Episode 354.
          Rachel Welles is returned to Peyton Place by the police. 
WA:       Rachel Welles has been returned to Peyton Place.  The plan was 
          to take Elliot Carson's baby son, Matthew, away from the house, 
          then return the baby unharmed.  Thereby gaining the love she 
          had lost by months of deception.  This desperate plan has been 
          shattered, and Elliot Carson cannot forgive her. 

Intro:    Police car driving up to the courthouse and jail. 

Scene 1:  The police bring Rachel inside the squad room.  Elliot looks at 
          her unforgivingly.  Rossi calls to Rachel.  Elliot asks Steven 
          to look after her.  Rossi takes her into a interview room. 
Scene 2:  Rachel shows Rossi the bracelet.  She says that her father gave 
          it to her, believing that she is Allison.  She pours out her 
          heart to Dr. Rossi and Steven. 
Scene 3:  In an adjacent room, Steven, Rossi and Elliot have a serious 
          talk concerning Rachel.  Rossi seems to think that Rachel 
          believes that she is Allison. 
Scene 4:  Rossi comes out to the hall and talks to Rachel.  A police 
          matron is attending.  Rossi tells her that he is taking her to 
          a hospital and that he will visit her.  Rossi leaves her alone 
          with Rodney. 
Scene 5:  Rodney talks lovingly with Rachel.  Rachel tells Rodney not to 
          feel sorry for her. 
Scene 6:  Rossi comes out of the courthouse.  The Peyton Place Fire 
          Department is at the west end of the square, in the background.  
          Rita calls the hospital and talks with Dr. Rossi.  Rita asks if 
          she will ever see Rachel again. 
Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi goes in to Rachel.  He takes her hand and gently 
          leads her away.  The police matron follows.  Rachel runs over 
          and hugs Rita.  Constance humors Rachel.  Rachel hugs Rita 
          again.  Constance bids Rachel a goodbye. 
Scene 8:  In the police car, Rachel asks the officer to stop.  She hands 
          Allison's bracelet to Elliot and says, "Keep this for me."  As 
          the police car drives off, Rachel turns and takes one long 
          final look at Elliot. 
Preview:  Steven talks with Dr. Rossi.  Leslie talks to Chandler.  
          Constance talks with Elliot. 

          SC:  He's behaving so strangely.  You've got to see him.
          MR:  Steven, If you are concerned about Mr. Peyton, I suggest 
               you talk to Mr. Peyton's doctor, Dr. Fielding. 
          LH:  I don't have to put up with your insults or your threats.  
               When you stand trial all they're going to try to do is to 
               convict you for abducting Rachel. 

          CM:  I just don't care.  I don't want to look at it anymore.
          EC:  That won't do any good.
          CM:  Don't talk to me about doing any good.  I just want it out 
               of here. 

Last episode with Rachel Welles.  [Leigh Taylor-Young]
Dr. Fielding-uncredited.