Episode 353.
          Chandler is captured.  Matthew is returned.
WA:       Jack Chandler has gambled with his life before.  Today, he has 
          turned his stolen car in the direction of those who are 
          pursuing him.  Driving back toward police who are 
          criss-crossing the countryside trying to find him and arrest 
          him on a charge of kidnapping Rachel.  And of possible 
          complicity in the kidnapping of the Elliot Carsons' baby son, 
          Matthew.  Thus far his boldness has paid off.  His wrong-way 
          flight is working. 

Intro:    Chandler driving his nice newly stolen fast car. 

Scene 1:  Chandler goes in the Saddle Peak Restaurant and is accosted by 
          a rather talkative waitress.  He explains that he wants 
          something to eat fast.  A police car pulls up outside.  
          Chandler sees the police and rushes out the back door.  A foot 
          chase ensues.  Police fire shots in the direction of Chandler. 
Scene 2:  In a linen closet at Doctors Hospital, Rachel is holding baby 
          Matthew and talking to him as though she were Allison.  She 
          slips out into the hospital corridor carrying the baby. 
Scene 3:  Dr. Rossi comes in the waiting room and and checks in at the 
          Information desk.  He wants to check the baby.  He goes in his 
          office and is told the baby was found there at the hospital.  
          Miss Choate follows him into his office.  He thanks miss 
          Simpson and she leaves.  Miss Choate tells Rossi that Dr. 
          Fielding and she had already examined the baby thoroughly, but 
          Rossi wants to check him also.  Miss Choate sas that Rachel 
          must have taken considerable pains to protect the baby.  Miss 
          Choate says that she had not called the Carsons because she 
          thought Rossi would want to.  Rachel had brought Matthew in and 
          left a note.  Miss Choate reads the note to Dr. Rossi:  
                  Chandler kept us prisoner.  I made a deal 
                  with him.  I could bring the baby back safely, 
                  if I go along with him where he wants me to.  
                  He didn't hurt the baby.  Goodbye and thank you 
                  for everything you did.  Rachel. 

          Miss Choate reminds Dr. Rossi that she had thought Rachel was 
          strange.  Rossi telephones the Carsons to let them know that 
          Matthew is safe at the hospital. 

Scene 4:  At the Carson house, Elliot comes down the stairs and talks to 
          Constance.  Constance says that she will smother the baby with 
          attention.  Dr. Rossi arrives with baby Matthew.  Elliot thanks 
          him and Rossi leaves.  Constance and Elliot tend the baby. 
Scene 5:  In the square, Rachel runs over and gets on an Interstate Bus 
          which has just pulled in.  [Excellent camera shot of the fire 
          station.]  Rachel gives the driver money for the bus ticket.  A 
          police car pulls up along side the bus, passes, stops and Jack 
          Chandler is hustled into the police station.  
Scene 6:  Elliot is waiting as Chandler is brought in the police station 
          by two officers.  Elliot says sarcastically, "Welcome home, 
          Chandler."  Sgt. William Wilson Walker is on duty at the desk.  
          Asst. Dist. Atty. Jerry Carter is present.  Steven is there 
          also.  Chandler asks for protection.  Elliot berates Chandler.    
          Elliot says that Chandler is a menace to everyone he is around.  
          Dr. Rossi walks up and talks briefly with Elliot and Steven.  
          Elliot Carson and Dr. Rossi argue about the situation with 
          Rachel Welles and Jack Chandler.  Elliot says that he doesn't 
          think Chandler had anything to do with the kidnapping of baby 
          Matthew.  Rossi and Elliot yell briefly at one another. 

Scene 7:  Betty comes down the mansion stairs as Martin Peyton and Lee 
          Webber return from a long drive from Boston.  Betty asks Peyton 
          if he had gone to the theater.  Peyton replies in the negative.  
          He asks Betty to get him some coffee and some for Webber as 
          well.  Lee says he takes his coffee black, as does Betty.  

          Peyton tells Betty that they will soon be having a lady 
          visitor.  He asks Betty to personally get a room ready for his 
          guest.  He suggests Hannah's suite.  Betty asks who the guest 
          will be.  Peyton doesn't reply.  Peyton tells Webber to help 
          Betty, in the event that she needs it, and leaves.  Lee talks 
          with Betty briefly, asking when they should get with it.  She 
          walks up the stairs without reply. 
Scene 8:  Eli is re-building a mobile for Matthew.  Eli says that Elliot 
          does everything in a hurry.  Constance is holding Matthew while 
          he is trying to grab her hair.  Eli shakes a stuffed toy 
          giraffe at Constance and Matthew.  Eli opines that Elliot will 
          try to ask Chandler a lot of questions. 
Scene 9:  A squad car drives up to the police station with Rachel.  She 
          is ushered inside the main courthouse entrance.  Elliot, Rossi, 
          and Steven are awaiting her arrival.  Elliot glares at Rachel.  
          Rossi speaks with Rachel who is not very rational. 

Preview:  Rita runs up to Rossi.  Rachel is hysterical and insists on 
          referring to herself as Allison.  
          RH:  Dr. Rossi, why did she take Matthew?  She didn't hurt him 
               though, did she?  She wouldn't do a thing like that.  I 
               don't understand.  They always treated her like a 
               daughter.  It's so awful. 

          RW:  She didn't kill her aunt Lucy and she didn't kill her 
               parents either. 
          SC:  Rachel.  
          RW:  Why do you keep calling me Rachel?  My name is Allison. 

Waitress. [Looks somewhat lot like Joan Van Ark].
Asst. D.A. Jerry Carter-William Sargent.
Miss Simpson, nurse-uncredited.