Episode 355.
          Adrienne Van Leyden arrives in Peyton Place.

WA:       Last night, Dr. Michael Rossi took Rachel Welles to a state 
          mental hospital near Boston, where he committed her for 
          treatment.  A painfully sad and drastic action, but the only 
          solution for Rachel Welles, whose emotional disturbance drove 
          her to kidnap the Elliot Carson baby.  The baby was returned 
          unharmed.  But the frightening irrationally of Rachel's 
          behavior has left Dr. Rossi deeply depressed.  As he returns to 
          his duties as Chief-of-Staff at Doctors Hospital, Dr. Rossi is 
          determined to work himself out of his mood. 

Intro:    A police car returning from the state mental hospital near 
          Boston, pulls up in front of Doctors Hospital and lets Dr. 
          Rossi out. 

Scene 1:  Dr. Rossi comes into the reception area and is greeted by miss 
          Choate as he passes by the Information Desk.  Rossi goes in his 
          office and shaves while he speaks with Steven Cord.  Rossi 
          calls miss Choate to reschedule an afternoon meeting.  Steven 
          tells the doctor that he is making work for himself because of 
          his depression about Rachel.  Rossi is summoned downstairs. 

Scene 2:  In the Peyton County Courthouse, Leslie Harrington visits Jack 
          Chandler in his cell.  Chandler tells Leslie that he wants out.  
          He wants to go to Mexico.  Chandler threatens Leslie with 
          exposure.  Chandler wants Leslie to bail him out. 

Scene 3:  Norman Harrington goes to visit Constance at her house.  He 
          asks Constance if she would consider letting Rita help care for 
          the baby.  Constance declines. 

Scene 4:  A blue florist panel truck has drives up to the Peyton house to 
          deliver flowers.  Steven Cord drives up and parks directly 
          behind it.  Inside, Peyton directs the deliverymen to take the 
          flowers upstairs.  Steven asks Betty what is going on.  She 
          explains that Peyton is expecting a house guest.  Steven is 
          annoyed.  He says that he doesn't like surprises.  Martin says 
          that he is having company at 7:00.  He invites Steven to dinner 
          at 8:00. 

Scene 5:  Leslie is in his inner office at the mill.  He starts to take a 
          revolver out of the top drawer of a file cabinet.  As Rodney 
          bursts in he quickly replaces it.  Rodney asks his father why 
          he has a guilty look on his face.  He then asks his father to 
          give Norman a job.  Leslie tells Rodney to have Norman call 
          him.  Rodney sarcastically asks Leslie if he wants Norman to 
          fill out an application.  Rodney mentions that Chandler is in 
          jail and that Chandler's job on the wharf is open.  Leslie acts 
          surprised and asks Rodney to leave.  Leslie again takes the gun 
          out of the file cabinet and puts it in his inside coat pocket. 

Scene 6:  Lee Webber comes into the Peyton house and sniffs at the 
          flowers in the foyer.  Upstairs, Peyton is dressing, in honor 
          of his house guest.  Lee comes in and assists Peyton by 
          buttoning his jacket.  Lee asks if Peyton's house guest has 
          ever been there before.  Peyton says no.  Lee offers to show 
          the guest around.  Peyton tells Lee to show the guest around.  
          Peyton tells Lee not to engage in any conversation with 
          Adrienne while driving her in from the airport.  He thanks Lee 
          for his assistance.  Peyton sends Lee to the airport to pick up 
          Adrienne Van Leyden. 

Scene 7:  Elliot comes in his house and calls for Constance.  He climbs 
          the stairs to find her packing up the contents from Allison and 
          Rachel's room.  She tells Elliot to get rid of the things.  To 
          give them away or throw them away or burn them.  She just wants 
          them out of the house.  Elliot tries to calm her, with little 
          success.  Elliot takes a framed page from "Teen Topics" from 
          the wall.  He pulls down the drapes. 
Scene 8:  Martin Peyton is downstairs tending the flowers, readying them 
          for the arrival of his guest, as Betty comes over and offers to 
          get a drink for him.  He asks for sherry.  Betty fixes the 
          drink for the old man.  A little later Peyton announces, "Here 
          she is."  He and Betty look out the window and see Lee opening 
          the limousine door for Adrienne.  She walks up the steps and 
          goes in. 

Scene 9:  As Adrienne comes inside the foyer, Peyton warmly greets her 
          and introduces her to his granddaughter-in-law, Betty.  He 
          introduces her to Betty's husband, Steven Cord. 

Preview:  In his cell, Chandler talks to Lee.  Rossi talks with Norman.  
          Norman wants to see his wife. 

          JC:  I'll get you a complete run down on the prominent Mr. 
               Harrington.  Now you play your cards right.  You can name 
               your own price.  You won't have to worry about a thing for 
               the rest of your life. 

          MR:  She could have had her baby safely.  As it is now, I can't 
               guarantee a thing. 
          NH:  I'd like to see Rita.
          MR:  Not at this time.
          NH:  But Dr. Rossi.
          MR:  I can't allow it.
          NH:  (Shouting)  I'd like to see my wife.

Adrienne Van Leyden-Gena Rowlands.