Morris Buchanan.